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are you related to yoda? cause yodalicious

-you’re so hot you denature my proteins
-according to the second law of thermodynamics you’re supposed to share your hotness with me
-are you a ghost?? cause when I see you I wanna call you boo
-yoda one for me
-do you play quidditch? cause I think you’re a keeper

I’m gonna scream i think i love you

Humans and Fire

So I’ve read a few humans are weird posts and it got me thinking, what if humans are the only species to evolve to use fire. Like, most intelligent species will instinctively flee in panic the moment they catch sight of an open flame, yet show a human infant a fire and if they don’t know better, they will try to grab it.

Humans will burn everything. Most of us won’t eat anything unless it has been “Cooked” first. (A human word meaning to heat food until it has begun to denature but not yet started to carbonize.)

Start a small fire and instead of fleeing, humans will gather around it and start socializing.

We get intoxicated by setting specific plants on fire and inhaling the smoke, often with the burning embers mere inches from our sensitive face.

We use it to clear land for agriculture and hunting. We use it to punish criminals. We even use it for purely aesthetic purposes. (Think fireworks.)

Heck, we we discovered hydrocarbons, the first thing we did was burn them. In fact, humans were burning so much hydrocarbons they were literally altering the atmosphere of their planet.

Heck, humans have died because they literally did not have enough materials to burn.

Now imagine hostile aliens want to invade earth. They don’t use fire except for carefully controlled and heavily guarded industrial purposes. They also don’t know much about earth other than it is definitely inhabited and the people haven’t developed intergalactic travel.

They’re expecting to face primitive forces armed with the local equivalent of clubs and bows. What they get is, to them, a strange anachronistic jumble of expected primative technologies and highly advanced technologies that they definitely shouldn’t have.

They’re not expecting guns. (Projectile weapons that consist of a narrow tube with projectile and a chemical propellent stuffed into one end. Instead of an electromagnetic pulse, the propellant is ignited and the expanding gases shoot the projectile out of the tube.)

They’re not expecting powered vehicles. Instead of electric motors, humans have what they call the internal combustion engine. (A motor that works by sucking flammable gas into an enclosed chamber, igniting the gas under pressure, and using the resulting force from the detonation to move a piston. Because of that, humans have heavy machinery, self-propelled vehicles, and powered air-craft before they even really understood bio electricity.

They’re not expecting bombs, or incendiary weapons. (It was also how it was discovered that their bio-polymer armor, while excellent against projectiles, can actually burn at surprisingly low temperatures.

They’re not even expecting smelted metal. Steel to them is a high tech material that can only be produced under specialized conditions of extreme heat, and requires very specialized facilities to produce. They are shocked to discover that humans have been smelting copper before they developed writing.

And they are definitely not expecting nuclear weapons. (Which are basically “bombs” that instead of using combustable chemicals use an uncontrolled nuclear fission reaction. They are also aghast to discover that not only was this apparently the first thing we thought to do when we discovered fission, but that competing human faction have “how many of these weapons stockpiled!?”

After retreating in disgrace, the task force sent to monitor the plant is horrified to report that humans are rapidly expanding into space. They aren’t using gravitic lifters or electromagnetic mass drivers. They are apparently simply loading equipment and personnel into special “missiles” and using a shit ton of highly combustable fuel to simply launch themselves into space.

I googled science pick-up lines and I was not disappointed
  • You’re so hot, you denature my proteins. 
  • Do you have 11 protons? ‘Cause you’re Sodium fine!  
  • You make my anoxic sediments want to increase their redox potential. 
  • I’m more attracted to you than F is attracted to an electron. 
  • We fit together like the sticky ends of recombinant DNA. 
  • You’re hotter than a bunsen burner set to full power. 
  • If I were a neurotransmitter, I would be dopamine so I could activate your reward pathway. 
  • According to the second law of thermodynamics, you’re supposed to share your hotness with me. 
  • How about me and you go back to my place and form a covalent bond?
  • I wish I were Adenine because then I could get paired with U.
  • If you were C6, and I were H12, all we would need is the air we breathe to be sweeter than sugar.
  • I want to stick to u like glue-cose.
  • You must be the one for me, since my selectively permeable membrane let you through. 

Things that I wish I had learned long ago so my skin wouldn’t be as much of a mess as it is

1.) Jar packaging is a big no. Any beneficial ingredients will break down with prolonged exposure to oxygen. Plus, unless you have a small plastic beauty spatula, it’s flat out unhygienic. Products with pumps are the best and are way less messy, too!

2.) If a product contains alcohol (labeled as alcohol denatured or SD-40 alcohol) DO NOT USE IT. Alcohol is a major irritant and will destroy your skin and dry it out terribly! If it’s cetearyl alcohol, it’s fine and will not cause irritation. It’s just there as a thickener to make sure your product doesn’t separate

3.) Try and avoid fragranced products the best you can. Even though we all love using shit that smells good, fragrance is also an irritant. If it’s really low on the ingredient list and the product doesn’t smell like much, it should be fine but still has a chance of causing damage to the skin

4.) A product making your skin tingle isn’t actually a good thing, even though it makes it feel like the product is doing something!! Tingling is irritation to the skin and is still causing damage in the long run, even if it doesn’t look like it’s causing damage. 

5.) Opaque packaging is best!!! Not only are most beneficial ingredients air-sensitive, they’re also light-sensitive and will cause them to degrade and become useless!

6.) When buying a moisturizer, look for beneficial ingredients like ceramides and niacindamides! They help rebuild and repair the skin!

7.) DO NOT USE PRODUCTS WITH LEMON ANYTHING IN THEM ON YOUR FACE!! It will cause damage to your skin and make your skin more sensitive!

