My artwork is on Weeds!

…phew!  I have been waiting since April to reveal this exciting news.  Now that the episode (hopefully there will be more) has aired, I have leave to let the world in on my exciting achievement!

In April, I walked into Wallspace LA with no expectations, and walked out as one of their artists!  I delivered up two of my Chakra Series I artworks, “Vishuddha” and “Muladhara” the next week.  Two days later, the art department from the Showtime series Weeds purchased a reproduction to be used in the Botwin house!  Yes, it can be that easy.

The artwork is called “Vishuddha” (throat chakra) and aired yesterday, July 15, 2012 on Season 8, Episode 3 of Weeds.  It is located in Jill’s daughters’ bedroom and is seen behind Justin Kirk as he chops (justifiably, though strangely) the dreadlock from the head of one of the sleeping twins.

Inspired by the throat chakra (creativity and communication) this piece is sumi ink and acrylic on Evan Encaustic’s Holy Grail Gesso.  The blue Japanese characters are numbers that create a form I designed using the Fibonacci sequence.  Another layer of the piece is a tanka (haiku-like poem) spiraling out from the center expressing our energetic connection to expression of creativity.  In the very middle is the character for voice: 声 (こえ/koe).  The original, still available at Wallspace LA (as far as I am aware), is on a deep mounted 20 x 20 canvas, the edges finished in gold sumi ink in the style of the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (安土桃山時代 - 1568-1600) of Japanese art.

Click on the graphic below to view “Vishuddha” in my online art portfolio.

Thank you to all those who I have met, who have supported and sent me love over my whole life.  I feel that what I am doing now is a culmination of my talents, skills and passions.  Although I’ve only been creating this kind of art since November of 2011, I already feel so much more fulfilled than I ever have in my life. 

Thank you to Pause In Joy, Attire Los Angeles, Wallspace LA, Weeds and Emerged Productions for showing my work.  The first times are the sweetest (so far).

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