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I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to hear about this guys, and I can finally show everyone.

I got 2nd place in the faceup contest!😲😲 I’m so proud of my entry, though I wish I’d submitted some better pictures of her. I hope the first place person (sour_dotz) doesn’t pick the Vincent sculpt 😣 bb boy is perfect for my Raphael 😍

Alice Neel (US 1900-1984)
Ginny (1984)
One of the last paintings Neel completed before her death. This painting depicts her daughter-in-law Ginny, mourning about her mother, who had died the previous year. Neel knew her own time was almost up, for she had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. For her the painting was thus a glimpse into how her family might respond after her death.