den mother

Den Mother

Requested by @chrisevansisdaddy04 : Do a Derek Hale x packmom! Reader

Thanks for requesting. Let me know what you all think. Just some short and cute fluff before the angst   :-)  
Sorry if it’s super short. If you want to make a request for a part two or for anything, just leave me an ask!

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“OI! Get into the kitchen. Food’s ready.” You yelled, your voice carrying throughout the house. You were setting the table up when you saw your boyfriend walk in, behind him all of the pack. Dinner was noisy as always and filled with laughter. The boys offered to clean up and you happily agreed. You had all went into the living room and you turned on a movie. You were cuddled up against Derek when you felt two other people cuddling up against your legs. You looked down to find Liam and Isaac with their heads on your legs. You smiled before returning your gaze to the movie. You fell asleep, engulfed in warmth and coziness from your boyfriend.

*Next Day*

When you woke up, you were in bed and you felt Derek’s arm around your waist. You quietly got up and went downstairs and found that everyone had stayed over. They were all spread out on the couch and the floor with blankets and pillows. They were just too adorable. You roused them, and they went off to school. You cleaned up the mess, and as you stood back up from picking up some pillows, you felt arms wrap around your waist and a head on your shoulder.

“Morning.” He said gruffly.

“Morning to you too.” You said smiling.

“Come back to bed, it’s too early.” He said, and began to gently drag you back to your room. You complied, and you both spent the day lazing around and in cuddled up in bed.

honestly i’ve been in the pjo fandom for so long i don’t even think i can describe it, i’ve seen literally everything. i was there for it all. i witnessed the original luke castellan stan come and go, i saw the drama filled deletes, i’ve reblogged every type of graphic there has ever been made, my eyes have seen it all. seen. it. all.

Den Mothers: What is Age but a Number?

-Keith knew he had made a mistake the moment the Blades had all stopped talking to stare at him. Up until that moment the Galra resistance had been talking quietly among themselves in the lounge area of the castle and Keith had been drawn into a conversation with Thace and Ulaz about Galra culture and child rearing. That led to the innocent question of how old Keith was then the blank stares started. Kolivan and Antok were called over to join them by Thace, a strain suddenly in his voice and Ulaz asked Keith to repeat himself only to be met with more blank stares.

The next thing he knew every Blades of Marmora had stopped talking and set to work constructing what Keith could only describe as a makeshift bed in the corner of the lounge out of pillows and blankets they hunted down. The Red Paladin had been mostly ignored when he asked what was going on in favor of a sudden onslaught of questions about his childhood, his personal hygiene and eating habits. The answers seemed to only bother them more and by the time the “nest” was built Thace and another blade had returned from raiding the castle’s kitchen. Antok picked Keith up off the couch and set him in the middle of the nest, patting the top of his head silently and Thace set several snacks into his lap.

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Tony the Den Mother

I’ve read posts saying how Steve was the den mother to the Avengers, but have you ever considered Tony? It was his tower in the first place and he has a nagging to keep everything in the right place and the right order. I mean, being roommates with a bunch of superheroes ain’t easy, after all.

-Tony’s lab may look like a tornado ravaged it when he’s at the peak of his work, but afterwards, he spends hours cleaning it up. That’s why he spends so long in his lab, not because he’s always on the verge of a scientific breakthrough, more because he’s satisfying the need to alphabetically-order all his stuff.

- The sitting rooms (yes, rooms) are always a mess thanks to Avengers coming and going, and sometimes uninvited guests like Peter Parker on a spontaneous night patrol who “happened to swing by”. Tony will not hesitate to get down and dirty feather-dusting the place.

- He has a secret stash of “weapons”, a rumour spread by Clint, but it was none other than a broom closet of cleaning supplies.

- Tony will not hesitate to tell someone off for leaving their stack of pizza boxes behind the couch ahem Clint.

- F.R.I.D.A.Y. will perform routine checks of the individual levels for each Avenger’s level, notifying Tony if a particular level is a MESS and he’ll order a cleanup.

