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Could you recommend me some good Japanese movies or dramas? I don't mean animated ones, so no anime or Ghibli. Thanks!

  • 1 littre of tears 
  • kindaichi shounen no jikenbo
  • abarenbo mama 
  • anata no tonari ni dareka iru 
  • kokuhaku 
  • denchi ga kireru made 
  • nishi no majo ga shinda 
  • nihonjin no shiranai nihongo 
  • hana yori dango 
  • gokusen 
  • iguana no musume 
  • IS - otoko demo onna demo nai sei 
  • koizora 
  • life 
  • mioka 
  • mr. brain 
  • nobuta wo produce 
  • ai wa mieru 
  • seito shokun 
  • a story of yonosuke 
  • battle royale 
  • samurai gourmet 
  • dear friends 
  • waiting in the dark 
  • tenshi no koi 
  • kimi no yubisaki 
  • moon child 
  • my darling is a foreigner 
  • night’s tightrope 
decoding dan’s dream journal

okay so because i’m stupidly determined and a lot of people were asking for this i tried to write down all of dan’s dream journal and here’s what you need to know

- i started with the pages on the top and then did the ones on the bottom

-i generally wrote everything the way he did spelling/grammar errors included

- page five has loads of final fantasy 7 references and page six has references to a game called abe’s oddysee which took quite some googling on my part but yeah that’s why there are some strange words/names

- ??? are words that i just could not figure out

- please feel free to message me if you see any mistakes and/or know what one/some of the ??? say

and that’s it hope this is useful to some of you! :)

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kirino-pinkberry replied to your photosetI just wanted to try it. Before I made these…

KYAPTAAAIIINNN(?) hey i wasnt like “okay…?!” i was like “YEAH DO IT CAUSE U WILL LOOK SO CUTE” and i was right `w ´!!! ♥ but dont smile, Shindou doesnt smile because is a crybaby(?)

yes I lied, sorry????? but SHUT UP, HE CAN SMILE OKAY??? XDD he also can be kind, but not right now. but U ARE A RANTAKUSHIPPER; U SHOULD AT LEAST SAY THINGS LIKE “HE  WOULD SMILE FOR KIRINO” OR IDK!! 
but I am happy that u like it`“”“yes i am >w< <3