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Jsuki; DENGEKI GIRL’S STYLE February 2016 Issue

Jam-packed with amazing content this month as always! I’ve ordered so many games these few months that these otoge magazines just become all the more relevant to me.

Big excitement mostly for UtaPri’s MUSIC3, and of course, my usual favourites, DIABOLIK LOVERS and Nil Admirari! For Nil Admirari, they even revealed one of Hayato’s scenes (after a patroling session with the heroine, he walks her back to her place and then, unable to hold himself back anymore, kisses her. Aaah, my heart.) Bonus, this issue also comes with a giant Nil Admirari poster!:D And for DL, the usual promotions of the latest stuff + a sneak peak into one of Reiji’s LP scene. DL has so much stuff, every month there’s basically like 6 pages just full of promos under DL…

I’ve recently also gotten some extra interest for Norn9’s games??? Could it be because of the Anime?? In the past, I’d bought and read the manga but it didn’t particularly interest me and the games also seemed meh so I ignored it, but lately the series has become a bit more interesting for me… OK, I have to stop, I have no money for more really.

To just put it out there, here are all the otome games I’ve ordered so far this year (not inclusive of Pokemon which I’m also planning to buy for my 3DS, ha!)

  • Uta no Prince-sama: MUSIC3 (Limited Edition, with Neowing bonus)

  • Moshi Kono Sekai ni Kamisama ga iru to Surunaraba. (Regular Edition) (I really, really contemplated getting the LE, BUT the only difference is of a drama CD. I decided to put that money on my other games.)

  • DIABOLIK LOVERS: LUNATIC PARADE (Limited Edition, w/ Amiami bonus)

I haven’t ordered these but soon! I’m just…waiting to feel better about my wallet first:

  • Nil Admirari (Limited Edition, with Amiami bonus) (This is already sitting in my cart. I’ll probably order it sometime this week.)

  • Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby (Limited Edition) (I’m still deciding which store to get this one from TT)

Of course, this has not come but it will automatically sit itself at the top of my priority list the moment we get a confirmed release date:

  • DIABOLIK LOVERS: LOST EDEN (Definitely going to be limited edition too, as usual.)

It’s really tough, the life of a fangirl….

About the Most Recent Aksys Otome Game Localizations and Other Otoge-Related Things...

More than a year ago, I wrote a post about some of my predictions and some suggestions of what Aksys can localize. Among those on the list included, Collar x Malice, Bad Apple Wars and Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly. When I wrote that, only expected to get one (or two if I’m lucky) of them right, and I never imagined that there would be this many localizations in so little time.

Also, so many things have happened: from Mystic Messenger becoming as popular as it is, THAT terrible Taisho Alice localization and ensuing boycott, and all the new otome game localizations cropping up from many other companies.

Those made me realize a few things:

1. Aksys does read our blog posts, and if you actually read that post, thank you so much (if not’s that’s okay too)! And it’s moments like this where individuals such as myself within participatory cultures feel special.

2. All of the titles are still mostly Otomate and they’re mostly the newer titles. I wonder if this is a copyright thing, or simply because newer titles also have reviews from people who played them in Japanese.

3. Most of otome game localizations by Aksys, apart from being otome games are marketable to other audiences (ie. Collar x Malice is also a mystery/thriller game) or reminiscent of other otaku related IPs (ie. Period: Cube may be reminiscent of Sword Art Online at least on paper).

4. While there are definitely some problems with those games’ gender representation wise, Ichika and the otome game heroines that Aksys brought to us are comparatively more progressive than the usually passive self-insert otome game heroine. Also, after finishing all the routes of Ichika, it will be super hard to return to playing Chizuru for that paper I’m writing about Hakuoki.

5. The titles that sell well domestically may be not as well received by global audiences (ie. Norn 9) in comparison, and this may be with the lack of the anime media mix infrastructure to support it.

6. Anime does help introduce games to global audiences, but with aggregations of fans gathering together, it is not the only way to introduce games to global audiences. Fan reviews, after all, one way that fan and player communities take control of their own consumption, and consumption is not a passive activity as many media critics think. I think about Code: Realize, and how much love it got even without an anime yet. Of course, I will definitely watch the anime when it comes out.