MCU Civil War Fic Recs | Stony Edition

FINALLY i’ve decided to post my first fic rec list. Caught up with my feels after watching CA:CW. THE PAIN, THE ANGST, THE HEARTBREAK </3 Anyway I’ve been reading lots of MCU Post-Civil War fics and I thought it’s time for me to contribute to our lovely fandom. Here are some of my favorites to share with y’all. Don’t be shy, feel free to share any fic recs with me (●♡∀♡) I’d love to read more!

last updated 26/3/2017.

new fics added on top :) will be updated from time to time if there are new recs.

Steve doesn’t think about having sex with Tony Stark. He certainly doesn’t plan for it. It happens anyway.

They fight Thanos—and they’re losing. And before Tony knows what’s happening, he’s standing with Doctor Strange in front of the Eye of Agamotto and gets send back in time. Can he find a way to fix things this time around, or are they doomed to fall apart all over again?

“So was I,” his soulmate would tell him one day, and what it would mean was that they loved him. 

Post-Civil War. A mission at a power plant goes south and the ensuing explosion triggers the denaturation of the serum. In which Steve insists that he’s feeling fine, Natasha gets Tony involved and pieces start being put back together. 

Tony bypasses into the mailbox every time. It drives Steve absolutely nuts. 

Tony can’t even recognize himself nowadays.

Tony misses Steve very badly after the Accords. Some days he deals with it better than other days.(a fic featuring the booty call flip phone, minor kidnappings, and time jumps between chapters because the election has been happening and my brain has been too mush to make a proper plot)

Steve and Tony love each other—that would undoubtedly always be true. However, there might just be things that don’t care for love, that don’t care what it means for the two to take different sides. Things that none of them could’ve foreseen. Things that might just rip everything apart.When the United Nations attempt to put restrictions on the Avengers, Tony has to admit that the pawns had been in place for a long time, he just hadn’t dared to admit it to himself. And now, it is simply a matter of who will move first—and more importantly: in which direction.

Tony struggles with the day-to-day of leading a UN-sanctioned team of superheroes, Steve goes on a listening tour across America, and Natasha would like to remind everyone that (unlike Sam Wilson) she is not a licensed therapist.(55/200) page fancomic

When we do things, we always have a good reason. It’s other people we see as defective.

Learning to look a little harder than that will be a long journey, but it might just be worth the struggle to change.

After the civil war, everyone is left living in the new reality they’ve created — and now they have to figure out if they are willing (and able) to try again at being a real team.

If you think of life and death on a continuum, finding the point where it tips is complicated. It cuts across all political lines and gets to the root of our humanity. It requires faith informed by years of intimacy that you’re doing what’s right for your loved one.

But Tony is just a man. And there’s only so much he can do.

(Or that time when Tony does what is necessary to survive just so that he can continue to fix things and makes extremely rash decisions; because even if Steve may have left him behind, doesn’t mean Tony would do the same. Kind of.)

Everything seems to be in working order; except one day, after hoping and hoping for a chance to set things right, to prove what he had meant in his letter, that he’d be there for Tony when Tony needs him, Steve is given the opportunity to. It just isn’t what he had expected it to be. Not by a long damn shot. Sequel to Rebirth.

Strangely, or not so strangely, Steve is the one to call first.“Tony,” is all he says, low and throaty and oh so raspy.Tony says nothing. Not because he has nothing to say, but because he has too much. And maybe, for once, Steve should be the one talking.

After the Civli War, the Avengers were back together.

How is everything going, Tony? Pepper had asked in her email.
It’s fine (Tony had written back). I’m fighting with Steve all the time. Everything is going to hell. I’m okay (you know I’m always okay).

(Or: How Tony and Steve learned to be a bit gentler with each other)

It’s a mistake destroying Steve’s gesture of goodwill, Tony thinks, even as he takes an unholy amount of glee smashing that stupid phone to bits down in his lab and DUM-E waits eagerly with a fire extinguisher for the last of the letter to burn down. But it’s a mistake Tony is happy to make.

How to say ‘wish you were here’ without actually saying so, as done by Captain Steve Rogers.

One moment they’re fighting, yelling scathing insults and ugly accusations at each other, and the next they’re kissing, all teeth and anger-fuelled desperation. Steve backs him up until Tony’s shoulders hit the closest wall, and hoists him up, giving Tony no choice but to wrap his legs around Steve’s waist for support. Tony bites Steve’s bottom lip, hard enough to draw blood, and Steve growls, and grips both of Tony’s wrists in one big hand, his hold bruisingly tight.

‘Dear baby,’ he thought hysterically while dodging an arrow, ‘One day your daddy and I fought and almost blew up an airport. I hope you’re better at communication than we are.’

Tony blinked up at the face staring down at him. This was impossible. This was definitely 100% not possible, he had not just started giving a good morning handy to -


After the events of Civil War, Tony and Steve wake up in bed next to each other in an alternate universe. It goes about as well as you’d expect it to.

Before Afghanistan, before New York, and long before Siberia, Tony was given the gift of Peggy Carter as his godmother.It was maybe one of the best gifts he ever received, one that kept on giving even forty years later. Because even when the Avengers are scattered, the team and his trust torn apart, there’s still one thing Tony has that no one, not Steve, not Ross, not Stane, had ever managed to take from him.A family.In the aftermath of the Civil War, Tony will need them more than ever if he’s to pick up the broken pieces of himself again. And save the world. Of course.

It was the first time they’d seen each other since Siberia. It was probably one of the worst possible ways to have an unscheduled reunion. It was also about to get worse. A lot worse. 

 Steve writes letters to Tony that he never sends. By the time he hands them to their rightful owner, Tony has had a brush with death, has retired as a superhero, and now has a small town workshop of his very own. But it’s okay, Steve has gone into retirement too.

An alternate universe where Steve wins the Civil War.

It doesn’t go well for Tony.

A deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never return.

Steve and Tony before, during, and after.

“But as a guy who’s never been good at anything but killing- lemme tell you this. Wars can come to us, and we can fight to end them.”

“But nothing’s ever worth starting one. Nothing at all.”

As the dust of Civil War starts to settle- Steve begins to see a couple of things.

