Potter vs Dresden bad guys

Me and my one friend again got into this fun debate and she went on about how Voldemort put fear in all the wizards and how powerful he is. I just laughed, come on Voldemort would not survive a denarian I don’t think, yes they can be killed but could he beat Lashiel or Anduriel? I doubt it. Now let’s put Voldemort and have him face a Queen of Fey? How long would he last against the least of them? Or Donar Vadderung and the Erlking? But what if we consider more mortal foe, how would he do against the red court? White Court with their speed? How well would Greyback do against a Loup-garou?

Yes Voldemort was technically immortal but he was also limited compared to what some of these baddies are in the Dresden universe. What do you think? Is it possible that Voldemort is actually stronger? Or would be be a much a threat as a mosquito is to us?

Things I, Harry Dresden Am No Longer Allowed To Do

- Sing “We’re Off to See the Wizard” on the way to Council meetings

- Use Fideliacchius as a letter opener

- Ask Ancient Mai how her sister’s doing after Dorothy dropped that house on her

- Laugh at Luccio when she gets carded

- Hum “Like a Virgin” around Ramirez

- Set out milk-bones as snacks when the Alphas come to visit

-Refer to Lasciel’s coin as “my precious”

Especially around Michael!

- Use Bob to recreate scenes from Hamlet

- Emphasize everything I say to Donar Vadderung with “By Odin’s Beard!”

- Refer to Maeve as “Princess Elsa”

- Ask Denarians if they have any spare change

- Wear a T-shirt proclaiming “Save a broom; ride a Wizard”

- Threaten to sic Aslan on Mab

- Challenge Nicodemus to a dance off

- Buy salt, play-do, markers, rope, chalk, dogfood, pirate items, and romance books in bulk, at the same time - next time send Molly

- Call Murphy “Agent Scully”

- Put on glasses, draw a scar on my forehead and tell Molly I changed my name to avoid the death eaters

- Refer to Demonreach as Groot

- Ask Molly if Thomas is in fact too sexy for his shirt

- Buy Toot and Lacuna a Barbie Dream House

- Create a new imaginary friend to replace Lash

- Refer to The Merlin as “Dumbledore”

- Encourage Toot and Ze Guard to try using Mister as a mechanical bull

Dresden wedding

A post about Dresden’s best day (the day he learned that Thomas is his brother) got me thinking: what would Dresden getting married be like?

The ‘best’ (for him) would be NOT in a book or short story, that way it wont have ~too~ much weirdness and magical problems on top of the normal ones. But, really, where’s the fun in that?

So the question then become, in what type of book would you rather have it? A Sidhe book, because the vows would take a whole other importance? A Denarian book, because of course Michael needs to be involved? A council/black magic emergency book? A crime/mystery book?

If he’s have the wedding with Murphy, how involved are her family? How much shenanigans are necessary to hide the magic and blood and violence from them? (Makes me think… How did the Murphy family react to our Murphy no longer being a police officer?)
Would Murphy invite Kincaid? Or would he just be Ivy’s +1 (of course she’s invited).

Having the Alphas there would be so fun.

Would you rather Harry no longer be the Winter Knight? What would being the WK change about the wedding? Would Mab attend?! Or worse, officiate? Or would that be father Forthill? Or Ebenezer? Or Michael? Or, omg cuteness, Ivy?

Man, so many questions!

Dresden Files thought of the day*

Regarding the… encounter? between Nicodemus and Butter and all the lightsaber thing, I can imagine two situations:

1. Nicodemus already know what a lightsaber is, which means he’s already seen the Star Wars movies (and I bet he liked them) and now he’s baffled because “how the fuck did this little man manage to make a Sword that’s also a lightsaber!? Fucking unfair, that is”.

2. Nicodemus doesn’t know what the new Sword is, so in order to gather more infomation about it he asks about, and one of the lackeys shyly approaches him and tells him that he thinks the sword is a lightsaber, and as Nickelhead still doesn’t actually get it, he needs more intel… so the same lackey lends him his own Star War movies to watch. And obviously the other Denarians need to now about this new threat. So… Movie night with the Denarians!

(* tbh it’s not of the day, I’ve been think about this obsessively for weeks -w-)


Have you ever accidentally thought up an AU that’s just wrong enough to make you sort of uncomfortable? Well, that was me the moment I realized that both Nicodemus and Michael are both referred to as Knights, and therefore there’s nothing stopping me from making a Knightswap AU. And so, I present to you Denarian Power Couple Michael and Charity, as Knight of the Cross Nicodemus and Badass Mom Tessa.

I’m not really sure what I was hoping to accomplish with this AU, but making the art for it was a treat all by itself. Y’know, if you ignore the fact that Nick looking genuinely happy is kind of unnerving.

Here are some things that have been on my mind a lot while drawing these:

  • I redesigned Michael with the intention of making Uriel his Fallen. That’s absolutely terrifying.
  • If Uriel is Michael’s Fallen, that leaves Anduriel to be protector of Nicodemus’ family. We’d get to see mortal Anduriel showing up to a shootout with a knife while covered in pancake flour.
  • Nicodemus and Michael’s last names seem really out of place if they don’t get swapped too, considering that one is pretty villainous sounding and the other is totally harmless. And yet, Michael Archleone and Nicodemus Carpenter both sound ridiculous.
  • Winter Lady Deirdre
  • This makes Nick Harry’s best friend I guess??
  • Denarian Charity would be nightmare material
  • Molly would be the one sacrificed at the Gate of Blood

@physicsofgridlock #especially if they go see star wars tfa or something

Pretty sure he couldn’t handle TFA until it’s on DVD or bluray and he can watch in that special wizard proof tech (not saying bc spoilers but) I think his excitement would kill even the drive-ins tech xD”

Ok, but imagine that?! That climactic twist, everyone is on tenterhooks, Kylo Ren stabs and–


And in the back of Will & Georgia’s van, four werewolves, a faerie queen, a vampire, a cop, and a Knight of the Cross turn to a very terrified Harry Dresden, and unleash the kind of hell that makes the Denarians look forgiving.