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“W-What kind of question is that?! Are you suggesting I would ever want to m-marry that nightmare and have kids?! I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. I am a lone wolf! As if I would consider being with–she doesn’t even–! She doesn’t even like me! Not that I like her either! She’s a total nightmare! It’s a big assumption to think I ever even thought of it…!”

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Episode Concept:

A woman is found in the bunker, lost and confused with no memory of who she is or where she came from. She is just there. The boys bury themselves in research whilst Cas looks at her oddly. He is sure that he has met her before but can’t figure out where.
She slowly warms to both Cas and Sam and both of them feel like they know her and that she is trustworthy. Dean however doesn’t like her, doesn’t like the way she laughs and jokes with his little brother and he certainly doesn’t like the way she is flirting with Cas… 

Throughout the action and the drama (maybe the woman brought a monster along with her from wherever she came from) much to Dean’s annoyance she becomes closer and closer to Sam and more so even to Cas. The woman bonds with Castiel in a way no one has since Dean himself, and Castiel seems rather taken with her too. Dean is obviously jealous of the pair (in that subtle subtextual way the show likes to use so much) and it all kicks off when Dean accidentally sees them sharing a passionate kiss.

Castiel is rather shocked himself that the woman was so forward but he can’t deny that he has feelings for her, though in a very confusing way. Castiel ponders this new development whilst Dean broods and Sam frantically looks for a resolution to this new madness they have got wrapped up in. 

When the climatic fight is over and the boys find out what the monster had stolen from the mystery woman, all is resolved. The woman’s younger sister was being held hostage by the monster, along with the woman’s memories. 

She reveals herself as Deanna. she followed her sister Samantha into the monsters trap on a hunt and was transported to an alternate universe. Needless to say everyone is surprised. Not least of all Castiel, who realises why he had such strong feelings for her. The sisters are able to reopen the portal to their universe and bid farewell to the boys. Though not before Cas gets a kiss goodbye and Dean gets a wink. Leaving Dean even more confused than before.

Nothing more is mentioned about the whole situation other than a knowing look from Sam and a slightly awkward pat on the shoulder between Cas and Dean. The episode ends with a lingering shot on Dean’s face as he watches Cas walk away. His confusion is evident on his face. An audience of general viewers wonder what the hell that was all about. Misha tweets something entirely inappropriate and Jensen flirts with him about it. The episode breaks Tumblr. The writers work is done… for now…

Lukas: philip what are you doing Omg im not doing that no one can see us no one can know about us I’m not gay like you why are you talking to me in front of everyone im straight im not gay im not supposed to like you wth philip

Lukas: philip i fixed your flat tire (iloveyou)

  • NatSocs: Egalitarians are terrible! Just sjws in denial!
  • Also NatSocs: Hey guys, is it ethical to steal a wallet because it belongs to a black man? His girlfriend is white btw. I think I should steal it as revenge. Thoughts?

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Thanks to the power of The Sims 4, people with more CAS talent and determination that myself, AND the fact I’m trash I now have RebelCaptain in my game. And as I was redecorating a house for them I Almost put a painting of a beach in their room. Once I realized what I had almost done, I just about died laughing.

Don’t Take Your Alien on a Bus

Summary: … A story and lesson from Alex Danvers.
Word Count: Almost 1k
Beta’d: No. Sorry.
Notes: I wish I could draw this … but then I remember I can’t.

The ground beneath her shook once more, and Alex couldn’t help but to tighten her jaw as her body was jerked from one side to the other until she eventually tipped forward. This had been going on for quite some time now, but Alex wasn’t about to complain - not when she could only just barely manage to wrap her entire hand around the stupid handle. If it meant that she’d be swaying around and being tossed about like a ragged doll every second of the trip, then so be it, at least she wasn’t falling all over on her ass.

It was also important to note that while all the seats were taken, and the aisle packed with people already, Alex and Astra had managed to squeeze themselves just by the steps of the second doors, both of them hanging onto the same handle. Of course, Astra had absolutely no problem during the entire course of the ride thus far. The Kryptonian seemed to be doing well in such an isolated environment, what with the noise and smell, but what irked Alex the most was how Astra seemed to be completely impervious to the bumps and sudden turns of the bus. And yes, the brunette had been studying the other woman for the entire course of the trip just to come to that conclusion. While she had been bounced and tossed for nearly the entire trip, Astra had only stood there, still as a stone, even as others occasionally brushed and knocked against her when they swayed and were caught off balance.

And by ‘others’, Alex meant herself.

As Alex was jerked forward once more, her feet nearly leaving the floor and hand nearly slipping from the shared handle, she was saved from falling right over as the warm, surprisingly soft, Kryptonian body in front of her cushioned her. This had been at least the tenth time, and Alex remained slack against the strong feminine body just for a bit, cursing the bus and how her official training did not include anything that would help with her balance before pulling herself upright, away from Astra.

Astra who was looking down at her with a soft smile, a soft smile that disguised both her amusement, and the smug seductive smile that would betray exactly how much she enjoyed watching Alex stumble and her pleasure of having her human pressed right up against her - even if it was in a publicly crowded environment.

Scowling at the woman, with the softest of pinks dusting her cheeks, Alex muttered out a weak, “Shut up,” as she leaned further back, though not as far as she wished, since Astra’s grip on the handle was surprisingly strong, making it nearly impossible for Alex to cover any kind of distance from it - and her. Not that it stopped Alex from trying though, even if it meant that she’d be straining herself to lean against thin air rather than some flat surface. In the end, it was clear that it was an absolutely horrible idea, one of Alex’s many no doubt, when the bus rolled over a speed bump at incredible speeds.

