My friends mom made this and now she might be on Fox news. She’s a famous comedian named Dena Blizzard aka One Funny Mother.


Mad For Plaid


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Fashion Look by Candace Hampton

It’s plenty obvious that new Sydney producer Dena Amy is one to watch. Her debut single Wait For You opens with soft glowing, tender twinkling appeal before diving into dance floor ready gritty beats and dirty bass. Dena Amy’s ethereal vocals skate over this deep house soundscape, drawing us fully into Wait For You’s twilit shadows and libidinous trenches. Wait For You is out now on Sweat It Out Music. Download or stream from various outlets, here.

The monolingual America headcanon is the bane of my existence. Yes, the US has no official language and yes, English is the most common. But heres all the languages the 50 states have declared to be official (mostly from Alaska):

Siberian Yupik
Central Alaskan Yup'ik
Deg Xinag
Upper Kuskokwim
Upper Tanana

Unofficial but worth noting:

America has debatably either the fifth or second highest Spanish speaking population in the world and many states give it legal credence

Louisiana creole French exists

As does Pennsylvania Dutch

Navajo and Cherokee are used on official things in New Mexico and Oklahoma respectively

Dakotan is taught in public schools in North and South Dakota

New York used to write laws in Dutch even after both Dutch and English rule had ended but I’m pretty sure that was just to make a statement @ England

There was a movement right after independence to make it required for all laws/statutes to be available in German, but it lost by one vote


‘Wait for You’ music video


‘Wait for You’ - Dena Amy


od září nastupuju do Opavy na VŠ a jelikož tam nikde nikoho neznám, hodil by se mi někdo, kdo by mi tak stručně řekl, co kde je a tak

a taky třeba někdy zašel na čaj, na procházku, na oběd, whatever

pokud tu mám někoho, kdo v Opavě je nebo bude stejně tak jako já, a chtěl by mi občas udělat společnost, budu jedině ráda ☺ 

@artandbertiebotts Obligatory gender swap

It was a sin to have so much leg, Sheena decided, and quite possibly the reason wizards still seemed to cling to the clothing styles of the Victorian era. She had perfected the art of chewing on the top of her quill and and watching the exact point where Dena’s robes rode up whenever she went to put the potions ingredients away.

“Hey–Thomas,” Sheena had also long perfected the boyish slouch (very immodest for a young lady, her ma always reminded her) and a very unbecoming sulky look that only looked more rediculous when paired by her long hair (da insists) and incredibly inelegant compact body.

She blamed her personality on all of this. Including, but not limited to, sending a little folded paper airplane into the small of her best friends’s back.


In case you live under a rock, Dance Academy the movie hits theatres in 2017!!

Here’s Why You Should Be Excited For Dance Academy: The Comeback

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