denim people

thor’s outfits, rated

thor 1: 

basic, functional, ultimately forgettable. 4/10


more of the same. better hair but still obviously a wig. nice display of muscles. 5/10


GLORIOUS. radiant. brings out his eyes. 9/10

thor 2:

hair looks spectacular but still little change in the basic outfit formula. beard less garish yellow which is always a plus. 7/10

age of ultron: 

stray hairs framing his face?? the v neck?? the collar popping like his pussy?? absolute icon. 10/10 

this monstrosity: 

baggy? hideous? thor babe what the fuck are you doing. you look like a destitute trucker. 0/10.

thor 3: 

GOD the off the shoulder cape… buzz cut… tasteful pieces of contrasting armour… bisexual icon. 10/10.


what can i even fucking say? the board shorts??? the washboard abs paired with the floaty whatever the fuck that shirt is?? the fact that he’s in bare feet??? i know i throw around the word “iconic” but. truly. bicon. 11/10.