denial's not just a river in egypt

anonymous asked:

I'm a Ward Stan and I don't actually care that he ordered Von as trucker to be taken out. I've surpassed the point of actually caring what Ward does anymore and why. I'll support him no matter what he does. I'm a Ward Stan that's never tried to justify what he does or argued about it either. I just do not care tbh. But then I think it's also because I really don't care about the other characters in the show so if he hurts them meh. Once Ward goes I go too. Everyone else annoys me now. *shrug*

I wasn’t even going to bother replying to this, since you apparently just don’t care, but then I read it again and found myself wondering;

Why are you even still watching AoS anyway? You say you don’t care about the show’s protagonists and presumably, therefore, you don’t care about the plotlines which make up 90% of the airtime. You’re willing to support a torturer and a murderer no matter what he does, and without even trying to justify his actions to yourself in order to give you a ‘reason’ to support him.

‘I’ll support him no matter what he does.’

 Do you not even see how awful that statement is?  This is not your son, your brother, your husband, your father. Those are the men in your life who might - might - be worthy of that kind of unconditional support. And even then, if you witnessed one of them performing the kind of torture that Ward did to Bobbi - no matter WHAT the motivation - I should hope that you’d have pretty massive second thoughts. I know I sure as hell would.

This is what I find so disturbing about the Stand With Ward fandom. The show has REPEATEDLY told you - most recently with the “I don’t want redemption” line in the latest episode - that the character is not who you think he is, not what you want him to be. It’s becoming more clear with every appearance that they’re not going to change their minds about that now.

Claiming that the showrunners ‘don’t understand the character’ as I see many SWWers do is, frankly, laughable. They CREATED the character. It’s CANON. You might not like it, but that doesn’t make it not true. It’s the Wardstans who don’t understand the character.

Denial. It ain’t just a river in Egypt, you know.

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Hehehe well I hear Denial is a river in Egypt. Plus consider this; Felicia Day isn't a Kunoichi who's saved the world a few times, nor has awesome psionic powers. I don't think you have any worries of competition.

Hey, you’re right! Felicia Day didn’t get to go to space with Donnie and save the entire world. She just stayed home and did Felicia Day things.

Thank you so much, hon. I feel a lot better now!