- Tony has set up a warning system for keeping things in order and tidy and clean, and will not hesitate to ground his teammates if they get too many warnings

- Got a stain? Don’t know how to remove it? Consult Tony. He has knowledge of how to remove all sorts of stubborn stains, from permanent marker to coffee stains, this guy’s a cleaning miracle genius.

- Can you imagine spring cleaning? Tony kind of saw himself spearheading a team of superheroes to fight bad guys but not to clean up the tower.

- Don’t even get me started on weapons. Guns everywhere, arrows sticking from couch cushions, Cap’s frisbee just leaning against the wall “BLOCKING EVERYONE’S PATH” and “THOR GET YOUR HAMMER OUT OF THE ELEVATOR”

Feel free to add on!

I need a fic where one day Keith has a long chat with Kolivan and the Blades of Marmora about his Galra heritage and ends up telling them most of his life story. When he mentions how old he is one of them stops him and is like “wait can you say that again I think I misunderstood” and when he repeats it they’re all like ‘omg what’ cause for a Galra that means Keith is a Smol Child and must be PROTECTED. 

When they find out Keith was abandoned by his parents when he was even younger and never had a proper home they are in outrage. Family and children are extremely important to Galra and they immediately latch onto Keith, I’m talking practically imprinting. All of a sudden Keith is being carried like a baby and having food brought to him and Kolivan is making a nest somewhere in the castle.

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Freshman Year In Queens Would Include...

- Moving to Queens and transferring to Midtown High School of Science and Technology.

~ Or as you put it: “The nerd school where I will literally be a loser amidst losers.”

- Meeting Peter Parker and Ned Leeds in seventh period math class. You arrived late and had to sit in the back between their desks. They don’t pay you much attention until Evelyn O’ Connor sticks gum in your hair while the teacher is out of the classroom. 

- Your previous shy and quiet demeanor changes to boss ass bitch attitude in a matter of seconds. Instead of exploding you calmly picked the gum from your hair and and used it to stick a “kick me” sign on Evelyn’s back.


- The entire rest of the period is you making rude hand gestures and faces at Evelyn’s back while Peter and Ned try not to laugh. Ned loses it when you manage to draw a dick on the back of Evelyn’s expensive white blouse without her knowing.

~ The teacher asks why you guys are laughing and you have a mini heart attack, terrified that they will tell on you.

~ Peter says he told a funny joke and the teacher believes him. You almost hug him right then and there.

- Ned invited you to sit with them at lunch.

- Meeting Flash Thompson for the first time when he tips over Ned’s food tray because “He doesn’t need to eat anymore or he’ll get even fatter.”

~ Yelling at Flash until he gives Ned enough money to buy more lunch plus ten bucks as a fee for being an asshole. 


- You are now den mother and certified protector of Ned Leeds and Peter Parker.

- Denying that Peter is cute but secretly hoping that he would like you back until you find out he likes Liz Allan. After that you focus on getting him to ask Liz out because compared to her you look like the inside of someone’s asshole. (Which is sad but come on, everyone looks like trash compared to Liz Allan. (And did you get the Deadpool reference?))


~”ARE YOU INSANE?! Oh you are, aren’t you?”

- Friday Movie Nights at Peter’s apartment are born and they are EPIC. Peter always wants to watch Star Wars and you want Star Trek. (It usually ends in a pillow fight.) Ned asks for Disney movies and gets a pillow chucked at his head.

- You sign up for debate club and Model United Nations where you meet Michelle Jones, who quickly becomes your friend. Together you slay the competition at meetings.

- Peter joins photography (cuz I wanted some of Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker in the mix.) and the mathletes with Ned.

- Actually getting top marks and sometimes outsmarting Peter, which he is not happy about. You are one of the smartest people in your grade, no doubt.

- Calling Michelle nicknames like “Mickey” and “Mick” even though it drives her crazy. 

- Discovering Peter has social anxiety like you and offering to have lunch in the storage closet if the cafeteria is too hectic. 

