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While I know you've discussed the idea of another Ultraman VS Kamen Rider movie through another ask, it does amuse me that in the Den-O Imagin Anime spin off, that Ultraman Taro appears.

That was really, really cute!

I love that at the time (2007) Tsuburaya Productions was willing to allow them to do that.  It’s a great little joke that also brings up a good reason why they couldn’t even have a Vs movie again.

And while the Imagin fight each other, Taro decides he’s had enough of them and makes a decision.

It’s a really unexpected but fun cameo in a fun little comedic anime.

Thanks for reminding me of it!

If the Den-O Imagins had to change a lightbulb

How many Uras does it take to change a lightbulb?
One, but he needs to be near a random lady bystander to talk into doing it for him.

How many Momos does it take to change a lightbulb?
Four. Two to argue about how to change it, one to actually try changing it, and another to punch him when he breaks it instead. Sorry, did I say four? I meant none. Go home, Momo.

How many Kins does it take to change a lightbulb?
Two. One to yell that the lightbulb died, and another to charge in to help when he mishears the yell as “cried.”

How many Ryuutas does it take to change a lightbulb?
Do not let Ryuuta near electrical circuitry please.

How many Siegs does it take to change a lightbulb?
You think Sieg, your prince, would stoop to common manual labor? That’s cute, peasant.

How many Denebs does it take to change a lightbulb?
He already changed it before anyone noticed it had burned out.

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the den-o imagin? they have to be imagin and not possessing a human, that’s vital

momo: somehow I can easily picture momo in a short little maid dress really pissed off about it. I don’t think he can fit shoes or socks over his monster legs so it’s just the dress and a bow hana tied on his horn while he wasn;t looking

ura: the question is would he try to look sexy or would he try to look neat and put-together. I think in imagin form he would go with neat and do a long heavy dress but with a cutely ruffled apron. puffy juliet sleeves too. he could fit a little headband on

ryuu: skirt past the knee but very fluffy. he will not stop spinning around in it. his apron is covered with doodles from when he ran out of paper and improvised before anyone caught him. he has accessorized with little bows on the wrists and on his horns

kin: it has to be long boring victorian I can’t imagine anything else. he rips down the front to show off his abs

deneb: the least sexy possible maid outfit. he genuinely put it on to clean. long sleeves, long skirt, long apron with stains on it. he wears that ugly little hat too

Okay, fandoms, hear me out

I know you all like time travellers

And cute guys who get possessed by demons

and a love of superheroes

and their butts

But what if I told you that universe already existed?

Yes. And that beautiful universe is…

also the origin of this confusing picture

Yes, Kamen Rider. 
But how, you ask?
Well, much like American Horror Story, every season or so, we get a new Kamen Rider with new powers, a new city to save, and new enemies to fight. 

You want a sweet man who gets possessed by friendly pudding loving demons and has a magical time-and-space travelling train? 

Thankfully, the demons (Imagin) change his appearance based on who is possessing him or if Ryotarou is in control of himself. 

But wait, you say. We want a sweetheart who often ends up half naked.
May I present Eiji Hino, the hero of Kamen Rider OOO?

Out first introduction to him is undressing in a museum that’s under siege. 


But hold up, you say. Where’s our detectives we can ship? It’s not SuperWhoLock without those.

Okay, imagine if you would, Sam Spade and Sherlock Holmes combining into one body to fight drugged out monsters to make them human again and solving mysteries, along with a planet that contains every book ever.

Kamen Rider W!

He’s actually these two guys fused into one!

One’s a super genius that can access the world’s memories with blank books, the other is a self-proclaimed hardboiled detective. Together, they fight crime perpetuated by a drug-trafficking monster making crime family. 

And that’s just the surface. You have 

space themed high school comedies


old Classic episodes

anything from Kamen Rider to Kamen Rider Shin

Powerful wizards, such as KAMEN RIDER WIZARD

If we don’t even count the new amazingness that is Drive

we still have lots of flavors to choose from

So… watch Kamen Rider already
Thank you
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