My life as a science major is just sad…This morning I decided to make ramen, and while I was making said ramen, I thought “Huh, this ramen is a lot like proteins. They’re both densely packed, but at high temperature (boiling water), they uncoil and get denatured. Now if only I could break the peptide bonds (proceeds to break the ramen), oh would you look at that!” How sad is that?? I can’t even look at a normal thing ever again without thinking, SCIENCE!! 

The only thing I actually hate about Suicide Squad the movie is how they kind of denatured Harley and Joker’s relationship by making it looked like a pure loving relationship while i reality she is obsessively in love with him and he most of the time beat her, treat her like shit and send people to kill her. But okay, I kind of resent the reshoot and the change they made in that department.   

I don’t know, I can understand why people after watching this movie actually believe this is a perfectly healthy relationship in the mutual respect way but let’s be real, the movie verse better start to change that nonsense, it’s a really bad adaptation, it hurts my soul when I see people praising that relationship because it’s basically excusing the abuse in it by saying “oh Harley is crazy so..” like it’s an actual good excuse to accept it but now they are like “oh look this relationship is so good, he’s doing anything possible to save her FOR LOVE”… no…no…no. Didn’t he manipulated her? Didn’t her gave her electroshock therapy? I don’t now, like how is that love? Him giving her to another man like she was nothing and then angry because that guy said she was “his woman”, called her “fire of his loins” (i might have wanted to castrate him when he said that, I don’t like Leto’s portrayal of the Joker but you can be sure that line made me side-eye the shit out of the screen).   

I’m ranting, but seriously, I need Poison Ivy to appear in DCEU and keep telling Harley over and over how Joker is wrong for Harley because he is treating her like shit. Harley needs a friend.  

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OH MY GOD why is it so hot??? How do you Americans farther south survive without all the proteins denaturing in your brain

I think it’s only 30 and I can’t even think straight

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So weiss, you are a heavy drinker, is there any kind of alcohol you have yet to drink?




(It is funny because drinking rubbing alcohol is a pretty bad idea. yes. It’s made from “denatured alcohol” which is ethanol with additives to make it poisonous, commonly isopropyl alcohol or methanol. Alternatively, rubbing alcohol can just be concentrated isopropyl alcohol, which is still not at all fit for consumption.

These are the jokes people!)