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60 for Vanessa and Sonny (platonic)

Here you are, my darling.

Prompts from this list, a character, a relationship (romantic or not), and you get a ficlet :)

“You look absolutely ravishing tonight,” Sonny whispers against Vanessa’s ear.

His hand on her waist is barely brushing against her, as if he was afraid of touching her. They’ve been dancing for what seems like hours. Everyone agreed on it. Usnavi took her first dance but Sonny is the much, much better dancer and Vanessa naturally fell into his arms by the second dance, and she just hasn’t left. The party is only just starting, the sun still up in the sky and she’s not going home until the soles at her feet are poked with holes from the dancing.

“Shut up,” she snorts.

He leads. She’s not used to it, not with Usnavi, but there are many things she’ll have to become used to after tonight.

“Seriously,” he repeats. “All eyes are on you.”

“You bet they are,” she replies. “This dress looks awesome.”

“It does,” he agrees. “But you look drop dead gorgeous.”

She probably does, truth be told. Camila fixed the dress for her. A bit more modest than what Vanessa asked for, maybe. She specifically required for her boobs to pop out, but that just hasn’t happened. Too bad. The cut is still very flattering and her shawl is lovely, the one that used to belong to Abuela Claudia’s mom, and all eyes are on her. She let Daniela do her make-up, Carla her hair, and she looked stunning in the bathroom this morning, if a bit nervous. Or a lot.

“Did Usnavi tell you to butter me up?” She teases.

The smile won’t leave her face, not today. Today is her day.

“He didn’t need to, I can do it all on my own.”

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

Sonny laughs openly, making her take a sharp turn, the dance slow paced and just perfect as it is. Everything seems to be. From her table, Nina gives Vanessa a big grin and a wave, which Vanessa gives back. Maybe she’ll try and convince her to come dance later.

“I’m just saying,” he says. “You look lovely and very happy. No seducing here.”

“Good. It’d be a shame to break your cousin’s heat right now.”

“My cousin’s heart is in very good hands,” Sonny smiles and she kisses his cheek. She does love this boy so very much, the little cousin she gained in this whole package.

Atención everyone,” Benny says into the mic − who chose to make him a DJ again? Certainly not her. “The next song is hot hot hot. Can our precious couple show us their burning love on the dance floor?”

Vanessa laughs, but still lets go of Sonny to find her blushing groom who deserves another dance to show everyone how it’s done.

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Platonic Darla, 1?

Platonic relationships are beautiful and perfect and thank you for this. I did, however, include a ship (Carla/Sonny’s mom), hope you’ll forgive me!

Prompts from this list, a character, a relationship (romantic or not), and you get a ficlet :)

Sometimes, Daniela wonders if she’s the only person in the world who sees clearly. Or maybe it’s just Carla who is that obtuse.

Jane comes for a manicure every week, even though she’s poor, even though every week she comes back with half-bitten nails and the rest entirely cleared of nail polish. Every week, she asks if Carla would do her a cute design of her choice, something she likes. She won’t have Daniela or Vanessa.

“Do you want me to leave?” Daniela asks.

Carla gives her those doe eyes that contain all the pure innocence of the world and says that she can’t leave, it’s her salon.

On rare occasions, Jane takes a shift at the bodega to take some burden off her nephew’s shoulders and to give him and Sonny some rest. Daniela and Carla stop by every morning before hopping on the bus to the Bronx and every time it’s the same scene all over again. Jane leans over the counter with the smile of a wolf jumping on its prey. Every pretext is found to compliment Carla one way or another. This is quite frankly embarrassing.

“Do you want me to leave?” Daniela asks.

Carla replies that yes, they should both get going to the salon before opening time so Vanessa doesn’t have to do it alone.

They’re watching some basketball game between the younglings. Usnavi and Benny are cheering on Sonny − next to them, Vanessa is busy watching Usnavi with fondness and only occasionally shouts some encouragement to Sonny, who really needs it. Basketball isn’t really his natural advantage. Jane, who loves her son, cherishes him more than anything in the world, who does everything for him, only has eyes for Carla. Stuck between them, Daniela is more than a little tired of Jane’s attempts at scoring.

“Do you want me to leave?” Daniela asks.

Carla begs her not to go because Sonny needs all the encouragement they can give him.

No one does movie nights like Carla. All the best snacks, a comfortable couch, even a little bit of booze. All the girls are invited and these days, that includes Jane. She picked one of the movies today: “Imagine Me and You”. Of course. Of course. Vanessa and Nina sit on the floor but fall asleep at some point through the second movie. On the couch, Jane is getting fidgety. She stretches her arms over her head and Daniela doesn’t miss the way Carla’s eyes dart to the revealed mid-riff or the fact that Jane wraps her arm right across Carla’s shoulders.

“Do you want me to leave?” Daniela asks.

Before Carla can even open her mouth to open to stay, Jane cuts her with an exasperated “Yes please”.

Every once in a while, Daniela treats her girls to dinner together. Today, Vanessa bailed on them − there is no controlling this girl anymore since she’s got her own place and her own personal cook at home. Daniela lets Carla pick the place and of course she chooses the restaurant Jane waits at. The sparkle of her smile when she sees Carla is adorable. She joins them as soon as they’ve sat down, looking at Carla like she’s as pretty as her Caribbean island.

“Do you want me to leave?” Daniela asks.

Carla shakes her head, but there’s nothing naive about it tonight.

“No,” she answers. “My girlfriend is joining us tonight.”

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50 On My Wrist - Sonny Digital

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38,Sonny and Pete for the ask thing.

38. What are they like in the bedroom? Any kinks/fetishes/turn-ons? Anything they won’t do?

Sonny starts out hesitant at first, but once he realizes that Pete is down for pretty much anything, he starts to put forward more and more ideas. Things he’s heard about, things he’s always wanted to try. He’s very exploratory, wants to try everything once. He’s got a praise kink a mile wide, loves to be told how well he’s doing. He tried breathplay once and tapped out nearly immediately. It’s definitely not for him.

Pete is more experienced; he’s a bit more sure of what he likes and doesn’t like than Sonny is. He’s really into tying people down, loves that element of control over them. However, he’s really not into impact play, doesn’t like to cause pain or leave bruises. Not for him.

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