den of angels


I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to hear about this guys, and I can finally show everyone.

I got 2nd place in the faceup contest!😲😲 I’m so proud of my entry, though I wish I’d submitted some better pictures of her. I hope the first place person (sour_dotz) doesn’t pick the Vincent sculpt 😣 bb boy is perfect for my Raphael 😍

ravenclaw aesthetic; angel

“or yet in wise old ravenclaw,
if you’ve a ready mind,
where those of wit and learning,
will always find their kind.”

gryffindor || slytherin || hufflepuff || ravenclaw

[ m o r e . a e s t h e t i c s ]

Okay, let’s get one thing straight;

If you post a sale thread, is it too much to ask that you be up front about whether or not you follow PayPal’s T&C or if you charge PP fees.

When you post a thread that does not mention fees the perfect time to mention them is NOT when we’re talking final payment.

My refusal to continue the transaction from there doesn’t make me a flaky buyer, it makes you an inept seller.

Ways to make sure I will never buy from you.

I’m not sure if this is an elitist thing, or just personal preference, but I’ve complied a list of pet peeves from the marketplace.

1) Using the previous “Famous” owner’s photo as the featured photo

1.a) and the doll has since been repainted. 

2) Similarly, making a point to mention the doll's Previous "famous" owner
2.a) and the doll has since been repainted. 

3) The words/phrases “RARE”, “SUPER RARE”, “HTF”  - all the shit in this hobby is rare and hard to fine. You’d think it’d be easy to find a basic blonde leeke wig… nuhuh.  

4) “Custom Fullset”…. no… just… no. I don’t want all the ugly crap you had with your doll. Unless it’s Captain Jack Sparrow MNM with a 1/3 scale black pearl, I don’t care that it’s a full set. 

5) “One Off” Unless your doll is a company one off, don’t call it one. Every single doll out there that has ever been repainted can be called a “one off" 

6) "Artist Face Up” If you’re unsure of the artists name… or are choosing not to say it, then I’m going to choose not to buy from you. Is it really that hard to list the artist’s name?

7) Y!J/YAHOO JAPAN/ JAPANESE ARTIST.  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, it came from Asia. Do you want a gold star? Specific.Seller.PLEASE.

8) EYES 10$!   *PMs* plz include 4% fee!!! …… Just mark the eyes for 11$ and call it a day.  I honestly don’t know why this bugs me, because it doesn’t with dolls because I can understand the “hidden” 20-50$ mark up being a little shocking, but charging me fees on cheap stuff? just add a dollar to the asking price and be done with it!

9) *insert pic of face up’d doll* ……. “I’ve wiped it / redone it since that photo” …. is it that hard to take a new photo?

10) “SELLING DOLLS CUZ I NEED MONIES!!! PRICED TO SELL!!!”    "*huge mark up* (firm)“  I’m sorry, but every time I’ve REALLY NEEDED MONEY, I’ve A) priced my dolls low to sell quickly B) taken offers, because 50$ less than my doll is worth is better than an eviction notice.  I can understand needing 1000$ and wanting to sell your doll to get that full amount, but… honestly… no one cares that you cut your leg off when they are looking to buy a doll. We want the most for our money, not warm fuzzies for doing a good deed. 


We know full well there’s just time, so is it wrong to dance this line? If your heart was full of love, could you give it up?. ‘Cause what about, what about angels? They will come, they will go, make us special, oh, oh, oh. Don’t give me up, don’t give… me up. How unfair it’s just our love, found something real that’s out of touch, but if you’d searched the whole wide world, would you dare to let it go? 'Cause what about, what about angels? They will come, they will go, make us special, oh, oh, oh. Don’t give me up, don’t give… me up. 'Cause what about, what about angels? They will come, they will go, make us special. It’s not about-not about angels, angels.