denim crush

r4veyard  asked:

I'm looking for a summer jacket/coat could you give me any recommendations in what the boys wear ? There is not a set price (sorry English isn't my first language)

you mean of the ones they’ve worn before ? of course!
MEJIWOO - denim jacket (x)
ANOTHERYOUTH - sukajan jacket (x)
BLANK - print robe jacket (x)
WTAPS - jacket (x)
R. SHEMISTE - hooded denim jacket (x)
SHETHISCOMMA - sukajan jacket (x)
MOTIFEST - ma1 jacket (x)
ETUDES STUDIO - black bleached jacket (x)
DUCKDIVE - suede jacket (x)
VIVASTUDIO - crushed denim jacket (x)
ASCLO - GR short robe (x)