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What's your national language in dressrosa? And what language do they teach in schools?(like Spanish etc..)

I would say a mix of denile and bullshit…


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KidLaw C and D? uwu

When did they realize they were romantically attracted to each other and what happened after the realization?
After many years of banter back and forth and being nasty to one another in a highschool kind of pulling a girls pigtails kind of way they had a one night stand and realized neither was in a rush to get rid of the other.

Who started the relationship and how?
Kid, Law was in denile for a long time. When Kid asked Law had a very ‘well, nothing better to do right now’ attitude.

What was their ‘honeymoon’ phase like?
Alot of fighting, bitching one another out and angry sex.

What was their first date like?
Law didn’t even know he was on a date as Kid had lost his wallet and had to pay for everything.

Who had an embarrassing anime phase?
Law had the teenage goth phase and Kid had the annoying weeb phase where he tried to look like an anime character.. mostly the red hair and googles… cough.

What was each of their favorite romantic gesture the other did for them?
Neither are that romantic but Law putting his feet down from the sofa so Kid can join him and Kid making the odd cup of coffee does it for them both.

What was their first kiss like?
Out of the blood and Law was taken off guard and swung for him.

Which one steals the other’s food when they’re not looking?
Kid, though after many forks to the back of his hand he learned.

How would they react to the other dying?
Law would hide it alot better but after losing so may people close to him he’d be even colder and worse in the after effects. Kid would be angry, kick things, punch things before curling into a ball to cry.

What was their worst argument ever about?
Everything, always.


Who thinks every public function they’re dragged to is stupid and lame:
Kid, he utter hates coming along, free bar or not he stands there stomping his feet, rolling his eyes, making crude jokes with all Law’s co-workers.

Who crashes the car/swerves looking at things out the window instead of the road:
Kid, this is why Law doesn’t let him drive his car any more and Kid sticks to his bike.

Who never gets the lyrics right but sings it wrong forever:
Drunk Kid and in the shower Law.

Has the volatile relationship with their partner’s parent:
Kid, the amount of phones he’s broken from getting a phonecall from his father.

Burns their cooking, but pretends it’s okay and won’t get take-out:
Kid, though they often get take out instead anyway.

Constantly buying fancy underwear and naughty items as a surprise:
Law, and often it’s wasted on Kid as they get pulled off right away or damaged in Kid’s impatient need for him to be naked.

Runs up to a stranger’s dog in an open park for petting and greets:
Kid, he is a huge dog fan.

Watches kiddy cartoons to unwind:
Both, Law likes the older darker ones and Kid just loves anything with action. PS Kid cried at Bambi.

Insists on stopping at a fancy bakery/cafe every time they pass it:
Law, he loves going to them, left over from his student years and spending all his time with his laptop in them.


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tbh i actually kind of liked it, i ship the medusa guy and mummy girl now but i really have no clue who and what they are. all i know is that is was cute. but whatever, i usually like whatever you post so do you

I’m glad you liked it <333 its good to know that some people enjoyed it while my follower count is dropping like flies.\

I’m gonna go into a bit of a geek rant on you I’m sorry
They are Deuce Gorgon and Cleo DeNile from Monster High and my OTP from the series tbh. Originally the main character of the series, Frankie, was crushing on Deuce and I think they were setting it up so that Frankie would end up stealing Deuce for Cleo, and making Cleo the “Villain” but in the end they ended up making Cleo and Frankie become best friends and Cleo’s character development as been amazing. And Deuce and Cleo are totally adorable, Cleo is complete Diva who actually really looks out for Deuce and supports him just as much as he support her, even though we don’t get to see it often. Deuce is generally a laid back guy, and he’s a super supportive punk rock boyfriend which I am 5000% here for

Anyways, yes they are perfect <3 I’m really really glad you enjoyed it! (Also talk to me more because you just should u seem cool and stuff)

“With the power of the Comet, I Nefera DeNile shall rule the show!”
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some people actually believed me when i said that aradia was in the upd8 like no guys im just in very deep denile and tryinh not to be rlly upset over the fact that shes not in the upd8 dont listen to me youll regret this

Attn: Monster High/Ever After High collectors in Sacramento area

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