23:4 || Justine/Thomas

[Text] So…I’m meeting Lasciel.
[Text] Not Lash.
[Text] Lasciel. As in the Denarian.
[Text] Silver coin and everything.
[Text] We’re meeting for milkshakes.
[Text] At Madrigals.
[Text] Just…just as a heads up if you’re curious about my day to day interactions with terrifying supernatural entities in my spare time.


Lasciel is a fallen angel and a member of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. Also known as the Seducer, the Webweaver, and the Temptress. She seems to be a black sheep among the other Fallen; “a rebel angel among rebel angels."As such, she isn’t trusted by Nicodemus and her coin isn’t given to people lightly.

What If I did a series of these?….. What if?

denarian asked:

94. & 93. (and if you do where?) :)

  • 93) Do you want to travel when you are older? Sure it´s one of my dreams and travel all around the world
  • 94) Would you let go of people who mean the most to you to follow your dreams? nope because I want spend  my dreams with them!

fandomwho asked:

Alright Quill, there's your Denarian, go git im!" smirked Kraglin giving the kid a kick on the ass in the direction of the patrol

“What am I after again? I forgot.” Peter said, shedding his coat and handing it to Kraglin. “Is it the badge?”

anonymous asked:

more breaking speeches,oh yeah! " i've seen the fate of all denarians,they've all died,they died alone,without friends or family,not one living soul to cry for them,it is sad,that'll most surely happen to you,unless you give up the coin,but let's be honest hannah,you are too selfish,too much of a coward to give up the coin,enjoy your life,the little life you'll have anyway"

You have all of one ask to completely shatter my character. Make it count.

Is that so? Because almost all the ones I know are still kicking around after as much as a couple thousand years. Dying’s pretty tough to do when you’ve got a literal angel on your shoulder. (Or… wherever. Figure of speech.) So thanks for the concern, but I think I’m all set here.

Also, you need to step up your insults. I’ve been called way worse than a selfish coward.

anonymous asked:

So do you know what the Denarians do to Knights of the Cross if they take them alive? It's not pretty at all. You're lucky if they kill you within a couple days, and after so many centuries, they are quite skilled at torture. The torture will end if you accept one of the Coins, though, but wouldn't that be quite the Fall for a Knight...

You think you’re gonna top the Star Wars guy, Grey Face?