I should probably figure out all the schemes going on in House Sinistra because so far it’s just been a vague “up to no good”

  • Impatiens: Generally focused on moving the House up the social ladder and so is more involved with destroying competing houses and currying favor with the newly enthroned House Phaerakesse. Internally, she’s less actively scheming on her own house and more making sure she doesn’t get schemed on.
  • Dendrys: Has been doing a long scheme of becoming the favorite parent of Bendekar and also being beloved by all the servants, couriers, guards, etc serving House Sinistra. Being confined to the throne has hampered his ability to go out and make friends / make use of the friends he has, but in secret he’s developed a spell that essentially allows him to astral project or at least conjure some kind of manifestation to act on his behalf. He’s kind of playing the waiting game while Impatiens does all the hard work of elevating the House. Then when an opportune time comes he’ll snatch the reins.
  • Bendekar: Honestly he’s not that into the whole evil backstabbing, hierarchy climbing business. He his schemes more involve doing work he finds meaningful without his parents catching wind of it and taking it for their own purposes. His primary focus is studying extinct houses and trying to find a way to make their bloodline spells accessible without the actual bloodline being alive.
  • Rory: Wants a variety of Sinistra spell tattoos, primarily ones that conjure weapons. He’d be satisfied with a swords and bows, but his dream is to have a fuckin swiss army knife of conjured weapons. He’s doing the bare minimum of involvement with the family. Impatiens isn’t dumb and he knows that, so he still has to put in a lot of effort to appear like a good political spouse. Bendekar is enabling him to avoid a lot of responsibilities (primarily: providing an heir) and in exchange, Gilroy is aiding Bendekar in his research. 
  • Lucille: scheming to go on sparring dates with a beautiful sword lesbian. scheming to steal pies from the kitchen window sill (but its okay because she probably helped make them so it’s not really stealing at that point). scheming to sneak naps in when she should be doing the laundry.

Dendri by numplanet
Gender: non-binary
Pronouns: he/him/his
Height: 5’4”
Weapon: Claymore, about as big as he is
Gem Type: Dendritic Moss Agate
Likes: play fighting, video games,learning new fighting techniques, his friends,humans,spicy food
Dislikes: someone beating him, stubborn/mean/brash people, loud noises, getting looked down upon
Hobbies: watching more experienced gems practice, playing video games
Personality: Incredibly playful to the point where its obnoxious, he means well though. Loves going on missions mostly because he’s very competitive and loves fighting monsters. Easily embarrassed when praised. Can be protective.
Fusion Preference: Collaborate