denial's not just a river in egypt

  • The Raven Boys:Book explicitly tells us that Gansey is going to die
  • Me:Ehh... let's see what happens
  • The Dream Thieves:Constant reminders of Gansey's untimely demise
  • Me:He'll be fine
  • Blue Lily, Lily Blue:Terrifying and abundant foreshadowing of Gansey dying
  • Me:Walk if off, Dick.
  • Maggie Stiefvater:Gansey is totally going to die 100% confirmed
  • Me:...
  • Me:I'm not totally convinced yet tbh
Naw, I’m scared to use those inhalers. I had a buddy who used those for years, and he died.

50-something male with a COPD exacerbation and influenza… still smoking 2 packs/day… but really worried that Symbicort will kill him.

(He doesn’t get the flu shot either – it has all sorts of chemicals in it.)


 Grey’s Anatomy: Deny, Deny, Deny

Sometimes, reality has a way of sneaking up and biting us in the ass. And when the dam bursts, all you can do is swim. The world of pretend is a cage, not a cocoon. We can only lie to ourselves for so long. We are tired, we are scared, denying it doesn’t change the truth. Sooner or later we have to put aside our denial and face the world. Head on, guns blazing. De Nile. It’s not just a river in Egypt, it’s a freakin’ ocean. So how do you keep from drowning in it?

If You Want to Romance Me...

Okay, I think I have had too much sugar and my love for my best friend has ruined me entirely (thank the friend for this prompt entry)! This is a solangelo comedy fic, but I have never purposely written a comedic fanfic, so enjoy! Sorry for any errors. 

Prompt: Character A wants something simple. Character B wants to go above and beyond. 

Nico tries not to think too much about it, but he does. He is truly worried. Not only because he had a death scare last week, or that Will almost fell off the lava course two days ago, or that Thalia decided to play a really mean prank consisting of lightening repeatedly striking his cabin (that triggered a panic attack that no one saw coming). Nico is worried because for the first time in his almost 16 years—actually 84 years, but who was counting — Will was late for their fourteenth scheduled “get together”.

In plain language, it was a date. But, Nico still has some anxiety about it and no one bothers to correct him if he decides to not label their relationship (one year and counting—the longest relationship both had ever had). So, when the knock sounds on the door, Nico thinks it’s Jason with his comforting persona, Feel Better and I’m Sorry Thalia is a Bit of Dick chocolate, and a nice hug. Yeah, Jason is his best friend because remorse turns him into a puppy and happiness makes him a cuddle monster. Instead, it’s Will, who is fifty-four minutes and six seconds late. Not that Nico was counting.

“What is this?” Nico raises an eyebrow. Will looks sloppy, and this is coming from the gay guy who literally walked outside wearing nothing more than a My Little Pony tee-shirt, Pac-Man boxers and SpongeBob Slippers after a thirty-six hour anime binge on his fifteenth birthday and never bothered to change. The 21st century and Netflix are a strange combination.

There are twigs in Will’s hair, singe marks on the lilies in his hand, and he is drenched form head to toe.

“I voluntarily threw myself into a river, Neeks.” Will sasses, but thrusts the flowers in Nico’s direction and the demigod has no choice but to take them.

“What the hell did you do?” He brings the older demigod inside.

“I just went into the store to buy you some flowers and was attacked by a fire breathing monster, and then it rained because only the camp has regulated weather, and then some guy tried to mug me so I ran to the subway, mind you that place stinks, until finally I left only to be chased by a minotaur, which Percy dispatched for the umpteenth time, like really thank the guy, until I realized I crossed the wrong side of the camp border and end up running through the woods until I knocked on your cabin door.” Will wheezes. “And all in less than an hour.” He looks slightly accomplished.

“Thank you?” Nico cocks his head as if to say Am I supposed to be impressed by your buffoonery? Like why didn’t you have weapons?

“Oh my god,” Will groans and covers his face. “You really don’t remember.”

“Am I forgetting a birthday? Yours isn’t coming for another two months.” Will slaps his own cheek.

“Last week, you said, and I quote you on this, ‘if you want real romance, make your man bring you something worth real money, then take on monsters weaponless in your honor, and complete the task in less than an hour’. I completed all of the requirements: I brought the flowers, took on some monsters, although I did not kill them, and I ran here in perfect time.” Will smiles.