“Humans are machines. Fascinating ones, but fatally flawed- because we feel too much. We try our hardest to be objective; but whenever two sides are too close, we ‘follow our heart’, which means fall prey to whatever our emotions think best and fuck all that logic might have had to say about it.”

Sequel to ‘And In The Silence That Follows’. Three months after the 'truce’, AIM is on the move again, and Norman Osborn seems increasingly determined to seize power in the void that the Avengers left behind. Logic dictates that Tony should cooperate with the runaway superheroes, led by one Steve Rogers to get ahead of the situation. Too bad his trust issues don’t agree with him. Too bad humans aren’t actually machines who can turn emotions off at the flick of a butto-Oh. Hello Extremis.

Steve splays his fingers on Tony’s chest, over his heart, and Tony whimpers. “You should take better care of that, Tony,” Steve says, digging his fingers in briefly.

Tony closes his eyes. “Don’t.”

Steve laughs, and it’s cold. He trails his fingers lower. “I could hurt you,” he says, almost conversationally. “I’m a criminal now, remember.”

“He hid some things from me,” Tony says, then shrugs. “It’s fine. I hid some things from him, too. Don’t you know this story?”

616 Steve meets MCU Tony.

“You were supposed to say thank you,” Tony said after a moment, covering his eyes with his forearm. It wasn’t as if Steve could see him. “It’s only polite, you know. Happy birthday, Steve—Thank you, Tony.”

It was raining when Tony exited his car. In front of him was a church.

He wasn’t sure why it always rained nowadays, but it wasn’t like he could do anything about it. Tony knew this weather kind of suited his mood, and his current mental state.

Attending funeral after funeral after you’ve been beaten up by the father of the embryo in your womb in Siberia before he left you in the cold, was beyond hard and painful. Tony had cried himself to sleep more than once. However, he couldn’t let anybody know, except Vision who had figured it out by himself.

“I sense a lifeform in you,” the android had mentioned to him once. “Is it… Steve’s?”

Tony remembered breaking down in front of him, after that Vision never mentioned the relationship between Steve and the lifeform in Tony’s womb again. He felt guilty, yet grateful. It had been barely a week after the incident in Siberia. Tony wasn’t ready for something that would remind him of that event, and he doubted he would ever be.

Steve never lets go of the phone. Sam thinks that it’s time for him to use it.

The written letter and cellphone never made it to Tony.

Tony never made it home.

Everything about them happened in seconds. Their first meeting was quick, with Tony landing next to the Captain, each man giving a curt nod and name in greeting. Their argument on the hellicarrier took mere seconds to escalate. Until Steve was goading Tony into putting on the suit and going a few rounds and Tony not so subtly reminding Steve that he wasn’t afraid to hit an old man.
It was only seconds of staring at Tony on that New York City Street, his arc reactor dark, no rise and fall of his chest, for Steve to know that inside the tin can, was a good man.
Then Ultron happened, and it took seconds for their world to change, seconds for Steve to throw his shield at Tony and for the billionaire to send a repulsor blast back. They went from laughing and relaxing to standing on an edge thousands of feet above solid ground.
And now…now everything’s changed. And all it took was a combination of seconds; of decisions made, actions performed and words spoken that they couldn’t get back.
Just a few ticks of the clock for their world to shatter.

It took two months and fourteen days.Well, two months and sixteen days if you wanted to be nitpicky and count the two days it had taken Tony to actually accept that yes, the phone was still lying on his desk, and no, it wouldn’t magically disappear just because he wished it so.The phone, and beneath it, that goddamn letter. If you need me, I’ll be there.

After the hell that was Ultron and the Sokovia Accords, Tony doesn’t blame the team for wanting nothing to do with him. To make up for past mistakes, Tony disappears into his lab and focuses on using his money and brains to provide the Avengers with more fancy tech than they’ll ever need. By doing this, he also doesn’t have to worry about Steve’s grim frown, Bucky’s hateful gaze, or everyone else’s cold annoyance.For six long months, this formula worked, but then fate decided to be a Loki-like dick and Tony wasn’t sure how it happened, but in the span of one week, he’d somehow acquired a kid.

He’s sitting there on the carpeted floor with blood dripping down the back of his head, holding the battered red notebook with trembling hands. He looks up from the page and tries to blink away the scribbled words that won’t seem to disappear from his eyesight. He can’t breathe, can’t get his throat to work properly because it feels like he’s being strangled by the sheer truth of what he realizes now.

They knew. Oh god, they knew.

When Tony discovers a devastating secret, it will threaten to tear apart everything they hold dear.

Steve is going to realise in the worst possible way what happens when you let pride, rage and fear cloud your judgment. What happens when you don’t listen.

“And you think you could take me, do you, Stark?”“I’d give it a good fucking try. I’d like to shove you into the nearest wall and wrap my hands around your damn neck.”“Oh yeah? And then what?”Post-CACW, a series of phone calls between Tony and Steve. 

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Snap, crackle, pop!

This technique has been a fun test in timing. First you put your base paint layer down (dark brown), then when that’s dry, apply a layer of clear shellac. While the shellac is still tacky (and there’s a very fine line between too dry and everything is a sloppy sticky mess!) brush on a mix of 1:1 Paint and Sodium Silicate and wait. You can use a wire brush or comb to tease the cracks in the right direction and spray on denatured alcohol on top to make the cracks more dramatic. Not sure yet if I’m going to seal it all.

(The plexi has film over it, don’t mind the mess. Also wear gloves and goggles and be well ventilated. Or else.)


How would the Universe change if we grew an extra dimension?

“Imagine what would happen if all-of-a-sudden, the forces binding electrons to nuclei became weaker. If there was a change in how strong that interaction was. You don’t think about it, but at a molecular level, the only thing holding you together is the relatively weak bonds between electrons and nuclei. If you change that force, you change the configurations of everything. Enzymes would denature; proteins would change shape; ligand-gated neurons wouldn’t fit together anymore; DNA wouldn’t encode the molecules it was designed to encode.”

