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Similarities Between Dennis Nilsen and Jeffrey Dahmer

• Both were gay serial killers

• Both frequented gay bars

• Both were in the army. Dahmer was a combat medic and Nilsen was a cook.

• Both had alcohol problems

• Both were in denial of their homosexuality. Nilsen tried to reassure himself that he was bisexual and dated a woman to prove this. Dahmer dated a woman as well, and his murders were seen as a way to rid himself of his homosexuality.

• Both killed because they wanted companions that would not leave them

• Both craved control over their victims

• Both were fond of animals. Dahmer had a dog and a cat as a child and fish as an adult, and was horrified after seeing a classmate run over a dog with his car. Nilsen had pet pigeons as a child and was extremely upset when a vandal killed them. As an adult, Nilsen had a dog that eventually became his only companion. 

• Both performed sexual acts on corpses

• Both cooked parts of their victims

• Both had close relationships with one of their grandparents. Dahmer was close to his grandmother and Nilsen was close to his grandfather.

• Both stored their victims’ bodies in their apartments and had neighbors that became suspicious of the smell emitting from their homes

• Both were almost caught by the police. Dahmer was almost caught when victim Konerak Sinthomphone was able to escape his apartment and run into two girls who called the police. Dahmer was able to convince the police that they were lovers just having a disagreement.  One of Nilsen’s victims woke up while being strangled and called the police, but the police did nothing, thinking it was a domestic disagreement as well.

• Both depersonalized their victims

• Both were cooperative with police

• Both appeared distant to those around them

Jeffrey Dahmer - A Psychological Insight

We all know about the atrocities of the Milwaukee Cannibal, but what drove him to commit such acts?

Dahmer pled guilty but insane before the actual trial. Psychiatric experts testified that he knew right from wrong, regardless of psychological state. So what did Dahmer suffer from, and how did this impact his crimes?

 Psychological Summary

There are many different possible diagnoses for Jeffrey Dahmer. Upon psychological inspection, many different possibilities arose for Dahmer’s mental state. 

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Perhaps the most obvious diagnosis, APD is a disorder that has been flirted with by psychologists to explain Dahmer’s behaviour. It is catagorised by the following: 

- Exploit, manipulate and violate the rights of others
- No remorse or regret
- Irresponsible, no regard for social norms
- Very few long term, meaningful relationships 
- Problems with temper and frustration
- Lack guilt for their actions
- Blame others for their own short-comings
- Break the law consistently

This may seem like, on the surface, an appropriate diagnosis for Dahmer. However, the way in which he killed, and his self professed reasons for doing so, do not fit the criteria. Many psychologists deny this as the driving force behind his crimes, as his motives seemed to be propelled more by insecurity, self gratification and instability, rather than anger. 

Autistic Development Disorder 

Many children suffer from a form of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, which inevitably carries through to adulthood. It is categorized by the following:

- Social & communication difficulties 
- Exhibit behaviours that other would deem “different” and “repetitive”
- Intense obsessions 
- Is often coupled with Social Anxiety and General Anxiety Disorder
- Monotonous or flat speech
- Uncomfortable with human touch

No two people present the same Autistic behaviors, so categorization is difficult.

Jeffrey Dahmer developed from a very young age an obsession with bones, namely animal bones. Lionel Dahmer (father) said in his book “A Fathers Story” that he encouraged this behavior, as he felt it may lead to a career in the medical field. He ultimately viewed this obsession as a harmless one.

In school, Dahmer had a lot of trouble with social interaction. He spoke of this himself in a later interview from prison, stating that  “The subtleties of social life were beyond my grasp. When children liked me, I did not know why. Nor could I formulate a plan for winning their affection. I simply didn’t know how things worked with other people…. And try as I might, I couldn’t make other people seem less strange and unknowable” 

Experts that assessed Dahmers behaviour, say that there is a connection between Aspergers and sexual development, aggressive behavior and low mood.

Borderline Personality Disorder 

After molesting a 13 year old, psychologists found Dahmer to be uncooperative, angry, manipulative and emotionally unstable. He later told his probation officer that his life lacked meaning and purpose. Could this empty feeling, coupled with an unstable disposition be a sign of BPD?


- Emotional Instability
- Disturbed patterns of thinking or perceptions
- Impulsive and reckless behavior
- Unstable sense of self
- Extreme fear of abandonment and rejection
- Intense and unstable relationships with others 
- Obsessive behaviors such as obsessing over other people

In his confession, Jeffrey Dahmer said he murdered the men to prevent them from leaving and abandoning him. This intense fear of being “left” is very common among BPD sufferers, and this, coupled with his extreme denial of his homosexuality (unstable sense of self) may make BPD a likely diagnosis. 

Personality Disorder Not Otherwise Specified; with Schizoid, Antisocial, and Schizotypal Traits

Psychiatrists that assessed Dahmer found that they were unable to conclude what afflictions he suffered from. The above diagnosis was given.

How would JD have been treated on the outside?

