den mother

honestly i’ve been in the pjo fandom for so long i don’t even think i can describe it, i’ve seen literally everything. i was there for it all. i witnessed the original luke castellan stan come and go, i saw the drama filled deletes, i’ve reblogged every type of graphic there has ever been made, my eyes have seen it all. seen. it. all.

INFJ Problems

I sometimes feel like Tumblr needs a den mother. And I just want to adopt all of you. Let me feed you and give you hugs. Need to feel beautiful? Let me play your hair, and I will shower you with compliments until you are uncomfortable. You need someone to vent to? Someone to hate so and so with you? Done. Just tell me who I need to hate with a passion. I don’t care if I don’t know them. What they did to you was uncalled for! One day my husband is going to come home to a house full of adults. He’ll regret not letting me get a cat eventually.


“‘We’ll all take turns as den mothers!’ Batman said. ‘It’ll be fun!’ Batman said.” –Black Canary, done with all her colleagues and these crazy little punks.

Based off of this fantastic text post by incorrectyjquotes. I’ve been giggling about it for a couple days…

So we know that the original Graves has been in correspondence with Theseus Scamander. We know that he knows about the family, and probably Newt as well, by extension. So when Graves is finally told about all the nonsense that went down while Grindlewald was impersonating him, he’s going to have a moment of “Wait, Newt? Newton Artemis Fido Scamander? The same Newt that calls himself mummy to his creatures helped defeat one of the greatest dark wizards of our time? I was tortured and interrogated for weeks and this is the world I live in.”

He then immediately sends Theseus an owl to complain about the state of the world and how basically he owes his life to an adorable ginger den mother and his pack of creatures and crazy friends. 

anonymous asked:

So I saw the comment about shipping Kurama and Genma in Reverse and yes, I'm totally down for that. But can you imagine the chaos/destruction that would follow? Because then Kurama and Genma's *kids* would be together and Genma may not be the resident shinobi den mother in Reverse but you can't tell me he isn't adopting ALL the Root babies. Lies. And Root babies teaming up with jinchuriki/Uzumaki baby siblings would be terrifying. I don't think the shinobi world would survive lol


Just imagine what Genma/Kurama would be like, and then imagine Genma/Kurama/Zabuza. If double the kids is chaos, triple them must be insanity.

Okay but imagine:
Persephone making a flower crown for Hades and it’s his favorite thing ever and he wears it all the time and nobody would ever say anything bad about it because a.) are u really gonna insult the God of the underworld and b.) everyone in the underworld loves Perse she’s like the den mother of hell

Lifters Retreat AU
  • Meeting in Vegas and getting a hotel room on the strip
  • Get to meet all our lifting friends
  • Giant sleepover
  • Telling Scary (Lifting) Stories
  • Lifting junk food for said sleepover
  • Giant whiteboard to make game plans
  • Mapping out all the stores and malls we can visit
  • Practicing lifting techniques in the hotel room
  • Assigning a “Den Mother” to organize events
  • You can even bring a friend from home who can aide as a distraction
  • “Lifting Scavenger Hunt”
  • Going out in teams
  • Make a giant poster of “The Lifters Code of Ethic
  • A “pot” for random items that we have all lifted and some sort of winner takes it all home. Or whoever lifted the least that weekend to even it out.
  • Mass Group Haul Photo
  • “Who Can Lift The Most Ridiculous Item”
  • If you fly into Vegas, you must lift something from the airport gift shop you flew in from and we can add it to a giant poster board or something. Or a gift shop from your home town. Like everyone has a totem representing where they came from.
  • Lifting Matching Necklaces/Rings/Bracelets
  • “Rule Review” before we go out for lifting
  • Farewell Dinner & Special Goodbyes at the end of the weekend

I feel like I’m on a roll with this AU. 

Keep Adding!!!?