If we take a look at a two-dimensional surface, it’s pretty apparent that we’re pretty omnipotent in comparison. We can draw or erase anything in that dimension, add or remove objects, rearrange their internal structures without leaving them any defense, etc. All of that might lead you to wonder whether there’s the possibility of a fourth spatial dimension out there, and whether that could be part of our Universe? Geometrically, it’s certainly possible. From a historical perspective, there’s no reason a dimension needs to stay the same size over time, either. In 1980, Alan Chodos and Steve Detweiler showed that a Universe that began with four spatial dimensions could have easily evolved into a Universe very much like the one we see today. Building on that, it would be possible for a very small extra dimension to grow large over time. If it did, the consequences would be devastating, but fascinating.

Come find out the full story of what it would mean if the Universe grew an extra dimension!

Despre copilăria noastră și multe alte sechele

‘’Prea multe fete am trecut prin asta, mă crezi?  
Batjocorite de “skinny bitches” și prințese răsfățate de mici, de părinții lor care n-au fost în stare să își educe copiii destul de bine și în loc să le învețe că toată lumea e egală, le-au spus “ești cea mai bună, draga mea”. Fetele astea au crescut și acum vor să fie prietenele noastre, tipele care erau grase, și în cazul meu pe atunci nu aveam o stare economică bună, având încă 3 frați pe lângă ea, cu doi părinți ce s-au căsătorit prea devreme doar din a scăpa din familiile lor agresive și denaturate. Noi am crescut, am rămas pe treaba noastră, am devenit femei independente, deschise la minte, ce ajută și alți oameni ce trec prin aceleași momente ca noi. Băieții ce râdeau de noi și ne trăgeau de păr sau ne scuipau, ne scriu noaptea și ne spun cât de mult ne-am schimbat fizic… “hai, nu mai spune”.  
Totuși, chiar dacă au trecut ani de atunci, noi încă vedem în tipele de 18 ani acele râzgâiate de 13 ani ce râdeau de hainele și aspectul nostru. Chiar dacă au trecut ani, încă ne mai gândim la momentele alea când plângeam după școală în baie și speram ca copiii noștrii sau frații noștrii să nu treacă prin același lucru.
Acum e momentul să avem puțină demnitate, și prin puțină mă refer la cât de multă încape, să ne ridicăm și să avem grijă de noi, pentru că societatea n-a făcut-o. Și-a bătut joc de noi până am ajuns mai jos de pământ și a trebuit să ne vindecăm singure. Dar noi oricum ne ridicăm.
N-o să mai lăsăm pe nimeni să ne spună ce nu suntem, ce nu putem, ce ar trebui să fim.
“Asa sunt copiii” e replica tipică și tristă care ni se dădea când plângeam după ore. Din cauză că “asa sunt copiii”, am rămas ani întregi cu sechele în spatele nostru.
Viitori părinți… sper să vă educați copiii altfel.’’


Botanical name : Morchella Esculenta

Common names : Morel, True Morel, Sponge Morel, Common Morel

Physical appearance : The morel features a distinctive cap which resembles a cross-section of a honeycomb. The deep pitting is a distinguishing feature which differentiates true morels from false ones. The stem is white to pale yellow whilst the cap is pale brownish cream and can include grey tones. The cap and stem form one continuous chamber.

Edible parts : Stem and cap.

Best places to find : Favours sandy soils, usually under broad leaved, hard woods. Can be found in pasture land, old orchards, woodland clearings and recently burnt arable or forest land.

Time of year : Best harvested in early Spring.

Serving suggestions : The pitted nature of the morel’s surface tends to accumulate a lot of debris and/or insects. Be sure to clean thoroughly before consumption. NB! - The morel should not be consumed in its raw state, as it contains a gastrointestinal irritant (hydrazine). Parboiling or blanching these mushrooms will denature this irritant, making it safe for human consumption.

Sliced and gently fried in butter with a hint of crushed garlic, salt and pepper. Also good for stews, soups and omelettes.

Other uses : These mushrooms are ideal for freezing and drying and can be stored for a long time in these states. Morels have also been used in Chinese medicine to help treat digestive problems and to control phlegm. Modern scientific research is being carried out, into the anti viral, anti fatigue and anti tumour properties of the Morel.

NB - Please be sure you know what you are picking. Many plants look similar to one another and many can be poisonous! Please seek professional instruction if you are unsure! This is all the more important whilst dealing with mushrooms. Don’t risk your life!!!

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Why do pineapples make me sweat and itch and why do I like them anyway?


So i’ve done a little digging and it’s actually down to an enzyme contained in pineapples called bromelain. Bromelain is a protease, which means it breaks down protien including the muscle tissue on your tongue-resulting in the prickly sensation.

Like all enzymes, bromelain is denatured and no longer functional at high temperatures so if you love pineapples but find it hard to deal with the associated toungue itching, I’d recommend boiling before eating. 

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Hello Script Aunty! Do you have anything on Gunshot Wound Survival? When you're dealing with a bunch of Trigger-Happy Mob Bosses that want to start firing some types of bullet: Ice, Fire, Water, Lighting, Corrosive Acid, Paralysis, Slow-Acting Poisons my question is, how would these bullets affect the types of wounds and deaths? (and what kind of scars would they leave, if they recieved a type of 'revival herb/spell/potion')

Hey there, @thepoisonking (tags: why they no work?!!)

So here’s the thing about gunshot wounds. They depend so very, very much on the trajectory and on what exactly has been hit. For example, a bullet wound in the belly may kill quickly (if it hits an artery), moderately (if it hits a solid organ), or slowly (if it nicks the bowel). It may not kill at all.

The best advice is to follow general bleeding control: if it bleeds, put gauze / cloth and some pressure on it until it stops. If it doesn’t stop, or if it’s spurting, your characters should apply a tourniquet. If the non-stopping bleed is in the trunk or non-tourniquetable area, they should probably pack the wound. This will hurt like hell.

