Mar. 4  4:27 pm

When the Avengers assemble to battle Ultron, a couple of them pull Steve aside and ask him how the search for Bucky is going. He shakes his head, expression sad and forlorn and tells them it’s not, that Bucky just doesn’t want to be found.

Cut to the end credits sequence: Steve, exhausted and battle worn, opens the door to his apartment, propping his shield against the wall before shutting the door. “Hey, man,” a voice greets him and the camera pans over to two people sitting on Steve’s couch. It’s Sam and Bucky, both holding video game controllers, punching madly at the buttons.

"We won," Steve says with a sigh.

"Saw the news," Sam says, not taking his eyes off the screen.

Steve just stands and watch them. “Everything good here?”

"Dude keeps kicking my ass at Mario Kart.  Six wins in a row," Sam says, squinting at the TV and leaning forward in his seat, intensity rolling off him in waves.

"Make that seven," Bucky announces as throws his arms up, triumphant.

"Goddammit," Sam says as he tosses his controller on the coffee table. "No more. My ego can’t take this."

"Didn’t take you for a chicken shit, Wilson," Bucky says with a grin. He picks up the discarded controller and waves it at Steve.  "How about it, Stevie? Want to give it a shot?"

"Maybe later."

"I guess if you’re scared …" Bucky lets his voice trail off.

"I just helped save the world," Steve says as he motions for Bucky to scoot over and make room on the couch. "Video games don’t scare me."

He picks up the controller. “Okay. Ready to lose, Buck?”

"For starters, man," Sam says as he leans across Bucky and grabs the controller from Steve’s hands. He turns it around so that it is now the facing the right way.

"Oh. Thanks."