There are many different therapies that are available for the above mental health problems. Below is a selection of these that may have been implemented: 

Borderline Personality Disorder 

- DBT - Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
Coupled with medication for related depression and anxiety


A combination of Social Skills Training, Speech and Language therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Applied Behavioral Analysis and Medication

Many psychologists also think that a combination of Psychotherapy, Psychopharmacology and Hormone Therapy would have helped Dahmer to live a functional life.

How was Dahmer treated in prison?

Dahmer received no official therapy in prison for his mental health issues, other than the pastoral care of the prison minister. 
He converted to Christianity whilst in prison. Was this a genuine move one Dahmer’s part to seek forgiveness and live a better, more fulfilling life? Or was it yet another desperate attempt to fit into a group and establish an identity for himself? 

Had Jeffrey been given the opportunity to receive quality mental health assessments and care, some believe he could’ve served as a “guinea pig” in how to treat extreme deviance such as this. 


LGBT History: Gay Nazis

The Denial of Homosexuality: Same-Sex Incidents in Himmler’s SS and Police

In public, Heinrich Himmler minimized the existence of same-sex sexuality within the elite Schutzstaffel (SS). “In the whole of the SS there occur about eight to ten cases per year,” Himmler announced to his senior SS generals in February 1937, clearly satisfied that the “problem” of homosexuality was almost solved. Soon he hoped to reduce the number further by sending miscreants to concentration camps and having them “shot while trying to escape.” Their fate would serve as a dire warning. Himmler’s estimate of the prevalence of homosexuality in the ranks of the SS was hardly accurate. In the city of Leipzig alone, four SS men were arrested for homosexual offenses in 1937 and 1938. Burkhard Jellonnek’s calculation that 57 percent of those arrested in Düsseldorf on such charges during the Third Reich belonged to one or another Nazi organization makes it likely that there were SS men among them, too. In 1940, sixteen cases of homosexuality were brought before the internal SS courts, and in the first quarter alone of 1943, no fewer than twenty-two convictions were recorded. Richard Plant’s proposition, that from the time of the Röhm Purge, “no halfway intelligent gay was likely to join the homophobic SS,” seems to stand confounded.

While these figures are modest when compared to the thousands of ordinary Germans convicted every year by Nazi courts for homosexual offenses, it is nonetheless instructive to focus on the incidence of such “crimes” in the SS and police. The SS was the organization meant to embody the highest National Socialist values, and it played a central role in the most public homosexual scandal of the entire regime, the murder of the chief of staff of Hitler’s Sturmabteilung (SA), Ernst Röhm. As the leader of the SS and the police, Himmler himself deserves special attention. His speeches and writings dealt more obsessively with homosexuality than did those of any other Nazi leader, and his comments were broadly consistent in their sharp condemnation of homosexuality. On several documented occasions between 1934 and 1943, Himmler spoke or wrote of the acceptability, even the desirability, of killing homosexuals. However, the actual disciplining of suspected homosexuals in the SS and other organizations under Himmler’s control was far from uniform or consistent. Since punishment for those convicted of homosexuality did not become increasingly severe, even after the legal enactment in November of 1941 of capital punishment for such offenses among the SS and police, the model of “cumulative radicalization” does not accurately describe Nazi policy on homosexuals. The precise nature of the offense was no predictor of the outcome of a trial. SS courts did not usually make snap judgments but weighed the evidence quite carefully and sometimes approached the evidence with a little common sense. When the death penalty was prescribed, appeals against the sentence were occasionally successful. Even Himmler’s own position vacillated: while he was all for summary justice in 1943, he showed at least partial lenience in the winter of 1945 by sending convicted men to the front to prove themselves instead of ordering their executions. This essay suggests why he made such decisions at particular moments and examines them in the broader context of wartime policy and cultural fears.

One of the main psychological triggers for Jeffrey Dahmer’s string of gruesome murders was known to be the denial of his homosexuality. This can be seen in a scenario that occurred after Dahmer’s expulsion from the army. Dahmer had decided to reside in Miami, Florida for a time after his discharge. During that time, he was able to form a bond with a woman that he met there. Billy Capshaw, Jeffrey’s former roommate at the base he had been at in Germany, claimed that one day he received a call from the killer. During the call Dahmer began excitedly bragging about his new relationship with the woman. This call was seen as a way for him to attempt to purge himself of any aspects of his homosexuality. Dr. George Palermo, a psychiatrist that testified during his trials, stated that the murders occurred due to a “pent up aggression within himself. He killed those men because he wanted to kill the source of his homosexual attraction to them. In killing them, he killed what he hated in himself.”

