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[MY FAVOURITE THING TODAY] I think my love for South African fast fashion retailer Mr Price is pretty well known by now. But how can I not love them when their media communication is just so very on point? 

Today, the seventeam received a press release/ save the date/ challenge from Mr Price HQ. A pair of skinny jeans and enough DIY goodies to start our own craft shop. The challenge: create a bespoke pair of seventeen jeans that’ll be used in a denim installation on 14 November. 

How clever, right? 

The seventeam is sure to have LOADS of fun with this one. Thanks Mr Price.

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I’m (obviously) not the biggest fan of home repairs, as a large part of my job is fixing home repairs gone bad, and I view professional darning as the best and most durable method to repair jeans. But my brother’s loving and creative ways of repairing his favorite 10+ year old jeans has made me appreciate DIY repairs in a whole new way as an artistic process over a utilitarian fix. #denim #denimrepair #diy #sewing #repairyourjeans (at Belmont, Massachusetts)

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A $6.50 thrift store find turned into a true masterpiece for the Kesha concert tomorrow. I think @iiswhoiis would be proud. Complete with intergalactic acid wash, black and gold studs, gold chains, and plenty of glitter I am fucking stoked with how this turned out. I’m ready to rock #FuckTheWorld in this vest. I can’t wait for tomorrow night. #Kesha2016 #FuckTheWorldTour #Crafting #Intergalactic

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