As for the ballistics… First, disclaimer. I am not a munitions expert, I am not a weapons expert, and I am not a weapons developer. The information here may not be accurate. They are my hypothesis and some thoughts, not realistic writing advice. Use them at your own risk.

Unfortunately, once you get out of the realm of realistic bullet types (full metal jacket vs hollow-point), especially into not-yet-extant bullet types (acid, paralysis, etc.), you’re straining my ability to help you.

And remember….

However, I will try to help you.

Acid, ice and incendiary rounds will likely have effects that are in areas around the wound, so that the area has a double-dose of injury. The typical wound from a gunshot has some cavitation around it as the bullet has passed through:

Originally posted by pinballwarfare

That area around the bullet trajectory will then snap back into place and appear undamaged, while sustaining significant injury. But now we’ve basically added an explosion into that area and caused additional damage.

The downside, from the shooter’s perspective, is that while these rounds might cause additional tissue damage, they may cause cauterization via the thermal effects on the nearby vasculature.

Paralysis bullets are challenging. Paralytics tend to need to be injected into veins, and they will stop all muscle activity – including those for breathing – when administered in the correct dose. So if your arms makers find a strong paralytic that doesn’t denature at the heat at which a bullet fires, that can be passed into skin at several hundred feet per second, maybe?

I’ll offer this: incendiary (”fire”) bullets are used in this world of ours, but my understanding is that they’re typically a part of antitank or antiaircraft munitions, not small-arms weapons like handguns. To quote Wikipedia, “Incendiary projectiles, in particular those intended for armor penetration, are more effective if they explode after penetrating a surface layer, such that they explode inside the target.”

There does appear to be a type of shotgun round called “Dragon’s Breath” that has some really neat images, if you do a quick image search.

I think I’ve been as helpful as I can be, but ultimately you’re the one who has to gets to decide how the munitions in your world work.

Best of luck!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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prompt: FitzSimmons and some science pick up lines, like 'are you a carbon sample? because I want to date you', 'you're so hot you denature my proteins' or 'I wish I were your derivate, so I could tangent to your curves'

Alright, here’s day four of my week long blog anniversary! Thank you anon for the prompt! 

This is set sometime after everything having to do with the Framework has blown over, healing has taken place, and FS can be happy and flirty again because gdi we deserve it and so do they!

So here it is, in which Fitzsimmons are the most competitive losers on the planet and we love them (and they love each other) anyway. Enjoy!

As per their usual routine, Jemma and Fitz were unwinding a bit before bed, propped up against the headboard as she paged through a book and he scrolled through his tablet. She was just finishing up her final chapter for the night when Fitz began to chuckle beside her.

Scanning the last few sentences, Jemma closed her book and set it to the side, curiously glancing toward Fitz. “What’s so funny?” she asked, an automatic smile beginning to tug at her lips in response to his grin.

He glanced up at her question, still laughing as he turned the tablet to face her. “Oh, Daisy just sent me the link to this website with a punch of cheesy science pick up lines.”

Jemma arched an eyebrow, doing a quick read of the top few listed and immediately scoffing. “Oh honestly, I hope no one actually believes those would work on a sane human woman.”

Fitz pulled the tablet back, locking it and resting it on his lap. “So you’re telling me that if I used these on you, you’d be completely unaffected?”

“Well of course. They’re utterly ridiculous, Fitz.”

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People think I want to ban Muslims from the USA. I don’t, just to be 100% clear. I think Islam deserves to be critiqued, and every religion is capable of being subjected to critique. There’s no denying that Islam at the moment is very radical in many parts of the world, and acknowledging that doesn’t make someone “Islamophobic”. There have been numerous clashes between Islamic values and the more secular, Western values. There have been numerous clashes between nonradical and radical Muslims. Discussing the problems that radical Muslims present is important in denaturing those radical views.

Theories on the properties on Morphogenic Engine and Towers

There is something about the Morphogenic Engine and The Towers that I do actually find different. This is all theorising and perhaps I could be inaccurate though I decided to elucidate my viewpoints. The Morphogenic Engine, as I mentioned in an earlier post, may be a newer version of The Towers signals and equipment. Though the Cult of The Testament of New Ezekiel have been established in the 70s and Mount Massive has had a history of mind experiments I do believe some of the aspects of the Morphogenic Engine is a more specialised continuation of The Towers experiment. 

Firstly, The Towers experiment usually relies on subjects who would eventually become projectors. They share the same ideologies or pretty similar (The cultists and the heretics are not necessarily dissimilar). This means that The Towers rely on this much more than the Variants of Mount Massive. The Variants of Mount Massive also hallucinate and have waking dreams. There is, however, less cohesion between the inmates of Mount Massive than there is in Temple Gate. Not everyone joined Father Martin. Not everyone had the same modus operandi: Martin, Chris, Trager, The Twins (slightly), Frank and Eddie all have different subplots. All of them were more or less variables that Miles and Waylon encountered. Also, that the other Variants are also pretty unpredictable. Some would not do anything to Miles and Waylon while others would make weird claims and attack the protagonists. 

A big distinction is also the Walrider and Lucid Dreamers, compared to Temple Gate Cultists and Heretics. Yes, Blake’s demon manifested to hurt him and possible such demons also manifested for Temple Gate people but we see only Billy and Miles host the Walrider. The Walrider is an adversary to some and actually a good defense to the host who wields it. Walriders, as of now, are not present in Temple Gate. The Old Traveler also showed that Jenny Roland and other scientists look at The Towers experiment differently and mention different things. 

This makes me believe the “feedback loop”’s mathematical qualities are pretty much set theorem or matrices, which work either by small intersections or by closed systems. Matrices is usually close systems and if the Morphogenic engine uses some differential parameters it can only then reach a “limit” in which it will then start replaying signals until a standard base of entropy is reached. There are phenomena, such as Maxwell’s Demon, that seem to counteract entropy. Though Maxwell’s demon also uses parameters such as empathy and “aura” which are hard to commute. 