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Do you have any kagehina fic recs? :)

I DO! I’m a fan of smut/sexiness (hard to believe, I know) so all of them are rated either M or E (all links will take you to ao3):

  • I’ll start with my absolute favorite, which is Dreamless by Esselle (Rated E; emotional sex, rough sex, incubus Hinata and human Kageyama. I’ve read this a million times and it still makes me tear up)
  • The Hunger series, also by Esselle (Rated E; a/b/o-ish dynamics, size difference, medieval AU, hot and emotional as hell)
  • remember the exits in back of me by Manhattan (Rated E; porny and cute! It’s been a while since I read it but I remember enjoying it a lot)
  • I like the way your clothes smell by Mysecretfanmoments (Unrated, awkward teenageness and just so adorable. This is a popular one - and rightfully so - so it’s likely you’ve already come across it
  • Parisienne Walkways series by Someonestolemyshoes ( Part 1 Rated M, Part 2 Rated E; Ice skating au, Kageyama is a figure skater! I have not found the time to read part two yet, but part one was INCREDIBLE! So hot, so well written. I can’t wait to read the next part!)
  • 132 by Crapso (Rated E; store clerk/robber au, hilarious and cute, sassy Kags! Still a work in progress but it’s a good one)
  •  Oh God by olympic_platinum (Rated E; omegaverse, alpha Kageyama, omega Hinata, knotting….it’s really great)
  • Some Other Name by Gemmiel (Rated E; aged up, college au, this is so cute and sexy and it helped get me through a really awful part of this past semester :) )
  • The Crown and the Crow by Yuu_Chi (Rated M; soulmates and canon compliant, so SO heartwarming and adorably awkward. I love it so much)
  • Lay us Down by dontsaycrazy (Rated E; based on the movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. THIS. FIC. DESTROYED ME. Apocalypse AU. Should I say it again? APOCALYPSE AU! But it’s SO GOOD.)

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but tragically I don’t have much time to read these days :( Please let me know if any of the links are broken or sending you to somewhere unexpected! 

There was one fic that I wanted to add to this list but I COULDN’T FIND IT - it features Kageyama as a college student traversing the initial denial accompanying his newly discovered homosexual inclinations, and Hinata is right there to help him through it…if anyone has a link to this PLEASE LET ME KNOW! It’s one of my favorites but I can’t find it anymore.

I’ll make another rec list in the future, but I need to actually do work today and looking at all these wonderful works is distracting me to death.

Enjoy!! I hope you love some of these as much as I do :)

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Felo’thore & Adrianal

After several asks about this, @ocarina-of-what and I put together this ‘to make a long story short’ thing on how they met and began to bond. Excerpts from writing included! Illustrations and quotes inside! Beware; it’s really dorky.

It’s difficult to decide if the meeting of Felo'thore Emberfell and Adrianal Novastorm was a grand disaster or a grand miracle. When Velianor Novastorm, Adrian’s mischievous twin, asked for Felo'thore’s help in learning to control her newfound Druid abilities Felo was quick to say yes. But it turned disastrous when Felo underestimated the raw power the young druid held in her hands. After a flame filled battle with Velianor’s vines she finally collapsed in exhaustion- but not without leaving the mage cut deeply from the vines and slowly being infected with paralytic toxins.

Adrianal arrived on the scene then, when warned by another innocent bystander, Eldriana, of injured souls in the city. Furious beyond words with his sister’s actions and frightened for the life of the mage at his feet he scooped the lanky man up and fled to the closest safe place he knew of. Adrianal took Felo'thore to his own home in the Silvermoon Mage Academy- a place where he had been previously employed as a Mage Guard and teacher. Sure his medical supplies were up to date Adrianal settled the unconscious Emberfell man in his own bed and set to quick work. Being as familiar with poisons and toxins from the help of his assassin of a sister he knew how to treat Felo'thore’s ailments. He stayed up the rest of the night then, incredibly devoted to stay by Felo'thore’s side to make sure the man did not get any worse.

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rational-sphere blogs I follow were arguing w/ an anti-SJ folk about otherkin shit, and mostly I don’t want to bother y'all who aren’t involved with the debate, so I’m not gonna reblog the whole thread, but, uh…

I feel like “are otherkin experiences real” is… the wrong question? Like… they’re self-evidently real if people report experiencing them. Like the anti-SJ person in question literally responds to an explanation from a kin person with the following:

Translation: I have personal feels with no evidence. Meaningless. Next.

But… like, that’s the point. It is by definition personal feels. A lot of shit is personal feels. Being trans and being kin are, in many ways, distinct things, but they can ultimately both be simplified to “personal feels,” just like grief is a “personal feel” or heartbreak is a “personal feel.” Someone not being able to point to a Concrete Quasimedical Reason for “my significant other broke up with me so I feel hurt” is not any more a justification for you to be a dick to them, what the hell.

also this classic bit

So we’ve got denial that transsexualism is a real thing, denial that homosexuality is a real thing, and all this for the poor feels of some internet youth that wishes they were fucking fairies.

When the person you’re bitching at IS XEMSELVES TRANS, maybe you can stop pretending you’re doing it to ~protect the trannies and fags from being diminished,~ doofus.

@funereal-disease @lizardywizard (if either of you care or have anything to add)