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The Summer of the Seventies

Bell-bottoms, knitted crop tops, fringe - it seems as if retro has made a huge comeback. The fashion industry loves to embrace the next big thing, but this summer, we seem to be embracing a decade that has already come and gone, and is now back again! The SS15 shows in Paris, Milan, and London were heavily inspired by the iconic 70′s. Designers including Prada, Tom Ford, Gucci, Miu Miu, and Giambattista Valli- just to name a few- all showcased their throwback designs. So what trends should you expect to see this summer? Here are a few!

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isisisak  asked:

Isak only wearing skinny jeans anymore.... Even probably "lost" all his baggier pants when they moved (its the denim jacket all over again)

“babe have you seen my black–” “here” even says handing him a black skinny jeans. isak rolls his eyes “i wasn’t talking about this–” “i only know of this black jeans”

Denim Forever

By Karissa Marie

Denim isn’t just about jeans anymore. Oh no girlfriend, it’s 2015 and we wear denim all over: Tops, skirts, shorts, dresses, purses, belts and even shoes. This infamous fabric has officially taken over the fashion scene and I’m not complaining one bit. There is nothing wrong with owning too much indigo, chambray and denim…or at least that’s what I continue to tell myself. I have an abnormal love for denim and all things blue. Every single person on this planet owns a piece of denim in their closet. It’s the number one absolute must-have wardrobe piece. I love to experiment with denim on a daily basis but my favorite thing to do pair denim with (surprise, surprise) even more denim. This look will never go out of style in my opinion. I really think it’s the easiest look to put together in a hurry. How do you glam it up you ask? It’s so simple. A red lip and heels, obviously. I could wear this outfit, and all similar denim on denim outfits, for the rest of my life. If I was a designer (as if) and I had my own collection, you bet it would consist of new twists and takes on modern day denim.

Denim, denim, denim. Have I said that word enough?


With love,

©Karissa Marie

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When you don’t think twice about sharing the same moist-with-sweat clothing at a crazy strenuous dance practice the very same day.. You know you’ve been together as a couple for a long, long time..

Closed RP with Miss-shojo

Originally posted by lordranandbeyond

It had been a long time since he’d put on his ‘Native’ clothing. He called it native only because he usually only wore it in his own dimension. It would protect him from the harmful vapors and the Plague found in the air and on all surfaces.  

He held a huge, Scythe like weapon, it folded near the tip, only brought out with a hard flick of the wrist. He wore a loose hood, and his dirtied white mask. It was made of hard materials, worn to protect his face from any projectiles. A shawl of tattered, Long Vulture feathers was thrown over his shoulders. Combat boots went up to his knees, met with heavy black denim. Over all, He looked like some sort of evil villain, Going on a Boss fight somewhere. 

 He stepped solemnly to his porch, turning his head, looking at her house. Shojo’s house, that is. It was pitch black outside, mostly because of the spell hidden in his clothes. It was only for camouflage. The only source of light was the street lamps, and Shojo’s house lights. He sighed, and started toward her house. The looming figure then went to knock on her door, Praying to God that neither of her children would answer the door, He looked like the stuff of nightmares. 

Keeping Up | Flynn & Fallen

If there was one thing in the world that Flynn liked more than nights on the town, it was introducing her lifestyle to somebody else. And, in this case, she was almost betting that the other girl couldn’t keep up. Fallen had been a sweet girl, at the diner, doodling in her sketchpad, when they met. Needless to say, Flynn was almost certain she wasn’t the type to spend the evening drinking with strangers, doing bumps, and ending up in bed with people she wouldn’t remember in the morning. But, she could hope.

Maybe I should take it easy on her. She thought, as she climbed into a clean pair of black denim over-all shorts, pairing it with a striped tee shirt. She slid into a pair of ankle-high Nikes before leaving the house, and making her way to the meeting spot. She had to admit, she was excited, as she stepped into the diner, waiting for Fallen. Not a chance.