while we’re on the subject of the VMA’s and taking down white women who get praised uncritically 

can we talk about rebel wilson 

i think its interesting that i woke up this morning and saw folks on my social media timelines expressing shock at rebel wilson’s offensive jab at black lives matter and police brutality at the VMA’s last night 

“but usually she’s so funny i don’t know what happened”

uummmm….are we watching the same person here?!

the majority of her roles hinge on her being super offensive to as many marginalized groups as possible in one sitting 

her character in pitch perfect was racist, anti-semitic, so many things to the point where i lost count halfway through the movie

her comedic career, far as the eye can see, has always hinged on her being extremely offensive

she’s been allowed to get away with it because her being a fat white woman in mainstream media is seen as “breaking down barriers” for fat visibility and feminism, and thus more important than the actual means by which its accomplished 

hinging the progress of movements like feminism and fat positivity by continuing to uplift and defend celebrities who are unapologetically antiblack only shows how vested in white supremacy some of y’all really are 


Rebel Wilson made a red carpet statement we need to talk about

When asked the classic “who are you wearing” question, Rebel Wilson gave the designer name: Eloquii, one of the only plus-size brands mentioned on the red carpet that night — or any night. And it’s a brand more people should know about — because not only does Eloquii deliver actual on-trend, cool clothes above a size 12, it’s actually affordable.

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