Before we go handing this guy the Heisman, consider one thing:

Notre Dame stinks.

I know.  I watch them every year.  Look no further than last year’s game against Michigan.  Notre Dame made Tate Forcier look like an All-American, giving up 310 yds plus 3 TD’s, and he’s sitting on the bench this season.

Robinson played great, and I can’t remember seeing a performance like that since Vince Young.  On their first score I texted a friend knowing we’d lose.  QB’s that can run and throw in college are murderous because most defenses stink.  Notre Dame’s is no different.  And by the way, you give up 500 yards to one dude, and your defense stinks.

You may not even see the guy at the Downtown Athletic Club.  He’s so small.  He’s gonna get chipped up over the season carrying the ball that much. 

With all that said, quite the performance.  And are we all on board with Michigan having the best helmets in college football?

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)


University of Michigan vs. Notre Dame Time Lapse