In the Heights Characters as things I heard in my high school theatre class
  • Usnavi: "I can't wait to graduate." *at graduation* "I'M NOT READY TO GRADUATE!"
  • Abuela Claudia: "You're all smart and I believe in all of you"
  • Benny: "Yeah, I speak Spanish. Bonjour bitch."
  • Vanessa: "Boys are dumb. Trains are cool."
  • Nina: "Is it okay if I do homework while we run lines? I can do both at once."
  • Sonny: "I'm starting to think I'm the only one who gives a shit about anybody else."
  • Carla: "Your hair is a disaster. We should just cut it all off and start over."
  • Daniela: "I don't like to talk about people, but he fucked my sister and that's messed up."
  • Kevin: "You look like you haven't slept in 8 months."
  • Camila: "Somebody around here has to get shit done."
  • Graffiti Pete: "This set looks like shit. Your spray paint game is weak."
  • Piragua Guy: "You'd all fall apart without me."
Barisi Episode Tag, 18x15

(and 18x13, and 18x14, and 18x11. Let’s just say it’s a multi-episode tag, spanning the entirety of S18, because I wanted to make up for the ones I didn’t write all season long. Inspired by the messy schedule, by Sonny’s temper, by Barba’s secret, and by my ability to see Barisi in everything. 16.4K.)

Note: This is a 3-part story. 3 mini-episode tags, rolled into one. Each “part” of the story takes place after each of the last 3 episodes, except I’m tackling them in their intended order, namely: 1) Know It All (18x15, with the reveal of Barba’s secret) 2) Genes (18x13, with Sonny’s subsequent outburst) and 3) Net Worth (18x14, with a happy Sonny doing a crossword puzzle). And I’m also heavily referencing Great Expectations (18x11, with the reveal about Sonny’s past).

Please enjoy.




Sonny braces himself before he enters Barba’s office.

It’s been a while.

He doesn’t know which Barba he’ll encounter. Worse than that, he doesn’t know which Sonny he’ll be.

Sonny swears there only used to be one of him. One Sonny, for all seasons.

Not anymore.

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Lovin’ Ya

request ; Okay oaky okay cause like I need a Soony fic where he just APPRECIATES the FUCK outta you, and he just follows you around and tell you you look amazing and looks just giving you cuddles but as soon and Usnavi tells him to ask you out and he just like tells him to go away because no no no he will not. But he does anyway.

requested by anonymous

pairing ; sonny x reader

words ; 1400 (exactly !)

warnings ; none!

note ; this is semi-edited, so sorry if there are minor mistakes that i missed. also, i didn’t add the cuddles part, probably because i wrote this while sleep-deprived and over the span of a few hours so, and i just didn’t remember it.

Sonny de la Vega. The boy you’d come to cherish as not only a good friend, but also as a bearer of your heart. Everyday, at various times, he would come over to the small café you worked at, order a drink, and depending on if you had the time, would wait until you took a five minute break to talk to you and shower you in compliments (and if you couldn’t take a break, he would wait until the line was gone and just talk to you at the counter.)

Sonny was such a regular, that the shift manager, Selena, had come to adore him, and tried to give you as much time as possible with him. And it was frequent that your coworkers made comment on how cute the two of you would be together, and how Sonny was the kind of guy they wanted and hoped for in life.

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Free Dessert with a Proposal (SonnyxPete)

Summary: For their one year anniversary, Sonny and Pete decide they want to try out a new (extremely expensive) restaurant out of the barrio. And they decide to pay for it, not by dipping into Sonny’s share of the lotto winnings, but by faking a proposal in hopes for a free meal. (Usnavi is not at all impressed with his cousin’s antics but can’t say no to him)

Word count: 835

Warnings: N/A

A/N: Fake proposal…heh

“Hey cuz, I got a question.”

“Yeah? What’s up mijo?”

“Do you have a ring I could borrow? Pete’s going to propose but…we don’t have a ring.” Usnavi nearly choked on his coffee, staring across at Sonny who was still stocking the shelves with that day’s shipment.

“I’m sorry what? Sonny, you two’ve only been dating like a year!”

“That you know of.” Sonny muttered, digging through the box. Usnavi narrowed his eyes, but decided to leave the questioning for that until later.

“Besides, you can relax. It ain’t for real.”

“Not…for real?” Usnavi repeated, tilting his head with a frown.

“Yeah. There’s just this restaurant we’ve been wanting to go to. Rumor has it they give free meals to people who get engaged so…” Sonny shrugged, turning with a smile.

“You two are going to get engaged…for free dinner?”

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tips to get ur cleaning on

  • just get up and do it, don’t procrastinate, just fucking wrap your fingers around the handle of ur broom and get started
  • turn on some music and dance while cleaning
  • or listen to a podcast
  • focus on how nice it’s gonna feel when everything is clean and tidy
  • have s shower before you start bc once you’re clean you’ll feel better

@awkwardfortuneteller of course i’ve seen that tweet