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To Levee mod: Who are your art inspirations?

Oh my goodness… this is going to take some time to answer ^^ Let’s make this my call-out post for all the wonderful artists who inspire me!! These are not in any particular order, so here goes:

@sirenibe​ @ask-ember-quill @monstersparade @space-cakees @ask-sweet-steam @theponymod @moonwish @violet-thepony @dustybooks @rosa-mod @nemovonsilver @cyanocitta-blattidae @heresvix @abluepegasus @xelectrobeats @denaesketch @casynuf @fromdusttomist @askprosecutie @mlp-raindancer @moonsugarpony @dewdusts @royalsketchbook @ask-majesty-incarnate

Each and every one of you inspire me daily to keep drawing and never give up.


🐦 Banter is a young elf princess of the Aoife Woods. She likes to collect dead animals, especially moths and butterflies and birds because she has a special affinity for wings. Their wings. Wings of the dead. Her solving of rubic’s cubes is falsely founded, as her research into the world wide web of spiders has given her insight to complex puzzles and twisters.

—-▸Once again brought to you by our amazingly weird stream convos and @cachinnus​ ✌

What came to be from yesterday’s instructive character design stream!  Thanks everyone for coming, I’ll get better at doing walkthroughs, I promise! ;P  

And if you missed out, I’m doing weekly streams every Saturday now!  The subject matter will change each every week but will all be related to characters or illustration in one way or another :)

For weekly streaming or to view the recorded process of this video check out my Twitch!

Or for frequent streaming updates check out my Twitter!  I hold polls sometimes to vote on what will be in next weeks stream!

Results from my character design live stream today!  Thank you to all you lovely streamers that came and gave me input :) Everyone decided to come up with a backstory for this lovely lady and I can’t let it go to waste.  A big thank you to @cachinnus for writing it up for all of us!: 

“Savannah Iyari is an elf maiden of the Aoife Woods. Born of two parents, she struck tragedy at a young age when her mother and father were killed by dark forces inherent in the wilderness. Taking her father’s spear and a strip of her mother’s shawl, Savannah roams the forest, keeping safe the villagers that call the Aoife Woods their home.

She finds comfort in a small village, where she enjoys the coffee a young barista lad named Isaac brews for her. She likes it black to match the bitterness of her soul, and with her inability to express her emotions, the love between them is unrequited. Unable to connect to others, Savannah discovers that the wilderness is where she is most comfortable, and forges friendships with the beasts within.

One such, a crow she has named Cacao, is her constant companion. Bonding over a coffee bean that Isaac had gifted her one day, Cacao stays by her side, keeping her company in the darkness of the woods and the evil that lurks amidst the trees.”

My followers are awesome♥


Best of 2015

December ♥ 2013

November ♥ 4007

October ♥ 9568

September ♥ 11066

August ♥ 4025

July ♥ 1886

June ♥ 2841

May ♥ 2809

April ♥ 1237

March ♥ 2386

February ♥ 10706

January ♥ 1473

I just wanted to thank you all for all the support this past year :)  I wasn’t able to create many finished pieces in 2015, but I’m hoping to change that next year.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for all of you and your support, so thank you so much.  Let’s all kick 2016′s butt!


Peace of mind does not come from the outside.

The pieces I made for Flower Pepper Gallery’s upcoming show, Foliage, opening this Saturday in Pasadena :) So happy I got to participate in this as I had so much fun experimenting with and creating these pieces!  They mean a lot to me♥

They are available for purchase - If interested please email Flower Pepper. If you want to learn more about the show, check out their website!


A preview of the piece that I did for the SPIRIT OF THE WIND 2015: A Studio Ghibli Tribute Show curated by 3tArts!  (The same team who put together MOON CRISIS last year which was named one of OC weekly’s top ten 2014 shows!)  

The opening for the show is Saturday, August 8 at 6:00pm at the Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim, California!  (Hoping I’ll be able to go, but still not sure yet!)  –I will also be selling a limited number of signed and unsigned prints of this online, of which more info will come soon, so stay tuned!

A piece that I did for Flower Pepper Gallery over in Pasadena!  This will be a part of their new Cash and Carry wall beginning March 21st, 2015.  All of the artists were given 8x6″ wooden Trekell canvases to do whatever they wanted with, so what did I do?  Elf lady of course :P  

You can get prints of this on my Redbubble or INPRNT, or purchase the original from