denied appeal


The physician who was hired to make the decision on my LTD benefit appeal denied me based on “facts” like this one. The twitter account he referred to as evidence that I’m lying about my illness is hardly active. Also, the majority of the posts are:

• Photos of pets
• Photos from Timehop (aka from years ago)
• Photos of things around my house

The few photos that “appear to be a young woman who is engaged in life activities” and “awake, smiling and alert” are FAKE. People always use social media to show the BEST moments from their lives, even if they aren’t the whole truth. I’ve had some great experiences in New York, so of course I am going to brag about them! What I don’t share on social media are the consequences of being happy for a day. I don’t share the three days I have to sleep to recover from one stand-up comedy set. I don’t share the intense pain my body is in after walking around in Central Park for a day. 

They’re called invisible illnesses for a reason. People with chronic illnesses can look completely normal. They are hidden in plain sight. 

My endgame ship may be Sheith but I also can’t deny the appeal of Shance; one of my fanfics involves both of those pairs and I’m not sure what ship is going to be endgame yet considering all of the fucked up shit that happens. I’m excited to explore more of the Omegaverse, though. 

Quick question – would you consider Lance an Alpha, Beta, or Omega? I think the most reasonable choice might be Beta, but I want to hear your thoughts on it, too.

You’ve Never Flown With Me

Steve/Tony hug and fly fluff! A balm for sad times. On AO3: here.

After a long recon mission and an even longer SHIELD debriefing, Steve was relieved to see Tony’s driver Happy pull up in front of the team in a ridiculously luxurious Bentley. He felt immediately guilty about the unnecessary expenditure - he could have walked, after all - but he couldn’t deny the appeal of collapsing into the back of the car and being driven home.

“Traffic’s bad today, boss, even by New York standards. Afraid it’s gonna be a while till I can get you all back to the Tower.”

Tony grumbled something about how SHIELD really ought to allow him access to the Quinjet for personal use as he had designed half the systems on it, and flying was really the only acceptable way to get around the city any more.

Steve shushed Tony and did his best to smile brightly at Happy and assure him it was no problem, and he didn’t really fancy spending any more time in the Quinjet today anyway. He mentioned that, between the two of them, he thought flying was rather overrated.

Tony whipped his head round at that. “What? Steven Grant Rogers, you did not just say that flying, something that humans the world over dream about every day, and which happens to be one of my many personal superpowers, is overrated? I’m feeling so disrespected right now.”

Steve felt a smile on his lips as he rolled his eyes at Tony’s faux outrage. “Flying’s all right. The view’s nice. But being stuck inside a plane is…” he searched for the right word, “restricting. I don’t think I’d call it fun.”

Tony’s eyes were bright and playful. “That’s because you’ve never flown with me.”

They finally made it back to the tower and Steve had collapsed onto the nearest sofa, still in his uniform. The rest of the team had retreated to their rooms and Steve was summoning up the energy to carry himself to the shower when Tony approached him, clanking through the living room in his armor.

“Come on, Cap, you look like you could use a change of perspective.” Tony held out a gauntleted hand. “Let me prove you wrong about the wonders of flying. Fly with me.”

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In Japanese culture there is a concept known as The Red String of Fate;  a cord which ties around an individual’s little finger (or in some cases the ankle) and connects them to their soulmate. Although I’m inclined not to believe in destiny or soulmates, I can’t deny the appeal of a connection that transcends separation. Is it possible to be connected to someone who doesn’t know that you exist? With the new found uses of the  internet relationships have begun to break boundaries of what was once deemed impossible, allowing human connection to occur even despite a physical disconnect. Many people feel affection or infatuation towards people they have never actually met and although this may be regarded as odd, it seems to be a common affliction. Is it possible that by expanding outreach the internet allows us to find those we are tied to before we meet them on the physical plane? I have found that in five years of watching vlogs and sketches, I can’t help but feel linked to the people I observe. And now, as I am given the opportunity to meet them in real life, I fear that nothing will change for them upon their realization that I exist. I dread the possibility that we may see each other and I will be undoubtedly changed, but to them I will be nothing but a face in the crowd. I fear that the connection is unrequited; as I feel that undeniable connection, they feel nothing at all. I am tied, constricted to feelings I don’t understand or particularly enjoy, yet they are free to view me as just another. Am I tied to you? Are you tied to me? When we meet will it even matter?  Or will we resume our lives as they were; you unfazed,  and me destroyed?


Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Suffers Yet Another Loss In Federal Court

Rowan County clerk Kim Davis of Kentucky suffered another legal setback Tuesday when a federal appeals court denied her request to be exempted from a gubernatorial directive to comply with the Supreme Court’s June decision on same-sex marriage.

The ruling is only procedural, but it adds to a string of losses for Davis at all levels of the federal judiciary.


TITLE: Marley


AUTHOR: Caw-Caw-Mothercluckers

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki taking up for and comforting a beautiful black woman after she has had racial slurs thrown at her


NOTES/WARNINGS: Language (not exactly a slur, but close enough), racism

As much as Loki liked to tease his adoptive brother about his strange love for Midgard and its inhabitants, he couldn’t deny the appeal of the planet. Standing tall in the middle of 6th street, Loki strolled lazily through one of Austin’s popular hot spots, his green eyes glancing around rapidly with delight.

There were so much to take in: various scents of the food carts that were loitering on the side of the street, the loud buzz of people’s chattering weaving around Loki, and…a gorgeous woman making her way through the crowd. Though shorter than those around her, this lady moved around with ease, gliding smoothly side to side to avoid bumping into someone.

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Any student of history and culture eventually learns two grand lessons: 1) we probably gained intelligence from a Kubrickian alien monolith (or “evolution” or “sex with Denisovans” or whatever), and 2) if you put a monkey in your movie it’ll be a smash hit (just like in comics!) 

Apes grace the entire sweep of cinema, because no one can deny the powerful appeal of a furry simian on a screen doing stuff. That’s why this design brings together the famous apes of films past with the video-preserving tech that keeps them fresh and hyper-intelligent in our minds. Because even as Andy Serkis’ incredible thespian chops replace the practice of casting actual animals/dudes in furry outfits, no one ever forgets their first practical, magical “HENDERSON.” [GET IT HERE]