so yes, the Ptolomeys are another powerful Egyptian family, and Ram wants to marry off a daughter to them to get control of their power. makes sense.

but why not Neff? she is the eldest…did she deflect it? did Seth already have a liking for Cleo so they figured that’d be easier? did she point out that since she’s eldest she gets the deNile empire (husband having no hold) but if Cleo marries into another family, they just get their claws into that so if Seth dies Cleo then gets the power? 

i am so invested in deNile power dynamics…

i guess if there isn’t a Ptolomey trying to get with Neff too, my spin off side plot still works…Cleo *is* aware of Neff and Momba’s relationship, so maybe they have a fight Cleo being all “Stop trying to ruin me and Duece or I will tell father about you and Momba!” and Neff is all “You wouldn’t dare!” and Cleo goes “Just try me…” but then the scene where she’s about to, obviously Neff is at Ram’s side and she’s just terrified and Cleo just lets her anger deflate and doesn’t tell. 

oh oh and then maybe the end Gala i mentioned before, where Neff sees Momba and just publicly kisses her; maybe before that she’s in a corner realizing she’s done bad and Cleo saunters up to her and is all “Fun party hu?” and Neff’s all “Look I know I was a jerk but…thanks I guess for…you know” (this is hear warming for them ok lol) and Cleo ends up pointing Momba out to her and as Neff gasps she just smirls and is all “I heard she was in town, figured you could use a little pick me up and left an invite at the door” and Neff is sorta choked up and is like “Cleo, I…” and Cleo brushes it off and before she leaves her just says “Go get your ghoul. Be yourself.” and Neff catches her hand to squeeze it for a second (closest they get to a hug ok lol) then she runs off to Momba.

i also would like to see Seth still keep in contact with Cleo though at this point; i hope he ends up being cool and is all “well if you love this Deuce guy i can’t take that away from you”


I decided to update my Monster High collection before I received Valentine & Whisp *µ*

So I’ve got 67 dolls. There is 1 single reissue (Cleo deNile) and some dolls are brocken :S 

Some dolls that I sale or some CAM are not on this picture. (Spectra Vondergeist Dot Dead Gorgeous, Frankie Stein Sweet 1600, Inner Monster, Color Me Creepy and Ice&Blob Girls)

You can see my entiere colection at,a6584346.html ;)

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What's your national language in dressrosa? And what language do they teach in schools?(like Spanish etc..)

I would say a mix of denile and bullshit…


“With the power of the Comet, I Nefera DeNile shall rule the show!”
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some people actually believed me when i said that aradia was in the upd8 like no guys im just in very deep denile and tryinh not to be rlly upset over the fact that shes not in the upd8 dont listen to me youll regret this

i was just thinking about some Moffa…

depending upon how BYBY plays out (and how i can warp it lol), it’s sorta planned that Neff will come out to Ram at the end/afterwards

but what if, instead of the thought “Ram explodes and forbids this” reaction, he’s more not listening/taking her seriously, so just brushes it off. and like, Neff knows he wasn’t really listening, but *technically* she told him, and he was all “whatever” so she’s off the hook, thus letting her relax more

but then like, imagine Pride Week, and somehow Ram gets tipped off that his daughters are all over Twitter/Tomblr/FaceBook feeds (because Cleo does support Neff, so the deNile/Gorgon couples both are there), so he goes to check it out and just sees how, well, gay everything is and THAT’S when he does the blow up 

but of course at this point, Neff’s more confident and maybe she was about to move in with Momba (she may even need a greencard…idk…), and again Cleo is fully in Neff’s corner. so the shouting match isn’t one sided with Neff submitting to Ram’s wills, but instead using the deNile confidence he’s always fostered in her to fight back. so in the end he can’t really fault her for taking charge of her life, even if it’s not in a capacity he wanted (of course he can always claim to hold out the hope that she’ll still marry a respectable prince to be king, and have heirs that way, with her girlfriend as a consort-whatever her husband wants to put up with isn’t his problem after all at that point)

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Apple (EAH), Cleo DeNile (MH), Steven (SU)

Thank you.


In common…I’m super insecure, more than anything I just want things to go how I fucking want them too and I have blue eyes

Not in common…I’m not a perfectionist, I’m terrible at talking to people or generally doing anything publicly and I can’t sing


I can’t really answer Cloe because while I love the dolls I don’t watch any of the animation so my knowledge of her is very limited.


In common…I can be naive, I’m a neeerd and I’m generally pretty sympathetic and sensitive to others feelings

Not in common…I’m not very positive, I’m not very outgoing and I’m not adorable.