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Hello! I recently bought a rock collection that has different rocks glued to a paper with their origins underneath. I was wondering if you knew of a safe way to remove them from the paper without damaging the rocks, or if it's safe at all? Thank you!

Sure, just soak it in whatever dissolves that kind of glue the best that doesn’t affect the mineral in question. In most cases, acetone will be good enough to do this. Rubbing and denatured alcohols might also work if you’ve got them on hand.
Something new is in the Drop:Scientists Work Out How To Unboil Eggs

You can’t un-bake a cake, but it turns out you can now unboil an egg. Well, part of it anyway. Chemists from UC Irvine have worked out how to return boiled egg white proteins back to their original form using a novel process which takes only a few minutes. The idea behind the study was not to simply prove […]

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The process of cooking egg denatures the proteins in the egg, as we have already established. Eggs coagulate when cooked.

Imagine that the chicken egg is made up of tiny golf balls. These golf balls are representative of the proteins in eggs, chains of amino acids. The golf balls bounce around off each other, individually contained. Amino acid chains have a 3-dimensional structure because they have weak chemical bonds, usually hydrogen bonds, holding the chain to itself.

Heating the egg denatures these proteins, altering their biological properties and breaking their bonds. Now the golf balls are spaghetti - lots of strands smooshing up against each other with broken bonds. When they encounter each other, they begin making bonds between each other - so what we have are amino acid chains that were previously self contained and are now linked to one another, making the texture and state of cooked eggs much firmer than raw eggs!



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hi so on the ingredient label of toner, does anything ending in -ol mean alcohol? like methylpropanediol? i didn't pay attention in sophomore science

pretty much!

these are cleansing but drying alcohols

  • Isopropyl or Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Ethanol or Ethanol Alcohol
  • Ethanol B
  • SD Alcohol
  • Denatured Alcohol or Alchol Denat.
  • Methanol
  • Benzyl Alcohol

these are usually the alcohols that won’t do harm to your skin

  • Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol 
  • Cetearyl Alcohol
  • Cetyl Alcohol 
  • Stearyl Alcohol
Fashion Monitor: News - Dr. Jart+ names Dianna Agron Collection Ambassador for Dermask

Skincare brand Dr. Jart+ has named actress Dianna Agron as Collection Ambassador for Dermask. The range of specialized sheet masks from Dr. Jart+ launched this month in Sephora and comprises four Dermask Jet lines: Water, Spot, Micro and Intra, with nine combined offerings. Each mask is inspired by cosmetic procedures such as hyaluronic acid injections, laser peels, INTRAcel treatments and Botox injections, providing effects similar to those of these treatments. All of the masks in the collection are free of parabens, tar dyes, mineral oil, emulsifiers, talc, artificial fragrances, denatured alcohol, benzophenone, triethanolamine and sulfate-based surfactants. #Dermask #DrJart

Segawa 37 pays tribute to Japanese art by creating Gifs from the original work of traditional Japanese woodblock prints, “pictures of the floating world’. Most of the time, he only animates a few parts, adding a realistic and modern add-on to the art piece. In other images, he blends in futuristic elements, denaturalizing the first intention of the historical painting. Originally, Japanese woodblock paintings, also called Ukiyo-e, were depictions of everyday scenes in Japan. Affordable, they represented the possibility for the mass to access art. Segawa 37 gives a new life to these prints by altering their core. From hyper realistic to surreal, the artist offers to the modern world a new way of looking at a classic form of art.- via

BONELUST PERSONAL COLLECTION: Just finished up a batch of whole crabs, molts & crab legs for art supplies. All found naturally deceased on a recent coastal adventure. This hermit crab is a favorite that will be staying in my own collection. It has zero smell now. I just put all of them in denatured alcohol for several weeks then let air dry. Perfect preservation and no fishy smell. 🌊🐚🌊

It’s so hard to go out and do stuff when it’s really hot, my husband and I just went to Costco and I had to drink a giant iced tea and then shower and sit in the fan for a while to recover. The funny thing is everyone is relieved that it hasn’t been over 110 degrees this week – but listen, 106 degrees is still very hot. 110 and above is just when the proteins in my brain begin to denature as soon as I step foot outside

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Is it true that if you eat raw fruit after a cooked meal or with it will ferment in your stomach and cause weight gain???

I’m going to assume the cooked meal is vegan.. In that case, nope!

“No. Peristalsis does slow down at night along with all of your other processes…. that might even make it the best time to eat something healthy like berries or other fruits loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants because your small intestine will have more time to leach the nutrients out of them.

Additionally, there is no real fermentation in the stomach given that the pH is usually less than 2. The stomach is where proteins are denatured by HCl and various trypsins. Unless you eat live yeast cultures and anti-acids with your fruit… you should be fine.”