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Sick of the Tifa hate?

Since her introduction, Tifa has received an extremely positive reaction from both critics and fans

In 2000 - GameSpot readers voted her as the fifth best female character in video games, with the site’s editors noting they agreed.

Here’s just a few about what was said about Tifa. 

“A lot of people think that because she has a big chest means that she is just a sex object. Wrong. She is a complex and beautiful character whose willpower helps Cloud to overcome his enemies and finally lets her show her true feelings for him, after keeping them bottled up since childhood.” -Kenan Alpay

The strength of a lion and the heart of a dove. She can kick butt and assemble the pieces of the most fragmented mind, both at the same time. Says something about her, doesn’t it?” -Peter H.

“Tifa or Aeris? It was a tough call, but in the end I always thought Tifa was the best. Though insecure about herself at times, she could kick the hell out of any monster with her fantastic limit breaks, and she stood by Cloud until the end no matter what. And she’s truly the most ‘alive’ female character in any computer game I’ve ever played.” -Erling Hagen

She emotionally pushed the game along, providing many hints, and she was powerful.” -Sean Wheeler

Despite everything that has happened to her, Tifa was always the strong central link that kept Cloud going. With Sephiroth killing her father, that further made her determined to become strong to eventually face him and help defeat him. Before the destruction of Sector 7, she owned her own business (the bar), which isn’t an easy venture. She is an accomplished martial artist studying under Master Zangan. So if anyone ever says that Tifa is a weak character, they should really play Final Fantasy VII and realize just how strong she truly is.” -Galen Henderson

As tough as Ms. Croft, yet emotional like Aeris, Tifa is the perfect balance. She looks right at home punching out enemies or sitting on the water tower stargazing with Cloud. None of the other candidates has such a sweet blend of everything you could ever ask for in a female companion.” -Pascal Van Pul

Let’s move on 

In 2001 - In 2001, The Beaumont Enterprise cited Tifa as an example of a strong female character in video games in the wake of Lara Croft’s introduction.

In 2004 -  Play featured Tifa in the first issue of their Girls of Gaming annual periodical, describing her as “the most adored female in recent history.”

In 2007- Tifa was named the eighth best character of all time in Dengeki PlayStation '​s retrospective awards feature about the originalPlayStation, the third highest ranked character from Final Fantasy VII.

That same year, Tom’s Hardware listed her as one of the 50 greatest female characters in video game history, describing her as “one of the more richly drawn and intricate female characters around.”

In 2008 -UGOlisted her as one of the top “girls of gaming”, placing her at number five, and stating a preference for her over Aerith, adding “Tifa’s outfit is a marvel of understatement – but it’s her natural assets and unforgettable personality that earn her a spot on this list.”

That same year, Chip ranked her as the tenth top “girl of gaming”

In 2008 -  Joystiq named her their top pick out of 20 characters from the Final Fantasy franchise they wished to see in Square Enix’s crossover fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy, describing her as one of the series’ “greatest heroines.”

 IGN listed Tifa as the 13th best Final Fantasy character of all time in 2008, describing her as an attempt by Square to “give Final Fantasycharacters real sex appeal,” and someone who “could take care of herself in a pinch”

 In a 2009 - IGN article focusing solely on Final Fantasy VII characters, Tifa placed fourth, with a comment that while her sex appeal contributes to her popularity, “Tifa helped drive a tradition of tough, independent RPG heroines.”

In 2009 -  IGN named Tifa one of the ten best heroines in gaming, describing her as “without a doubt, a legendary heroine of the Final Fantasy universe.

 In 2010 - a poll by Famitsu named her the 19th most popular video game character by Japanese audiences.

In 2010 - Mania Entertainment placed her tenth in the list of “video game women that kick ass,” stating that while subsequent games in the Final Fantasyseries introduced other memorable female characters, “Tifa is our first Final Fantasy girl and holds a special place in our hearts.”

 In 2013 - Complex ranked her as the 13th greatest heroine in video game history. 

In 2013 -  In 2013, Gus Turner of Complex ranked Tifa as the 12th greatest Final Fantasy character of all time, stating that “next to Lara Croft and Samus, Tifa Lockhart stands out as one of gaming’s most independent and empowered females ever.”

Also with Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. 

Square Enix also held a survey for the game’s two year anniversary in Japan and asked players to vote on their favorite Final Fantasy heroine.