“Dude, I was giving Calypso advice for how to torment Leo, not lead you on a suicide run.” He really needs to have a new conversation setting with his girls now. Nico and Piper can’t admire Channing Tatum’s body in Magic Mike together if Will going to be listening in. Heck, he won’t even be able to admire Captain America with Hazel if Will’s watching if it’s going to make the guy think he needs to eat five chickens a day to get amazing pecks (and they are amazing, thank you Not Another Teen Movie). “We’ll need to have a discussion about boundaries if I can’t have spa day with the girls.”

“But,” Will pouts and Nico just has to, he can’t not, if Will put all this effort into impressing him. Nico reaches up, on his tiptoes because he hasn’t reached his growth spurt, damn you Will Solace, and kisses some very wet lips.

“Thank you,” Nico blushes as he pulls back. “I appreciate all the effort, Will, but do you really think I want my favorite guy out next to monsters without a weapon to fight with. I don’t want you in harm’s way at all and that’s when we’re out on quests.” Will hugs and rolls his eyes.

“Am I really your favorite guy?” Will looks smug now and Nico punches him in the arm.

“Let me tell you a secret Will: If you want to romance me, all you have to do is knock on my door, kiss my brains out and ask if I want to watch a movie. Because I have Netflix and I have neither finished Daredevil Season 2 nor have I started House of Cards.” And Nico tries hard not to melt when Will lights up and it makes the freckles on his face shine and stand out and gods, isn’t he adorable. And Nico has to put up with his wide eyes and his perfect mouth and his perfect tan and his cuteness and his attentiveness. Because he lov—likes him that’s why.

Will reels Nico in for a kiss and its wet, twigs are falling on his floor, and the lilies are sort of dying in his hands, but it’s perfect and Nico wouldn’t change of think if he could just get off of Cloud Nine and use his brain again. Solace has shut off all thinking functions and capacities, again.

“Neeks, will you do me the honor of watching a movie with me tonight?”

“Hell yes!” Nico squeaks, but later he will deny it and the fact that his cheeks are cherry pink. He will also deny how he breathes out and starts to giggle from the endorphin overload. Dopamine is a mortal goddess and demigods should start praising their bodily functions more.

“Good,” Will smiles at him and Nico snorts.

“What?” It’s Will’s turn to raise his eyebrow.

“Well, you are an hour late for our date.” Will’s jaw drops when Nico drops the ‘d’ word. “So, I’ll have to punish you somehow. C’mon, I ordered the newest Friday the 13th film and we are so gonna watch it.” Will grimaces and whines as Nico bounces (he will deny any frolicking movements) over to the couch and inserts the disk into his blue ray player.

“Really, Nico. No, not horror films.” Nico has the audacity to look innocent.

“It gives you an excuse to cuddle with me.”

“I’m all in.”

Nico never does see the film. He’s too busy cuddling and making out with Will Solace on his sister’s purple couch. The next day, Jason will come by and ask why his couch is soppy and covered in leaves. Nico will not blush as he stares the son of Zeus out of his cabin. And he definitely does not blush when Piper wiggles his eyes at the seating. Nope, because Nico is getting on the phone and is calling his daddy to buy him new furniture. For reasons…

it’s not about angels
a steve/bucky ficlet

It says something about how completely borked up their lives were that this latest episode of clusterfuckery was just…. yeah. 

Hell, they just had the now Infamous Frog Episode Which Will Now Go Down as a Day of Infamy in Avengers History last month.  But hey, Villain of the Week is now Evil Wizard of the Week, who somehow managed to lay their hands on some sort of Ancient Egyptian Grimmy Spellbook Thing and Tony’s studiously ignoring the Giggling from the Strange Clouds that he’s not seeing from the corner of his eyes or the Strange Voices who are not Avengers teammates making wisecracks and –

Did Tony mention that he hated magic and all sorts of supernatural shenanigans?  He does.  He really, really hates magic.  And all sorts of supernatural shenanigans.  Supernatural is now a show totally banned from being shown in Avengers Tower.  Ever.  

Of course, none of the hating is going to help Steve, who is now five foot ninety-odd pounds of tiny, precious Captain Adorable.  The one good thing about Evil Wizard of the Week (Tony refused to use the name of a guy who actually wanted to be called Darth Lord Plagueis) was that whatever he did shrunk Steve’s costume to fit. 

Except that there were Evil Minions that Tony was not going to think of as demons and imps from the Fifth Dimension (what even is his life), who are still coming for them and there’s Steve, jaw set, shield at the ready and it’s hella clear that he doesn’t have the super soldier strength anymore.  

