More from that one Fett reunion, because I keep adding more family members pffbt. Part 1 - Part 2 

Anyway so last night @ahsokaisawesome and I were talking about 99 in this AU and how obviously he’s the sweetest, wisest ol’ grandpa-figure in the Fett clan. Though he’s not actually anyone’s direct grandpa; he’s the brother of whoever it was that sired Sifo-Dyas, Alpha, etc. I just figure that that parent (and in fact most of the Fett parents of that generation) must have been fairly hardass-y for Sifo and Alph to have ended up the way they are, but I can’t see 99 as having ever been a drill-sergeant parent. So I thought, maybe 99 can’t have kids due to his birth defects, so instead he becomes the kindly uncle who tempers the effects of his siblings’ parenting styles. So technically he’s the great-uncle of all the cousins in this picture. But in spirit he’s everyone’s grandpa. uwu 

I also figure that his legal name is Niles, and over the years it slowly transformed to Nye-Nye to mirror other grandparent-level names like Nana or Pop-Pop. Then it turned into “99″ partly as a clever play on sound and partly because it was easier for the little kids to write. Though many people still say “Nye” or “Nye-Nye” aloud, instead of wasting time on all the syllables in “Ninety-Nine.” ;P


I’ve got porcelain paint for Christmas and I tried them out today :) I’m gonna eat everything from this plate, until the day I die ^^

501th meal time ^^ Everyone important are on this. Rex, Fives, Echo, Jesse, Kix, Hardcase, Dogma, Tup and Denal ^^


Sketchdump of cousins! (And Uncle Alph, lol.) Plus a new one! Coric, another first cousin, maybe in the same family as Crys? (And/Or Appo? He’d be a first cousin too I suppose…) Anyway Coric’s a paramedic, and occasionally runs a route that occasionally ends up at the hospital that Kix works at. Every single time they meet during a patient delivery, he makes the same joke. Every. Single. Time. Coric has several children, based on younger troopers from the battle of Teth. But there are a bunch and I’m too lazy to pick through them at the moment.

Day 7: Freebie!

The machine looked rather intimidating to Poe but its steady beeping let him know that Finn was still alive. The Clone medic, Kix, spent over an hour reassuring him that Finn was steadying and would make a full recovery before Poe started to relax a bit.

*beep* *beep* *beep*

Finn slept almost peacefully in the bacta tank.  But Poe knew better.  Rey looked so worried after they’d returned from Starkiller base that Poe thought his friend dead.  It wasn’t until the medics declared they’d gotten a heartbeat that he truly noticed how critical Finn was.

*beep* *beep* *beep*

A slight tap against his shoulder brought him out of the restless sleep he’d fallen into. Startled, he turned to see that Kix had returned with a mug of what smelled like gloriously strong caff. Gratefully he accepted the mug as the Clone sat next to him for company.

“Nothing’s changed, man. Do you think he’ll pull through?” He didn’t realized he was holding his breathe until Kix’s response made him release it in a puff.

“He’s made it this far, I’d say vod’ika has as good a chance as anyone now.”

“That’s good then.” Both men turned to look at the comatose man before them.

*beep* *beep* *beep*

“Sir, can I ask you something?  About the mission you came back from?”  Kix looked a bit nervous as he asked.

“Sure thing, what is it?”

“I heard General Organa refer to a Death Star when talking about destroying Starkiller base.  I saw the specs on both and just don’t get something. The thermal oscillator makes sense, I get that part.  What I don’t understand, sir, is how the Death Star was destroyed.  The design seems pretty flawless to me.”

*beep* *beep* *beep*

Poe looked at him for a few minutes, trying to figure out the best way to provide the answer.  He could talk about when General Organa was only a few years younger than Finn was now and how her part in the first Rebellion, he could talk about Knight Skywalker and Rogue Squadron… but something told him that none of those would be what Kix was looking for.

He decided to talk about one of the Reasons he’d joined the Resistance.

“Kix, how much do you know about Rogue One?”

“Nothing sir, who was Rogue One?”  He got up to move to the other side of Finn after the beeping began to agitate.  He wasn’t about to lose the closest he had to a Vod now, not if he could help it.

“Rogue One was a group of, well, Rogues in the original Rebellion.  About 20 years after the start of the Empire, they’d stolen the plans for the Death Star which lead to one of the first major victories for the Rebels.  Their members consisted of the Imperial pilot, Bodhi Rook, Guardians of the Whills, Baze Malbus and his husband Chirrut Imwe, the Imperial droid K-2SO, the devilishly handsome Cassion Andor… and Jyn Erso.”  That last name cause Kix to pause in the middle of administering some sort of sedative to Finn for a second before resuming.

“Erso?  That name kept coming up on the specs, wasn’t that the Primary designer of the Death Star?!”

“Yeah buddy, he was. But he’d defected a long time before work on the Death Star completed.  So he redesigned the whole thing to include a small flaw.  On the specs it wouldn’t look like much, but he’d designed the entire system programming to combust on itself should an outside blast be inserted into a small exhaust port no bigger than 2 meters wide.”

“Additional energy would result in a similar oscillating overload I imagine.  Denal once told us about something like that.  Interesting.  How did they steal these plans?”

