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My newest custom denim jacket! An ode to Prince Vegeta and Lord Shenron. Shenron was hand-painted by yours truly with Tulip soft matte fabric paints.

I’m keeping this jacket for myself, but I’m thinking of opening commissions for custom painted jackets for the holidays through my Etsy, I’ll update you when I have more info :D


20 fairly easy group Halloween costumes that you could totally do with your friends this year


Amongst the many life lessons I’ve learnt from Mean Girls is that Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress as a total you know what, and no other girls can say anything about it - which is all very well and good if you’re content with looking LAME and BORING in bunny ears and a tutu.

But here at Hollywood Express I take fancy dress very seriously, and when it comes to costumes I reckon it’s best to ditch the crap cat whiskers, and rope in a load of mates to go all out. If you fancy being awesome this Halloween, grab yourself a cardboard box and some glitter glue, and check out our round up of 20 amazing group costume ideas that you could totally do yourself with your friends this year.

1. Wishing trolls off of when you were little.

2. Pitch Perfect Barden Bellas. Singing optional.

3. NAKED SIMS. Except don’t actually be naked.

4. Tetris blocks. Probably not the easiest to get in the car.

5. The Hocus Pocus witches because it’s a bloody great film.

6. A sandwich. People might try to eat you at around 2am.

7. The Mario Kart gang except don’t chuck bananas wherever you go.

8. A rollercoaster. Arguably the best Halloween costume of all time.

9. Rock, Paper, Scissors. Soz to whoever ends up as the rock.

10. Cute little social media gals. Good if you still want a snog.

11. The Recess gang (as long as you can recite the theme tune because people will ask…)

12. The cast of your fave TV show. Maybe Orange Is The New Black?

13. Ipods. Except these aren’t really a thing anymore so just call it retro.

14. Your fave actor through the years. Here’s Johnny Depp and Jim Carey.

15. LEGO PEOPLE. Will require some advanced cardboard box work.

16. The Cool Runnings Jamaican bobsledders. AWOO.

17. MINIONS. Yellow tights, yellow top, denim shorts, geek glasses. Sorted.

18. The Wild Thornberries. Flawless.

19. Mean Girls complete with classic quotes. Much better than being a sexy mouse.

20. The Oscar Selfie. You will need: To dress up as Jennifer Lawrence/Bradley Cooper, a large piece of cardboard with the rest of the famous people painted on to put your head in. Hold up at every photo opportunity. Sorted.