All of them are moving to protect their captain but of course, there’s Sergeant Dracula over there in full berserk mode and okay, maybe Bucky may have finally worked out most of the brainwash thing but he’s still the fucking Winter Soldier and he is definitely fucking pissed off. 

Also,Tony is sure that all of them are trying not to think about the way Bucky’s eyes were now pure gold and terrifying and there are fangs. Yeah, did Tony mention fangs?  Fangs, people. 

He’s never gonna make another sparkling vampire joke ever again. 

Even the Hulk is giving Bucky a wide berth but there’s a definite Stamp of Approval from Big and Green.  

“Soldier Go Smash Puny Wizard.  Hulk clear way." 

And maybe there’s a few arrows sent from the general direction of their other resident sniper, making sure Steve’s six is covered.  And Steve, thankfully, understands that he’s not going to be of much help in this position, so he accepts one of Nat’s guns and follows her to cover. 

So it’s up to Tony and he gets people coordinated which translates to just getting the hell out of Bucky Barnes’ way and letting him nab said Evil Wizard.  Tony's not hearing the soft "Oooh, Mrs. Rogers is pissed" and "Classic SNRFB” because GODDAMNNIT.  SUPERNATURAL SHENANIGANS.  NO NO NO NO NO NO.  

The problem is that after they’re done, Bucky still looks like he’s about to start following in his Grampy’s footsteps and do some impaling of his own and Tony’s talking, Tony’s trying to talk Bucky down from this even as Clint is readying a tranq shot and this is going to be a bitch, it really is.

Until tiny Steve darts out from cover and goes right up to the enraged fang-y Winter Soldier with a shouted “Bucky!”

It’s weird and surreal but there’s Steve reaching up to frame Bucky’s face with his hands and the comms are on so they can hear Steve’s whispered, “Bucky.  Look at me. Baby, baby I’m all right.  I’m fine, baby, I’m okay.  Come back t'me.  Come back." 

Tony would like to question Steve’s decision of letting a still-fanged Bucky Barnes anywhere near ideal vampire biting places but yeah, Bucky does calm down, folding himself protectively over the now smaller body of his husband and partner, burying his nose in Steve’s neck. 

Steve would’ve protested being carried up like a bride on her wedding day but he’s pale and none of them like the way his breathing sounds so he’s outnumbered and outvoted. But Bucky, with Steve in his arms, is a lot calmer and the eyes are blue again and then:

"I ain’t letting you down.  I leave you alone for five minutes and God knows what kinda trouble you’re going to get into.”

“Funny.  Just because I’m temporarily de-serumed doesn’t mean I’m going to up and get myself killed!”

“I leave you safe and sound in Brooklyn the last time and you ended up in a HYDRA base anyway - you’re a goddamn trouble magnet, is what you are.”

“I was rescuing your ass - this is the thanks I get?”

“Thank you.  Still not putting you down.”



“Looks like it’s SNRFB as usual,” Sam observes. 

“It will be well,” Thor proclaims.  “Spells can be reversed.  It took True Love’s Kiss for the last one." 

"They’re kissing already.  Steve’s not getting any bigger,” Clint cracked.

“It’ll probably take a few more tries,” Natasha smirks. 

“Can we just get Tiny Cap away from here now?” Tony offers, trying to get control of the crew because, well, Steve and Bucky are a bit occupied at the moment.  “And we can figure out how to reverse the spell.  JARVIS, get me the friendly neighborhood witch on the phone.”

The friendly neighborhood witch tells them it’s going to take two weeks.  It’s the longest two weeks of their lives.

In the end, they’re going to sort it out and Tiny Cap really is capable of getting in as much trouble as he does usually and everyone - except Natasha - is all STEVE, OMG NO.  But Steve sets his jaw and Does the Thing anyway and while he can’t throw the shield around, that fine tactical mind is still in there, as well as that stubborn, determined spirit and Tony really, really regrets ever saying the “everything special about you came out of a bottle” thing because it is absolutely wrong.  

And Bucky is just as protective as ever and there’s a little huff and then a fond smile as he follows Tiny Cap, the little guy from Brooklyn who never had the sense to know when to back down from a fight, into the jaws of hell anyway. 

- end -

Note:  Eventually, I might write a fic in which I somehow have pre-serum Steve and a still brains-scrambled recovering Winter Soldier together because tygermama is an Evil Enabling Valar Cloud.  I’ll think about it further.  In the meantime, have fun with this one.  :P