- Having a code word for when one of you has a panic attack or is feeling stressed. 

~ Having a code word for EVERYTHING ranging from “I’m bored let’s skip class” to “Oh my god Liz Allan is walking this way act cool.”

- Becoming VERY protective of the gang. A senior once tried to trick Peter on Senior Prank Day and you stared him down until the poor guy ran away. 

- Finding out Peter’s parents died and he lives with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. 

~ Growing to love May like a mother and always hanging out at the Parker residence. 

- Freshman year ends with a bang. (No seriously like a fifth of the kids “do the do” on the last day IN SCHOOL and it’s kinda gross.)

- Uncle Ben dies and you stay at Peter’s apartment for a week to keep him company, not knowing he blames himself for Uncle Ben’s death. Peter never told you how Uncle Ben died but you refrained from asking. 

- Spiderman makes headlines as the new crime fighting vigilante and captures your interest. 

- You were walking home from an internship a Stark Industries™ and saw your favorite bookstore being robbed. For some stupid reason you decided to delay the robbers until the cops could arrive. 

~ “HEY UGLY! Considering the fact that you’re a criminal, I don’t think you’d be too smart-so why are ya looting a book store?”

~ Realizing the guy has two other friends and the only thing that goes through your mind is “oh shit.”

- A bigger guy holds the knife to your throat and keeps you hostage until Spiderman swings through the window to help. 

~ Him taking down all the bad guys except the one who is holding you at knife point. 

~ “Don’t come any closer or I’ll kill her faster than you can say Spiderman. Now let go of my buddies, leave the cash on the ground and I’ll give her ba-”

~ You kick the robber in the crotch and knock him to the ground, grabbing his knife and pointing it at him. 

~ “You know you should really keep the monologue short if ya want to get away. Just saying.”

- Spiderman being in awe at what you did.

~ “How did you-He just-You took down a guy with a knife!” 

- Rushing home to find Peter pacing around, waiting for you.

~ “You tried to stop a robbery?”

“How did you-”

“It was-uh… on the news?”

- You dismissed the nervous tone to his voice. The two of you ended up pretending not to cuddle on the couch, even though Peter’s arm was around your waist and your head was on his shoulder.

- The rest of the summer went quickly, the only eventful thing being your promotion at Stark Industries™ from unpaid intern to lab assistant. 

anonymous asked:

Mmh, all of these WIPs sound amazing, but I'm actually most excited for the Den Mother continuation? It was the first fic I read of yours and I'm ridiculously attached to that verse, it's not even real. Will it be going further in the story from the last instalment or is it before the war? Whatever it is I'll probably love it to bits till I can recite it but I'm curious.

I’m honestly so happy to finally get more inspiration in this ‘verse, you have no idea. The story’s set pre-It rises with the fall, pretty much immediately post-There’s beauty in the breakdown. Want a snippet? Have a snippet. I’m in a sharing mood atm. 

“You’re sure this is okay?” Naruto asks, sounding a little doubtful where he’s perched on Izumo’s shoulders. He doesn’t, however, stop rigging the balloons full of lavender paint to the lowest branches of the oak. “Genma’s not going to get angry at us?”

Izumo pauses in his own task of setting the tripwire, considering the question. “Well,” he says after a moment’s thought. “I’m sure he’ll pretend to get mad, but he won’t actually be mad. Last time we did this he had to take a break from lecturing us to go laugh in the bathroom.”

Busily covering up their pit traps with a layer of beautifully subtle genjutsus, Kotetsu snickers. “I remember that,” he says fondly. “Ebisu still turns red every time he so much as catches a glimpse of us. It’s amazing.”

“And besides,” Iruka adds primly. “We’re doing what Genma asked us to, Naruto. We’re expanding your skills as a ninja and making sure you have a wide base of knowledge to draw upon for your future career as a shinobi of Konoha.”

Well, Izumo’s never heard “we’re teaching you how to set traps that will catch a tokujo, and letting you practice on a unsuspecting victim” phrased quite like that, but he supposes it’s good enough. Iruka’s a teacher, after all; he’s got to be able to spin things to sound better.

