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For Letting Yourself Go

You couldn’t help it, you LOVE how your fat ass body just grow and grow. The constant sweet treats and greasy food was gonna eventually show on your figure. Every step you take, your jiggly round belly move from each movement. It sloshes back and forth side to side also causing your huge belly button to jiggle from each step. You always scratch your gut after moving around because it get so itchy; that’s the most exercise you get. Your belly is the biggest thing on you; you looks to be almost 9 months pregnant and also just love food. It doesn’t matter what shirt you had on, it just wouldn’t cover that blob of fat. It was soft and always shiny, that usual glow on your gut you have from stuffing yourself with high amounts of food. Your thighs are fat, strain against any type of denim bottoms so you just decided to wear leggings. Your boobs are outrageously huge; the fat of them jiggle with each step as well. Your love handles are to die for; it’s tempting to touch the sides of your body. And your back fat, how can we forget that? It fights against your bra straps and shirts and pokes out perfectly. Plus, your fat cheeks are adorable, begging to get filled with food so it can continue to grow.
You hate how nothing really fits, how you huff and puff after doing simple things like running to the bus stop or whatever. But you’re a fat pig, and that’s the consequences for letting yourself go.
Why are you even mad?
If you don’t like it, change your diet.
Oh, but those desserts and fatty foods are delicious aren’t they?
It’s obvious you love to eat, I mean look at your fat ass, your leggings are straining for relief from those thunder thighs and your fat butt. All you do is sit and it just helps the calories spread.
Youre annoyed you can barely fit in booths at restaurants? You can piggy just try your best to suck your gut in and squeeze through. You might get stuck after eating your feast, but that’s the price you have to pay for letting yourself go.
Of course, I don’t mind that you’re a pig; shows you have a great appetite. Question is,
Don’t you love how fat you are?
Doesn’t it turns you on?
I know it does, you helpless pig. How about I help you become the pig you are? That’s just the price you have to pay now, for letting yourself go.

literati42  asked:

Request for the Batfam week: Would you write a story about Tim being adopted into the family in an Au where Jason didn't die, basically just a story about teenage Jason and young Tim getting to know each other

Sorry this is a few days late! It got a bit longer than planned… Hopefully it’s worth the wait :) This was actually so much fun to write that I might make the AU into a series at some point.

Jason creeps quietly down the hall, pausing at every corner to listen just in case Bruce or Alfred are still up. They shouldn’t be; it’s that murky part of the night where it’s too late for Batman but too early for the butler to be getting up to start the day. All occupants of the manner should be fast asleep, Jason included, but he’s careful to be quiet just in case.

He breathes a silent sigh of relief when he reaches the kitchen without being caught, making a beeline for the kettle without bothering to the turn lights on. There’s enough moonlight coming in through the windows above the sink to illuminate the corner of the bench where the kettle lives, but not much else. Jason pulls a mug out of the cupboard above his head and rifles through the teabags until he decides he wants English Breakfast not green tea. It’s only when he turns around to get the milk out of the fridge that he sees the figure sitting in the shadows of the kitchen table.

“Jesus Christ!” he yelps. “Why the fuc-dge are you sitting down here in the dark?!”

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