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Recomended Namsong Fanfiction

Since i love to read,.once i like namsong story i’ve become kind of addicted to it,.lol,.

Since my friend Shah (x) told me to make a post recommending the best namsong fics,. so here it is,.. :“)


  1. Say, do you wanna sail on the Namsong river? (x)
  2. You’re an extrovert (and i’m not) (x)
  3. Before i knew it, i had fallen for you (x)
  4. Nam Tinkerbell Taehyun (x)
  5. Hotel Room and stolen kisses (x)
  6. All i want is you (x)
  7. This is Real Mino/Taehyun (x)
  8. Sweet (x)
  9. Familiar warmth (x)

Romance/Smut (Rated M):

  1. The Mighty fall (x)
  2. Love is in the air (x)
  3. Examination Room 3 (x)
  4. Pay Back (x)
  5. Rulling Fantasy (x)
  6. You sir you are just right (warning lol) (x)


  1. I’m way better than him (x) — New
  2. Maybe love (x)
  3. Adventures of denim jacket (M) (x)
  4. Evolution of Nampits (M) (x)


  1. Touch (x) —New (highly recomended^^)
  2. Across time and space (x) — New 
  3. What am i to you? (x)
  4. TKO (x)
  5. If we existed (x)
  6. Was i mistaken (x)

Bonus,. this is not namsong fanfic but this story is so good :p,.its about Mino x Zico, "Destroy you” (x)

Well thats all my list,. actually still there’s a lot namsong fanfic out there and i already read all of that,. but this list my fav. kekeke..hope you like it too^^