“What he said,” he agrees easily. “Oops, no, Naruto, you can’t string them like that—they’ve all got to be able to go off at once. Otherwise the target will be able to dodge them. Iruka? Want to take a look? You’re better with this kind of thing than me.”

“Sure.” Iruka rises to his feet, surveys the widespread tar-and-feathers trap he’s laid out, then smiles in satisfaction and trots up to Izumo’s side. “Here we go, Naruto. How about you switch?”

Cheerfully, Naruto slides across their braced shoulders and wriggles into place on Iruka’s back. “’Kay,” he says brightly. “Like this, then?”

Iruka checks the layout of the trap and laughs. “Just like that,” he agrees. “You’re a natural at this, Naruto.”

Izumo leaves them to it with a smile, slipping over to join Kotetsu next to the only uncovered pit. He takes a peek into it, then turns to his boyfriend and arches a brow. “Snakes? Where’d you get those?”

Kotetsu’s grin is three parts mischief and one part malice. “Anko. Apparently Genma helped her out of a sticky situation on her last mission, so once she heard what all this was for she was more than happy to help.”

For a moment, Izumo debates not asking as he studies the writhing, hissing knot at the bottom of the pit. Then, because he really doesn’t want to hear the “you put a fellow shinobi in the hospital do you have any idea what the Hokage is going to do to me” lecture again (it was an accident, honestly. Well, mostly), he sighs, wrinkles his nose, and asks, “Poisonous?”

It’s maybe a little telling that Kotetsu’s expression shades towards disappointed. “No. The only really poisonous ones she knows are her summons, and she couldn’t really lend us those,” he answers, bringing his hands together into another sign. The snake pit shimmers out of sight to be replaced by another puddle.

Young Justice Batmom: Part 8

AN: It has been forever and a day since I last updated this. I love how it turned out and I’m happy this got voted number one! For those of you who don’t know I held a poll on twitter to decide which series update I should post to day and YJ Batmom won! Make sure to follow me on twitter for more polls, and previews! Click Here to go to my twitter!

This chapter is dedicated to @audreythetealovingcat she’s been working on some super top secret stuff for me, and It’ll be going live soon! Thank you again so much, you continue to astound me!

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    You complete the obstacle course without throwing up, which in your book… is a win. Especially since you’d thrown up the last two times you’d done it. If your father could see you now he’d be screaming.

           Years of physical training had gone down the drain in the years since you’d left your father’s organization and married Bruce. You’d never thought you’d have to fight again, and yet … here you were.

           “You’re getting better.”

           You crack open an eye to stare at your son, he’s balancing on his hands, on top of a ball. For a minute, you consider the possibility of him being part seal. You dismiss this as you heave your upper body into a sitting position. “I’m too old for this stuff.”

           Dick cracks a grin, “You’re in your twenties.”

           You nod, “My point exactly. That, and the fact that my husband is a task master.”

           Your eyes slide over to your husband. He’s standing in the corner writing notes on a clipboard. He glances at you for a second before writing something else down. Then without looking at you he says, “You’re the one who wanted to get back in fighting shape. I told you I wouldn’t go easy on you, and compared to Ra’s, I’m a freaking walk in the park. Now then, let’s go again.”

           You stare at him, “I want a divorce.”

           Dick slumps onto your back, and wraps his arms around your neck, before asking, “I can live with you, right? And Alfred will come with us, right?”

           Bruce smiles at the two of you before dropping the clipboard and rushing both of you. It’s instinct that has you hopping to your feet. Dick’s legs wrap around your waist, and then you’re running.

           You’re at the disadvantage, and you know it. You’re out of shape, and carrying a thirteen-year-old boy on your back. It’s honestly amazing that you last as long as you do. Bruce takes both of you down while taking the brunt of the fall.

           The three of you collapse in a laughing heap and just lay there. Dick is sandwiched in-between the two of you when he laughs, “We should do this more often.”

           You sigh, “Some families do a game night.”