7. Fan and player communities tend to substitute with the lack of a media mix environment and infrastructure. Not all of us may be able to buy Dengeki Girl’s Style every month, but we do have Twitter, Tumblr and all our blogs within the #OtomeArmada. Thus the structure becomes more bottom-up than top-down, allowing for fan resistance to happen (remember those months with THAT Taisho Alice localization?).

8. From April to June, Dengeki Girl’s Style released a multi-issue article on the history of otome games in Japan from Angelique to the present. Most of these narratives are interviews with companies and subsidiaries such as Ruby Party, Otomate and HoneyBee. This month, I think there will be an article on adult otome games, in this month’s Sweet Princess. Companies assembling their own narratives in writing this history. While those stories are important, creating a history without fan perspectives may be sorely lacking. After all, without fan communities in the 90s, Angelique will not be what it is right now. So in this way, it is important for fans to also tell their own stories of the games that they love, and their stories too tell bits and prices of games’ histories.

9. While there is definitely a North American focus when it comes to marketing otome game global releases, a significant number of players do come from Europe, South East Asia, Australia and many other parts of the world.

10. I really need to look into the history of #OtomeArmada as a hashtag. I know it is being used for a while (heck, I use it too!), but I am curious about a number of things about it: who created the hastag? Who used it first? It’s so easy to use tools to look at current data, such as who use it the most these days, but it is a bit tricky to find histories on Twitter. Also, I need to get those Dengeki articles translated.

11. The ways in which we define and characterize otome games may vary depending on what games we play, how we are introduced to them, new games being created outside Japan, the ways in which search terms operate on Steam, etc.

12. Apart from Steam and the Vita, the mobile market can be another venue for some games to get localized, but this may come at the cost of voices, and other features as it the case with NTT Solmare’s localization of Princess Arthur. But hey, it’s playable. Here’s hope that they don’t cut out too much of the voices in the new Uta No Prince Sama Shining Live game.

13. I’ve mostly kept my distance from this blog for a while. Yes, I was busy but it is because a part of me thought that I needed to keep my distance from this to maintain some objectivity on my study. I now realize that not being that objective is not too much of a bad thing, because all scholars are affected by their own positions to begin with. Yes, I love this community, and am part of it, and maybe being part of it actually helps be see things that someone unfamiliar with otome games.

14. I really need to stop travelling, finish my thesis and do more interviews.

So there’s that. Gosh, that was a lot.

Behold! Dengeki Girl’s Style has premiered the cover of the 2nd IDOLiSH7 fanbook featuring IDOLiSH7, Re:vale, and TRIGGER. Dengeki Girl’s Style has also released more information regarding the fanbook. The fanbook will be A4 size, and include 192 pages of our beautiful boys in color~ The fanbook will be published by KADOKAWA ASCII Media Works. The fanbook will be released on August 19th, 2017, and cost 2,800 Yen (+ tax). Also, animate is offering a limited edition of the fanbook! Purchasing the fanbook from animate will guarantee you a set of 12 IDOLiSH7 themed buttons. Animate’s version, however, costs 4,800 Yen (+ tax). Everyone, are you excited???


Jsuki; DENGEKI Girl’s Style June 2017 Issue

Kinda lazy to do a full write-up~ but obviously bought this for Tsukiuta LOL (although I never actually bought Tsukitomo, even though I originally intended to, because I still have the DiaLovers, UtaPri, Marginal#4 and Osomatsu-san games waiting for me…)

They also announced the early rankings for the Otome Sousenkyou! The only DiaLovers character that made it was Shu, lolol, but I take comfort in the fact that Ayato wasn’t too far behind!

This magazine is now sold out on CDJapan.

To Celebrate Diabolik Lovers’ 5th Anniversary, Dengeki Girl’s Style Magazine features Shu and Ayato in Formal Attire on their December 2016 Issue Cover. 

「◎表紙◎今年、5周年を迎える『DIABOLIK LOVERS』がお目見え! フォーマルなスーツ姿のアヤトと、シャツをちょっぴりセクシーに着崩したシュウに目が釘付けです 」

Source: Dengeki Girl’s Style Twitter (x)


Saitou Hajime ~ Special Article October 2017 ~ Otomate Poll
from Dengeki Girls’ Style October 2017

~ the top photo is of the new art for Saitou for placing first in the Otomate Poll
~ other photos show already available art and items

with thanks to @optionalpoodle (from her Twitter feed)

*I’m glad Chibi Saito didn’t get left out ^u^