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Belted denim midi #whathelibrarianwore #submission via @librarianwithstyle on Instagram

“You’re a slave, a bound helpless slave to one thing in this world, your imagination.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

anonymous asked:

What are your staple items that everybody needs in their closet?

  • high-waisted light wash denim mom jeans
  • black and white striped crop top
  • white chunky sandals
  • black buckled ankle boots
  • pastel gingham-patterned two piece set
  • black creepers
  • light wash denim circle skirt
  • light/dark wash denim high-waisted midi skirt
  • all the overalls you can afford
  • oversized vintage denim jacket w/ customizable patches and pins
  • white nike af1s
  • black w/ white stripes adidas superstar 2s
  • grey snapback
  • black floppy hat
  • cute patterned socks, socks, and more socks
  • round sunnies w/ colored lenses
  • striped t-shirt dresses
  • classic color combo flannel
  • super cute one pieces in any cut
  • white button ups

That 70’s Skirt

By Karissa Marie 

This post is for those minimal but trendy ladies out there. I always love adding easy, breezy outfits to my blog because it’s very likely that you own similar pieces in your own closets. I’m sure you have a grey crop top and denim skirt… and if you don’t, you should because they are all the rage right now. The 70’s styled denim skirt is so popular at the moment, every store has recently came out with their own versions of it. I also see them every single time I check my Instagram. I feel like I belong on a modern day version of “That 70’s Show.”

One thing I do recommend if you choose to be inspired by this outfit post is to LEAVE THE LEATHER JACKET AT HOME. It was 80 something degrees outside and I was close to having a heat stroke while taking these pictures. I just wanted the jacket for dramatic effect but I nearly died. (Exaggeration is my specialty, can you tell?)

Have a fabulous day! See you next time!

With Love,

© Karissa Marie


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ALDO Griliri Nude Block Heeled Sandals

RES Denim Lil Lover Skirt

Button-Front Denim Skirt

ASOS Textured Biker Jacket with Quilt Detail

ASOS Denim Button Through Western Midi Skirt

Ribbed Bralette

Did you know that you can search for fashion on Wantering? Try typing in your favorite brand or style into the search bar like “Summer” to browse the best items to shop.  

anonymous asked:

What are your fall essentials?

shoes: heeled loafers, chelsea boots x 2 (regular, patterned- i just got some cute leopard ones) mules x 2 (closed toe heeled, closed toe flats) original  stan smiths / another basic darker sneaker, i’ve been looking @ nike air max thea’s in black, also just got a pair of ivory converse high tops. i haven’t owned a pair since middle school but i had some kind of intuition about picking ‘em up this fall. i need to find over the knee boots that i like but the search continues.

clothes: the basis for me is a LOT of denim, linen & cargo. i’m also reallly just piece shopping; i just (and am still trying to q) cut down my wardrobe to almost nonexistent and from there i want to keep my wardrobe small with new important basics + one or two pieces from each big trend.

basics: overalls x 2 (blue denim + black) denim midi-skirt, cocoon coat (still a move) cargo jumpsuit, sleeveless pieces (like this & this) denim trench coat, denim dress, shift dress, over the belly button trousers x 2 (black + color) wide leg cropped jean, flare sleeve polo top, light blazer, button-ups x 2 (white, patterned) work culottes, high waisted snap button skirt  

*i already have a leather jacket and jean jacket but those are fall essentials for me 2

lil something from big trend stories: big button trend (dress), victorian top w bell sleeves, oversized light + white

accessories: blanket scarfs, oversized statement jewelry, skinny scarves (i looove this trend so much)

My five fashion must haves this summer

As I mentioned in my last post, a number of reasons have led to comfort becoming the greatest of my fashion priorities. Although that may sound blasphemous taking into account fashion’s predilection for suffering (high heels, spanx, and corsets throughout Western history readily come to mind) the predominance of oversized, baggy silhouettes for the past few years has made it a lot easier to look stylish while staying comfortable. With this newfound appreciation of a relaxed style, I’ve come to love natural fibres and classic pieces as well. These are five iconic styles for summer that I’ll be rotating in my wardrobe through the months ahead!

ASOS Curve denim playsuit // Mango Violeta light denim dress // Modcloth Masterful Mingling dress // ASOS Curve denim midi pinafore dress // Old Navy chambray tank dress  

Lots of plus size options everywhere for this summer staple, the denim dress. Even though one of these is a playsuit, I love the oversized style reminiscent of the 90s. Also perfect for keeping cool on those hottest days! This is how I’d style it.  

Boden relaxed linen tee // Foxcroft chambray linen plus tee // Boden easy linen tee // Mango Violeta cotton linen tee // Mango Violeta linen trim tee

Summer and linen go hand in hand. A linen top or tee is a classic piece that never goes out of style. This is how I’d wear it. 

Simply Be Joanna Hope kimono // Alice & You embroidered jacket // Modcloth Soul Purpose jacket // Mango Violeta cotton embroidered jacket // New Look Inspire white floral kimono 

Lightweight, draped jackets have been my greatest discovery in summer layering. They’re so effortless to throw on top of your outfit when it gets chilly (mostly in the aircon right now!) This is how I’d style it.

Modcloth Who’s The Emboss? bag // Yoki Fashion saddle bag // Vintage 70s tooled leather bag // Fiorelli Nikita cross body bag // Modcloth Bring Your Fronds bag 

A tooled leather (or vegan leather) saddle bag is the perfect accessory for that boho summer aesthetic. I’ve been wearing this ASOS saddle bag everywhere since I got it, and it goes with pretty much everything.

Clarks Paylor Pace sandals // Salt Water sandals in white // New Look white cross strap sandals // ASOS For Love sandals // Birkenstock Madrid sandals

I used to stay away from white sandals and shoes in general because they’re just so easy to get dirty! I’ve totally changed my mind, though, after getting my white Birkenstock sandals. Yet another piece that I can wear through the summer! I’ve styled them in quite a few different ways, but this is currently my favourite.