HeadsUp! About Dangan Ronpa

I know that Dangan Ronpa/Super Dangan Ronpa 2 is packed to the brim with spoilers, and I can’t really draw anything without, well, spoiling things for people who haven’t read/played it yet. I’d still like to doodle though…(hahah) so for all potential spoilery doodles I’ll tag it with 

  • dengenronpe spoilers
  • supadengenronpe2 spoilers

Please feel free to blacklist those tags if you don’t want dengenronpe spoilers of any sorts on your dash from me! \o/

somethingjapanese replied to your post: HeadsUp! About Dangan Ronpa

How far into the game spoilers would the SDR2 spoilers be? As far as the SomethingAwful thread or are we talking End-game stuff here?

ahah I’m not following the LP, I’m trudging through the moonrune game with a JP dictionary. I’ll probably finish the game this weekend or so, so yeah, potential endgame spoilers I guess? Although I doubt I’d draw something on that unless its…really…mindblowing hahaha

uhm I could tag any thing like that “supadengenronpe endgame spoilers” if needed though?