DC Comics character summaries Part 1:


1. Cinnamon roll.

2. Is from Krypton(the planet not the periodic element) but it got blewed up.

3. Raised by some farm people who are also cinnamon rolls.

4. Arch-nemesis is Mister Clean.

5. Back in the old days he had a new power every other issue.

6. Dies and then un-dies a lot.

7. The original supaheroh.

8. BFFs with BatDad. They prolly lowkey gay for each other tho.

9. Rly hard 2 kill.

10. Gets his powers with photosynthesis.


1. Usually stuck as the only girl.


3. Lowkey bi.

4. The den mother.

5. Biggest badass in the history of badasses.

6. Super catchy theme song.

7. Her lasso is basically a glorified lie detector that can also be used as a weapon.

8. Her villains need more love.

9. Prolly secretly ships SuperBat and HalBarry.



1. Is an orphan.

2. Can’t stop adopting other orphans.

3. Hates clowns.

4. Very dramatic.

5. Seems everyone he cares about has died at some point. :/

6. Kinda emo.

7. Jerk with a heart of gold.

8. Names everything after bats for some reason? Like the bat-toilet, is that rly necessary?

9. Has like 4 sons who all look the same.

10. Does not eat nachos. Except he does, cuz everyone luvs nachos.


1. Sexiest superhero alive tbh.

2. Superfriends highkey ruined his reputation.

3. He’s gettin’ a lot more love now tho.

4. Rules 70% of the planet. Get on his level people.

5. Communicates with marine life(”talks to fish” was too obvious).

6. Somehow makes orange and green look good together.

7. V badass.

8. Eveyone loves his hook hand but I think they need to bring the magic water hand back.

9. Gives no fucks.

10. Can control the sharks, but not the tornado.


1. I’m highkey gay for him.

2. Typical str8 white boi except he’s actually bi.

3. People hate him simply because he wasn’t in the JL cartoon, which is literally the worst reason to hate a character ever.

4. He and Speedy Gonzales are highkey gay 4 each other but won’t admit it.

5. Space cop.

6. He lik 2 fly.

7. Human disaster.

8. Fucks everything up.

9. Deserves better treatment from both the writers and the fans.

10. Apparently the executives at WB hate him simply because his first movie was bad. It wasn’t even THAT bad, it was just “eh.”


1. Ur too slow! Cum on step it up!

2. Adorkable cinnamon roll.

3. Took me forever to find a pic for him cuz most of the pics of google images were the TV show version.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4. Also gets flack for not being in the JL cartoon, tho not nearly as much as his boyfriend.

5. Okay, I’m gonna say it-his canon love interest is a poor man’s Lois Lane.

6. I’m gay for him too.

7. His evil twin used some slightly confusing time-travel crap to kill his mom.

8. Good at cooking.

9. Can travel thru time and thru alternate dimensions/universes/timelines/whatever term u wanna use it’s all the same thing.

10. If the Rebirth reboot gets rid of his blond hair simply because neither of his live-action actors are blond I will legit kill someone.


1. Half the man he used to be.

2. Some people r still kinda salty about him replacing Marvin on the JL, but I think he brings a lot more to the team than Marvin. Not that I don’t like Marvin, cuz I luv Marvin, but still.

3. He’s like Iron Man except he’s not a pompous ass.

4. My son. I will protect him.

5. Needs an arch-enemy rly badly.

6. In fact, needs more rogues period.

7. Likes football.

8. Known for shouting outdated slang terms like “Booyah!”

9. Usually stuck as the only black guy, no matter what team he’s on.

10. Rly smart.


More observational stuff and spoiler alerts if anyone isn’t all caught up. 

Amos and Alex make an interesting pair. I’ll admit I was iffy about Amos Burton at first. Remember how he had Alex in a headlock during their stay on the Donnager? Not long after that it’s behind them and they’re acting like besties hanging out in the bar. During season 2 I’m glad we get to see a closer look into Amos’ character. When Alex ends up in a bar fight he’s clearly losing, Amos comes to the rescue in full mama bear rage mode. Amos later explains to Alex something about three types of people. The guys who are bad, the people who protect, and the people who need protection. That being Alex, something he resents. A different incident where Amos pushes a woman to the ground, scaring her son, he is horrified at his mistake, and walks away. Proof he’s not a psycho without a moral compass after all. IMO he’s very much the den mother of the Rocinante.