There is also a mention of “gateways” and “lateral ascension.” It is easier reaching the latter with the Walrider and the former is easily reached with The Towers. I do think the technology has not completely overlapped. Billy made a lateral ascension that allowed him to access the Walrider which is a manifestation of his psychosomatic feelings of rage and abandonment, fueling him with purpose and agency. Blake activated a gateway that allowed him to view and approach, in different angles, the tragic day he was unveiled to Loutermilch’s true nature and Jessica’s death. They do not overlap yet. Also, Blake has worked some of his feelings out with the gateway. In one of his last recordings he realised that he was manipulated by Loutermilch and being only a child feeling he had no agency he just accepted what happened. Blake realised he is not at fault like he is not at fault with what happened to Lynn or necessarily to him. However, he has lost control of his reality as he cannot understand what is real and what is not. Miles becomes the Walrider’s new host but he may have lost some sense of his self. His autonomy is too closely connected to the Walrider so is Billy’s. Though, we do not know if Miles is really alive though if Billy is there is a chance Miles could be. But, they have probably crossed over too much in the gateway or rather succumbed too much to the suggestions. Thus, there seems to still be a chasm to this experiment. 

Neither seems to be a success. 

Also, the Morphogenic Engine maybe follow another continuous mathematical function and is not necessarily discrete. It may not possess a similiar feedback loop. It may actually prioritise different desires or further existing desires in its victims so that is they are such Variants. None of the Variants are similar, whereas the cultists and heretics are too similar. Of course, humanity is not necessarily computable by mathematics. Ethan, Val and Marta show various signs of “entropy” — their motivations have had different sides. 

The feedback loop may consecutively be a small start to the Morphogenic engine. In it that it can affect people of different histories and backgrounds differently than a wide consciousness massively indoctrinated by similar methods of indoctrination and also incestuously sharing bodies. Lynn and Blake become the outliers to The Towers’ experiment. In some ways, they make it partly successful. Without outside factors I do not believe the final projection of the projectors can actually be accomplished. What they may require is an anomaly. Knoth’s signal also becomes twisted. Knoth believes the antichrist will be born from his own people but it is strange he accepts Lynn and Blake to be the parents of the antichrist later on which goes against his gospels. 

Though, by that time the signal may have become pretty denatured. After the storm, which could have been caused by the signals discrepancy, the radio becomes silent. The feedback loop reached its final entropy and seized. Only the outliers could carry on if some abstract understanding of Maxwell Demon is understood. That became Blake. I also thought if he is some new incarnation of a Lucid Dreamer but we have to wait to know that. Though “ecstatic rage” was present at Temple Gate. In some ways, people there could have been good subjects for the Morphogenic Engine as well. Perhaps, Murkoff did want that and either changed its plans or perhaps did not predict The Towers to lose its potency so soon. 

They still have Anna Lee’s kid though. Who is mentioned to a be strange fetus by Lynn and the doctors at the hospital said the little guy has been kicking up a storm. I suppose Anna Lee’s child is a boy. Though Lynn’s was supposed to be a girl. Though it could be that Anna Lee’s child is also a girl. It would be interesting if the sex of the child was female. It would actually allow a new mythos to be shaped in all of this. I still think the Walrider story has so many gaps that it needs to be shaped more. Hopefully, subsequent releases of Outlast in any form, games, comics and online reads would actually take up these stories, which are actually worth telling.

my relationships are not an act of violence against the system

epistemic warning: I am complaining about something that is (and has deliberately been made) inaccessible to me. I am certain that I’ve ‘misunderstood’ it and that you can recommend a dozen academic papers that will fix this deficiency. If you tell me that, you are completely missing the point.


hate queer theory. It feels like something crawling underneath my skin. Reading queer theory is the only thing I have ever experienced that has made me wish I was straight.

'your relationship is inherently transgressive and erodes the structures of monogamous heteronormativity' 



people used those concepts, if not those words, to decide I am a danger to their children. to decide my private experiences are a threat to their faith. those are the concepts used to justify killing people like me. 

and what I learned in response was 'my private experiences are mine. my existence doesn’t destroy or negate or transform other peoples’ relationships. loving someone is not a violent act and doing it does not hurt my friends or family.’

I am a conservative - small c - at heart, and I do not like destroying institutions that are important to millions of people. I like fixing them, I like making them flexible enough to adapt to a new world, I like protecting the people who they hurt and using them to make sure fewer people hurt. if I am very sure about what purpose they serve, and that they do more harm than good, sometimes I will decide they need to be destroyed or altered beyond recognition. I try to treat this decision as seriously as I’d want from another person planning to destroy the traditions important to me.

telling me 'your relationship is inherently radical and transgressive’ is not liberating to me. it rips away all of the empowerment I built myself. it undermines my understanding of how I can work to reduce hurt and it tells me I cannot respect the traditions which I don’t yet understand enough to toy with casually.

I am against violence and when you redefine my relationships as an act of violence you are doing so without my consent.

I do not want you to define me as  'necessarily - definitionally - in opposition to the normative’. I would like the space to look at what counts as normative, and why, and who it hurts, and then to figure out if I oppose it and from which angle. I do not want to look to you for the background to do that work and instead read about how my place in the story has already been scripted. 

the social categories you are 'denaturalizing and reducing’ are actually communities that exist in the real world and have helped support me. the project of 'recuperating social contingency’ does not bear any relationship to the project of 'not hurting people and respecting their experiences and values’. guess which one you told me I am (involuntarily) a part of?

do not draft my life experiences into your radical subversive crusade.

i am queer and i hate queer theory. 

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What are your thoughts on RAW/BARF foods for dogs- whether pre-made ones you can buy, or making your own?

Many, and hesitant to share them. Pull up a chair. Grab a drink.