Jostled once more, Alex’s luck finally ran out. Her hand slipped from the handle and due to her insistence on pulling as far as she could from the handle - and Astra - she found herself tipping backwards, with absolutely nothing to prevent her descent. However, instead of falling over onto the floor as she had predicted, Alex gasped softly as a strong arm quickly snaked its way around her waist, pulling her entire body forward with ease.

This time, Alex didn’t bother moving away or making any more comments as her body was flush against Astra’s once more. The arm around her waist was gentle, yet firm, unwilling to let her go, and though it irritated her just slightly, that fact it was Astra who was silently worried, outwardly smug yet sincerely concerned made all the difference. Letting out an exaggerated sigh, Alex relaxed in the one armed embrace, allowing her hands to grasp at the sides of Astra’s shirt - because if that smug girlfriend of hers thought for a second that Alex would actually wrap her arms around the Kryptonian like some lovesick teenager on a moving bus, she had another thing coming - while her head tilted and rested just above the Kryptonian’s shoulders.

As Astra turned her head, to softly nudge at hers, Alex sighed once more. It was one thing to have a cuddly Kryptonian on a bus, but she didn’t exactly want to have to deal with an overly needy one either - and so, she gave into Astra silent demands and wrapped her arms around the woman’s waist, hanging on tightly as she buried her forehead against the woman’s collarbone. Of course, she was only doing this so the Kryptonian would shut up, it wasn’t like she actually enjoyed the warm body pressed against hers, nor did she particularly like the way that Astra always tried to look out for her in her own very smug way.

That was how things remained for the rest of the trip. And yes, that was including Astra’s very quiet chuckling every now and then, and the older brunette couldn’t even lie about it since Alex was pressed right against her chest, feeling every single chuckle. For the last 20 minutes of the trip, where the bus was somehow even more crowded than it was initially, Astra had snuck in some light gropes here and there, sliding her fingers along the agent’s sides, ghosting her hips, and drawing shapeless patterns on her back with a delicate hand. Thankfully, for Alex’s sake, all shenanigans ended when a particularly loud ass slap had drawn eyes towards them, and Alex quietly threatened to make Astra watch a shark eat a clown fish.

okay so bi percy. let’s talk about bi percy. i have so many different ways this could play out & you’re about to hear about ALL of them. buckle up kids this is gonna be a wild ride.

  1. we’ll start with the most obvious which, of course, is percy realizing he’s bi when he meets luke. maybe not right away, but like kind of a “wow he’s cute” “wait WHAT” [3 weeks of denial] “yep guys are hot” “wait no i can’t like THIS guy he betrayed me and is out of my league and there’s probably something going on regarding him and annabeth” are you seeing where this is going. i hope you are because there is exactly one thing that saves this from being a terrible cliche. i have 2 words for you. two beautiful words. percico parallels.
  2. so this one is kind of similar to that but: percy realizing he’s bi when he meets beckendorf ((inspired by this post which i’m sure you’ve all seen)). this one is great because a) did anyone not have a crush on beckendorf lbr, and b) this way you get to see percy have that moment of replaying all the incredibly bi things he’s done/thought and being like “oH”. like there’s only one direction this could go in and that’s percy frozen with his jaw dropped for a solid five minutes thinking “oh my god did i like LUKE? were those. GAY FEELINGS?” while everyone else stares at him, confused & slightly alarmed.
  3. my personal favorite aka the jercy approach. i want to write a fic on this honestly. so this is basically just. okay so this is percy jackson we’re talking about right. and like. if percy had an inkling of a feeling that he might be attracted to guys do you know what he would do? right, he would go “hm i should probably make out with a guy to test this. that’s the logical next step here.” and percy knows a total of two non-straight guys, one of whom is 14 and just got over a very long crush on him so. probably not the best idea. right so he’s like yeah, okay, i’m gonna make out with jason grace. and so he does. he just walks up to jason and he’s like “i think i like guys haha kiss me?” and jason is like what is. happening to me. but percy seems to have good intentions so jason is like SIGH okay let’s do it. so they do. they make out on percy’s bed for like 20 minutes (they’re on the argo 2 in this universe. i don’t know why don’t ask me maybe they’re on another quest ok) and jason is like “haha yeah that was fun see ya” and percy is like bro. bRO and that’s the story of how percy winds up with a huge Terrible crush on jason grace who is 100% oblivious and 100% chasing after nico. percy Stresses For Ages. it all works out in the end probably i don’t know.
  4. this one is probably really far from canon but i don’t care because i’m absolutely in love with it. okay. so. percy flirts with everyone. like EVERYONE. and like nobody really notices because he’s only ever dated girls but then one day someone is like hey do you. think percy might like actually mean all those comments he makes about guys and someone else is like “haha no don’t be silly” but it gets everyone thinking about it (“everyone” = the seven, reyna, nico, thalia, rachel, clarisse, basically everyone who knows percy). and pretty soon it becomes like a Thing. the group bickers over if percy does or does not like guys. bets are made. everyone is stressed and no one sleeps for weeks. the group descends into Chaos. eventually everyone gets tired of percy being schrödinger’s bisexual and so someone (probably piper or thalia or rachel) goes up to percy and is like “i cannot TAKE this anymore do you like guys please tell us please. i’m begging you. end this.” and percy just. looks up. cocks his head. thinks for a minute. “haha yeah probably”. looks back down at whatever he’s doing. piper/thalia/rachel looks back at the rest of the group who are Totally Inconspicuously hiding in the bushes and they all just. look into the camera like they’re on the office.

Idk whether this news is true or not but I REFUSE TO TRUST THIS BECAUSE (IM IN DENIAL HELP)))) GUYS LOOK AT THEM!!! DO THEY LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE A FROSTY RELATIONSHIP??? For me nooooope. Even though its true why would they stop the show just because of this smdh;;;;