*beep* *beep* *beep*

Finn had stabilized again and both men were in the mess hall, making quick work of a rather large and rather expensive bottle of Correlian brandy.  Poe had told Kix of Rogue One and Cassian uniting them for a single purpose, of them stealing an Imperial shuttle, how they snuck into the Archives -Kix laughed at the concept of a planet library, Echo would have loved it- and started a battle on the beach as a distraction just to beam the specs up to anyone who was listening.  He got excited talking about the dogfight overhead and teared up when he got to Blue Squadron.  When the story reached the part of General Organa- at the time still Princess of Alderaan- receiving the specs and hightailing it out of there, he stopped and stared down his empty glass.

“I joined the Resistance because of them.  Cassian was an ancestor of mine, figured I’d join the family business of helping the Galaxy.”

Kix downed the rest of his glass, thinking pensively.


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The guy who is next to Rex (with the standard haircut) has blue stripes on his shoulder pads (and i think i see some on his forearm)…. sooooooooooooo.

maybe it’s Denal

We never see Denal without his helmet, only with it on, 

External image

and they appear the same within these pictures so

maybe im right maybe im wrong, but i like to think it’s Denal because he seems so enthusiastic with Ahsoka and that just makes me feel more like she really got along with the guys

Time for another collection of stray Fett family thoughts and plotbunnies!

  • The Mandalorian Mercs are a group like the Scouts/Guides/Navigators, and pretty much all Fett kids are involved at some point. The Mercs run that summer camp that the main bros and the Domino cousins (plus others I’m sure) went to.
  • Jesse was always the youngest kid in class growing up
  • Denal builds Case a fidget cube
  • Echo is delighted to dance with Padme at Cody & Obi-Wan’s wedding, because she’s one of the few people he’s encountered who doesn’t react to his hand with suspicion. She doesn’t flinch or remark that it feels cold/odd or hold it gingerly like she’s afraid of breaking it.
  • Fives & Echo dress up as Kung Fury and Hackerman for Halloween one year
  • Throughout his life, 99 has worn many service hats. He just loves helping people, and was always the best employee wherever he went because he actually cared. He’s been a delivery boy, an ice cream truck driver, a postman, and for a while a maintenance worker at Tipoca City High. He gets to know everyone he meets, tries to keep up with their lives and doles out advice.
  • [Via @lablass-2882​] 99 also has a glass eye. On more than one occasion he’s popped it out to horrify/delight/bewilder his countless honorary grandchildren. 
  • Comic: Rex is tidying his apartment and keeps finding Tup’s hairbands all over the place. Later, Tup is doing homework at the kitchen table while Rex lounges on the couch and shoots them at him. Tup is resigned because he knows he totally brought it upon himself.

Okay, so: I have been thinking about this ALL GODDAMN DAY and it’s pretty well lodged in my head now. I’ve never actually read through any of the Clone Wars era comic books, but I’ve heard of that dude Alpha-17, and today I ended up reading a bunch of Wiki articles on him. Thoughts started snowballing, and now I’m dangerously attached to the idea that in this AU, he is the father of Denal, Case, and Dogma. I’ll spare you the incomprehensible email exchange with myself that lead to this conclusion, and instead give some highlights of why this idea is hilarious to me:

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anonymous asked:

You've probably already answered this but I'm a fool. Who's older of the twins?

Cody is older. For the Fetts I kiiind of tried to give a nod to canon ranks and/or relative ages while building this AU, though I did sometimes screw up or semi-randomly establish orders based on personality tropes. Especially since the episode air order is in the most random-ass order imaginable compared to the actual chronological timeline, and I can’t keep shit straight. But like for example:

Commanders outrank Captains, therefore Cody is older than Rex.

In the episode “The Deserter,” Kix addresses Jesse as “sir,” and later on Rex puts Jesse in charge of the mission. I interpreted this to mean that Jesse was the highest-ranked after Rex in that group (medic trump card notwithstanding ;P), so for this AU Jesse is the next oldest after Rex.

Tup’s canon shtick when he’s introduced is “Nervous New Guy,” so here he’s the youngest in his generation of bros & cousins.

Dogma is also kind of a New Guy in that arc, so I made him about Tup’s age. When I added Case to Dogma’s family, I made him older because he’d been around since season 2. Then when Denal joined, he became the oldest because he appeared back in season 1.

Domino squad are all the same age in canon, so here they’re all kind of clustered together. Though the order is all over the place because it didn’t occur to me to use their cadet numbers as a guide, whoops. Instead I was thinking more in terms of “Hevy and Fives are aggressive and butt heads over who’s in charge, Echo and Cutup are the chatterbox middle children, and Droidbait is the scaredy-cat ‘baby’ of the group.” And I’m too attached to change it now. >v>;;

UNLESS YOU SOMEHOW MEANT THE SKYWALKER TWINS, in which case Luke is older cuz that’s canon, baby. *finger guns*

Some stray thoughts about Case spun off into more doodles. It makes me sad that I forgot his freckles in that comic yesterday. But I’m glad my brain supplied me with the line, “God damn, dude!” because Case calling everyone “Dude” is probably my new favorite thing. At this point I don’t have a clear idea about what kind of career he’d end up with in this AU, but he’s still in college during the wobbly present so “aimless” is an okay placeholder for now. XD

99% sure Denal is the one who stuffed them in the get-along shirt. They fight a lot, but at the end of the day they do love each other.