The BARF-feeders and raw food feeders are prone to zealotry, and back in my vet school days I was open minded enough to actually read ‘Raw Meaty Bones’ by Dr Tom Lonsdale in order to gain an understanding of feeding non-commercial diets to dogs and cats.

It’s basically a useless book. It paints all other veterinarians as willful conspirators trying to keep pets sick (compare this to anti-vaxxers in your own time) and provides a historical perspective about various veterinary organizations not giving Tom the attention he wanted, and wanting more evidence. Having met many of the people mentioned in his book, I would have taken him a bit more seriously if he hadn’t spent so long complaining that the paragon of cattle medicine, who literally cared about nothing but cows, didn’t care what dogs were eating. That’s just Jacob Malmo for you.

I was quite open to the idea, after all it’s tempting and a little big magical to believe that the creature sleeping by your feet and entirely devoted to you is actually a wolf in some way, it’s like something out of a fantasy novel. I was considering finding a way to do work experience at his practice, but being in Sydney that wasn’t all that easy. So I read his work instead. Only about 3% of the class even got that far. To be fair, he was mentioned in nutrition lectures as an option we could look at, not compulsory.

But I naively reviewed ‘Raw Meaty Bones’ on my vet student blog, ‘Nearly-Dr Ferox’. I expressed the above sentiments, and generally neutral view about feeding raw to dogs and cats. I did however mention that RMB is actually a totally useless book if you actually want information about feeding such a diet to your dog, there’s about two pages that are any actual use and not somebody whining about not being taken seriously enough.

You can see his response in this archived newsletter of his. The site carrying my old blog no longer exists.  It’s brief mention, it was probably the closest thing to media attention he was getting, but nevertheless my little blog was SWARMED with angry zealots. Because I didn’t adamantly recommend feeding raw or BARF, I was obviously a stupid, corrupt, evil, uncaring, blind, worthless waste of space.

It was like an attack mob, wanting me to repent and change my ways.

I tried to engage these commenters with actual nutritional facts and knowledge, but it didn’t matter because they were already convinced that I was corrupt. I got way more hate from them than I ever got for saying ‘Marijuana is toxic to dogs’.

So from experience, the ‘movement’ attracts the same sort of people that are likely to support the paleo diet, all organic foods, and think that vaccines and GMOs are bad.

The RAW/BARF diets themselves?


I’ve examined a great many dogs and cats, and can’t say that raw feeding magically makes healthy pets. In fact, I’d probably recommend against it more often than for it, for individual cases.

It’s no guarantee of healthy weight or healthy teeth. Thousands of racing greyhounds on RAW will attest to that, with their sewerage like mouths. Breeders that fed RAW or BARF were the bane of my existence for two years: Summers with the hospital full of their puppies, with bacterial enteritis (Campylobacter specifically, which infects humans too, by the way) because they insisted on feeding raw food to everything.

I’ve treated way too many dogs for constipation because of all the bones it’s fed, and lets not forget the intestinal obstructions.

Getting bones stuck in the mouth is pretty minor, but the bones stuck in the oesophagus will stick in my memory. It’s a big deal if you have to do surgery on the oesophagus to remove a bone. Only had to do it twice when the endoscope couldn’t get it. One patient died, the other was very, very close.

Let’s not ignore the relative tryptophan deficiency that can occur, resulting in aggression or anxiety, of the higher protein levels increasing workload for the liver or kidneys, or in my experience increased risk of struvite urinary crystals.

Oh, and the higher bacterial load carnivores fed BARF or RAW have in both their faecal output and their mouths. That’s a human health risk.

That’s not to say that these diets don’t have some uses. They can occasionally be useful for allergic skin/GI disease if the animal happens to be allergic to a preservative, or a denatured protein that only occurs at high temperatures. It’s physiologically possible to only be allergic to cooked beef, but not raw beef because of the way proteins denature. A raw diet of some sort can be therapeutically helpful in these scenarios. (I don’t ever consider an allergy ‘cured’, just managed.)

So there are two scenarios where I might encourage an owner to consider a raw diet for their dog or cat.

But the scenarios where I would NOT recommend, or actively recommend against a RAW based diet include:

  • Immuno-compromised people in the family
  • toddler’s or young children in the family
  • Urinary tract crystals
  • pancreatitis
  • recurring gastroenteritis (seriously, if I see a pet 4+ times a year for vomiting or diarrhoea I’d really like it if you stop feeding raw chicken!)
  • Kidney disease, even early stages
  • Liver disease, any
  • anxiety or aggression
  • certain breeds, including basically anything brachycephalic and miniature schnauzers
  • If the owner can’t organize themselves out of a paper bag.

But if the patient’s already eating it, and not having problems, I just remind the owner to practice good hygiene and be extra careful in Summer.

Now, I expect to cop a bunch of hate from posting this, as that’s historically what happens when you post about BARF or Raw Meaty Bones and don’t go “YES! Good! Very best! Everyone else is lying or corrupt!” but you did ask.

That said, most dogs and cats will be perfectly fine most of the time eating most foods. Every pet will be a little bit different, so the ‘perfect’ food for them might be different from one to the next, and that’s fine. Purebred dogs are so highly inbred that that’s expected.

Food is the product in the vet clinic that has the lowest markup. They dish out the least incentives to sell (bowls for puppies, free can lids, collars for kittens) and they actively make us the least money. We stock them so that when some new puppy or kitten owner comes in, feeding their new addition the ol’ weet-bix and milk and raw beef mince rubbish, we have a bag of something we can actually hand over and solve that problem before it starts. We stock prescription food because we use it like medicine to treat a problem.

Myself, if weight control is not a problem, and there are no medical indications for anything else, I tend to go mostly quality commercial food supplemented with either safe table scraps or varied cooked ingredients. Bones are always raw and supervised, with the intention that they’re not actually eaten, just chewed on.

And if a dog is big enough to swallow chicken necks whole, it’s getting absolutely zero benefit from eating those.

