denim jack

THE WOMAN ELIMINATED THE BOUNDARIES - model: Josephine Skriver - photography: Jack Waterlot - styling: Sarah Gore Reeves - hair: Felix Fischer - makeup: Ayami Nishimura - Harper’s Bazaar Turkey June 2017

Found You

The game had been going for a short while, which is why Joe was currently clad in a shirt, his jeans, and a single sock. He had started with a lot more layers, but apparently wasn’t that good at hiding, or possibly he wanted to be found, at least by one person.

Light giggling from other people hidden across his flat could be heard, the other attendees to the party, but none of them were that distinct one that he had been listening for.

Joe knew it would be easy enough to simply find one of the others hidden near him, but through some unspoken rule, the game had become a thing between him and Jack, and they were determined to find each other. Which was why he turned in the other direction, trying to figure out where exactly the younger man had hidden away, especially since Joe knew that this find would result in Jack having to strip his shirt or jeans, neither of which Joe was opposed to.

Their little flirting dance had been occurring heavily for the last two months, and so when someone suggested that their group play strip hide and seek, both had jumped at the chance to get the other out of their clothes. All in good fun, of course.

Except if Joe was to judge by the way Jack’s eyes were darker each time he was found, well, perhaps this was more than just all in good fun.

“Found you.” Joe smirked as he swung open the closet door to reveal Jack, sat on the floor, blinking at the sudden light.

“Did you cheat?”

“Nope. I just know you. Now strip.”

“Demanding, aren’t we?” Jack chuckled, quickly removing his shirt, and Joe couldn’t help but let his eyes travel the exposed skin before meeting the darkening blue eyes.

“Good luck finding me.” He said before shutting the door, hurrying elsewhere into the house, lust mixing with adrenaline in his body. Neither had been this brave in their little dance before, and he was excited to see what would happen next.

It was only five minutes later when Jack slipped into the bedroom, leaning against the closed door behind him, his eyes hungry as he stared over at Joe, who was stood in the middle of the room.

“Look who I found,” Jack said huskily, watching intently at Joe lifted his shirt over his head.

“Your turn to hide.”

“Or we could finish the game here,” Jack replied, pushing himself off of the door, his hands working open his jeans as he crossed the room, “Because frankly, I’m tired of playing.”

“Is that so?” Joe asked, his breath hitching as the younger man kicked his jeans off, leaving him in nothing but his boxers.

“If I close my eyes,” Jack’s fingers ran along the waistband of Joe’s boxers that peeked out from above his jeans, “And then reopen them, does that count as finding you?”

“Not sure if that’s how the rules work,” Joe said softly, his body warm under the other man’s gaze.

“Hmm, I think it does.” Jack smirked, leaning in close so his breath danced across Joe’s lips, his eyes closing momentarily before reopening, “So strip.”

“Fuck,” Joe breathed out, his hands working with Jack’s to quickly open his jeans, shoving them off of his legs.

The moment the denim hit the floor, Jack had his hands on Joe’s face, pulling the younger man in for a deep kiss, his tongue sliding into Joe’s mouth immediately.

His body melted under the touch and Joe’s hands found purchase on Jack’s hips as he leaned into the kiss, moaning lightly as their bodies pressed together.

“Found you.” Jack mumbled against Joe’s lips.