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those roommate scenarios are so cute!!! do u think u can write somethin fluffy abt the one where kuroo crawls into his roommates bed? maybe w some cuddles and feelings talk (or maybe nsfw) but anything is u like is ok!!! ty!!!

I had fun with this one :’)

It was 3:36 AM.
Lately, it was becoming troublesome for him to fall asleep on certain nights. Today was the fourth time this week that he found himself idly staring at the ceiling, waiting for time to tediously pass on until he could officially, ‘wake up.’ The middle of the night was deemed eerie, to him, the only noises to be heard were the deep rumbles of the furnace and the soft peeps of swallows by the ocean. An hour ago, the soft giggles of his roommate contributed to the concoction, but had slowly died out. He completed whether or not he should go bother her, it wouldn’t be the first time that he had done so. It wasn’t even the first time this week that he had done so. She never really minded, curling right up next to him in response and holding a conversation with him until she passed out again. He didn’t want to feel like a nuisance, bothering her at such a sacred hour, but his inner asshole compelled him to.
He sat up in bed with a moan, his back cracking melodically as he arched backwards. The cold draft from the window hit him hard as he slipped from underneath his duvet, a silent tail of cusses escaping him. The floorboards creaked underneath his heavy footsteps, as if they were calling upon her, warning her of her impending doom. When he came upon her bedroom he stopped, noticing how her usually locked bedroom door was now open with a hairline crack.
She was expecting him.
It almost made his heart melt, really. This girl was honestly the sweetest person on earth, a gift from the heavens, and he wondered how he ever managed to get acquainted with someone so ethereal. He opened her door a tad bit more, slipping through and sitting on the edge of her bed. The first time he had done this, she freaked out and threw her phone at him. He couldn’t blame her, really. It would’ve terrified him too if in the middle of the night, someone decided to suddenly shift the entire weight of his bed. The black eye he received from the cellular impact still hurt, though. She shifted slightly, clutching onto the pillow she held between her arms a bit tighter. He crawled underneath the duvet, prying said pillow out of her grasp and replacing the void with his own body. She must’ve been awake, because he swore he heard a giggle when she shifted closer to him.
“Tetsurou, you’re fucking freezing.” She whispered into his chest, gazing up at him through the dark. Kuroo chuckled, his fingers subconsciously tangling themselves into her hair.
“Yeah, thats why I came to you, the hottest damn thing in this apartment.”
“I would say something snarky back but… I’m too tired to tell you to stop hitting on me.” Kuroo chuckled, snuggling closer to her warmth. She had a heavy electric duvet, and it was an honest to god miracle. Underneath said duvet and cuddled up to her warmth brought upon the coziest situation he had experienced in his entire life.
“Hey, __, you’re so hot… you denature my proteins.”
“Oh my god, get out of my bed.”
“__, __, are you a hypertonic solution? ‘Cause you make me swell, if you know what I mean.”
She rolled her eyes with a smile, shifting herself so she came face to face with him on the pillow.
“Hey Tetsurou, you must be the acid to my litmus paper, because everytime I touch you, I turn red.”
Kuroo blinked, and she blinked back, a satisfied smirk on her face. He had been hit on with what had to be the nerdiest pickup line ever to be uttered, but he could feel himself get red in the face.
“How’d you come up with that one?” He pondered. She shrugged, brushing some of his fallen bangs out of his face.
“I learn from the best.”
“Aw, thanks babe.” He lifted his shaky hand to meet hers, balancing their fingertips together, before lacing them together. He felt his heart thump, her soft gaze melting him to the core.
“Do you plan on sleeping at all tonight?” She peeped.
“Yeah, I dunno, probably. I had like, three monsters today, so I dunno if my body will necessarily let me.”
“I could stay up with you… I’d need like, four espressos, but I could.”
“Nah, nah. I can’t do that to you.” He hummed, running the pad of his thumb across the back of her hand. “You need your beauty sleep.”
“Sleep is for the weak.” She sniffled. “Besides, tomorrow’s a Saturday.” Kuroo didn’t respond, letting go of her hand and drawing her into his arms. They were chest to chest, his heart beating all the faster. She looked eerily content and it irked him. How was she so serene in a situation like this?
“You know, Tetsurou, if you need help sleeping, you could just watch one of your shitty documentaries. Those are always a big help for me.”
“This is the last time you bash on my documentaries.” He demanded, trying to keep a straight face as he taunted her. He just couldn’t though. “Those are interesting, __. You just aren’t a science major, you wouldn’t understand.”
“You might as well just say, “It isn’t a phase mom, it’s who I really am.” and you’d be getting the same point across as the one you’re trying to make right now.”
“What happened to being too tired to sass me, huh?” He poked at her side, causing her to jump a bit and slap his arm.
“You replenished my sodium levels. They’re at a all time high now.”
“Go to sleep.” He muttered, catching her eye for a moment before he flicked her forehead. She winced, then brushed it off.
“One day, I wanna pull an all nighter just so I can see how your damn hermit crab escapes that cage every night.”
“He wouldn’t do it if you we’re watching.” Kuroo snorted.
“How do you know? Hermit crabs don’t have the mental capacity.”
“Well my hermit crab does. I raise my children well, y’know.” She giggled at this, covering her mouth with her hand.
“I’d love to see how your children turn out, Kuroo Tetsurou.”
“I’d love to see how our children turn out.”
It took Kuroo a solid five seconds before he realized what he had said, and immediately, he froze up. She wore a stunned expression, her cheeks practically glowing red.
“Well that’s a new one…”
“God I’m sorry, it’s late and night and-”
“Don’t worry, Tetsurou.” She cut him off, tilting her chin upwards and planting a soft kiss on the tip of his nose. “You’re cute.”
Kuroo felt his stomach twist, his heart race, and his face burn all at once. He tried calling out to her, but she didn’t respond, her face buried into the crook of his neck. He inhaled, then exhaled deeply, letting the nerves subside deep inside of him.
Its was 4:18 AM.
And he was glad he didn’t sleep.