           Bruce and Dick look at each other for a minute before shaking their heads and saying, “Nah.”

           You roll your eyes and hop to your feet, “Well I am going to go take a shower.”

           Bruce sits up, “What are you talking about, you still have laps to do. You didn’t beat your obstacle course time.”

           You glare at him, “You want to go back to being a billionaire playboy, don’t you?”

           “If he knows what’s good for him, he won’t even entertain that thought.” Alfred says as he enters the gym. “I worked long and hard to put the idea of lifelong companionship in his mind, and I refuse to go back to bimbos walking around in his dress shirts.”

           You glance at your husband, “When the hell did that happen? We got together when we were twenty. After you’d been training for two years.”

           Bruce winces, “I was sixteen, and he was supposed to be gone for the entire weekend.”

           Alfred rolls his eyes, “Like I was going to be that stupid.”

           You stare at your husband, and he stares back, before he says, “How about I forget about the laps, and we stay married.”

           You smile, “Okay, but only for Alfred’s sake.” You lean down and kiss your husband, when you pull back you whisper in his ear, “And maybe a bit for my own as well.”

           He pulls you back down for another kiss, before whispering, “Do you want some company?”

           You glance over at Dick who’s on the parallel bars, “Well we certainly wouldn’t be missed.”

           You grin at each other when the alarm goes off. He growls and you frown. Dick dismounts and simply says, “Let’s go guys.”

    You and Dick head straight for the Mountain while Bruce changes into his gear. You don’t bother with the mask or changing. At this point, the secret’s out, and you could not care less. You watch your son spar with Kaldur, and you find the Artemis at your side a moment later.

    “Hi Mrs. Wayne.”

    You smile at the girl, “Hello, Artemis.”

    The archer smiles back, “Why do you look like you’ve spent the morning getting your butt kicked.”

    You sigh, “Because I live with bullies, and I am waaay out of practice.”

    Artemis chuckles and takes a seat next to you, “So it’s possible to lose the skills, then?”

    You shrug, “I wish that were the case. Instead it seems to be more along the lines of they’re in hibernation. Then I find myself pinned and they seem to wake up a little at a time, and then my body just moves.”

    “Self preservation wins out.”

    You nod, “It would seem so.”

    There’s a moment of silence before she asks, “So does this mean you’re joining the Team or the League?”

    You snort out a laugh, “Neither. I’m a reserve member. I only go if they need me.”

    “Do you have a costume?”

    Your eye twitches, “I don’t do tights.”

    She laughs as Bruce enters, and you follow the kids to the command center. By the end of the briefing your eye is twitching, and you’re radiating anger. No one seems willing to approach you, with the exception of Bruce, and even he seems hesitant.

    “Y/N,” He says slowly.

    “Don’t you dare try to keep me from going, Bruce Wayne.” He winces at the use of his name.

    He tries again, “Y/N…”

    “I hate that damn clown, I hate him with everything I have. He needs to be put down, and I don’t want my kids near him.” Bruce stares at you, and your eyes narrow, “What?”

    “Two things. One we don’t kill, and two when did we get ‘kids’? Last time I checked we had a kid. Singular, not plural.”

    You roll your eyes, “The minute I became den mother those kids became ours. I’ve already dealt with the Joker hurting Dick once, I refuse to see it happen again.”

    “He knows the risk. We all do.”

    “He’s thirteen Bruce.”

    “And what could you do at thirteen?”

    “That’s a different situation.”


    “I was raised by an immortal psychopath who thought it was fun to pit his children against each other.”

    Bruce hesitates for a minute, “What would you suggest?”

    “Send two of the League with them, and I can help the League.”

    Bruce stares at you, “You’ve only been training for …”

    “My whole life Bruce. I’ve been training for my entire life. I’m rusty, I won’t deny that, but I can help take down some plants.”

    He stares at you in contemplation, before sighing. Then he lifts his finger to his earpiece and says, “There’s been a change of plans, Hell Cat and I are going with the Team.” There’s a moment of silence before he barks back, “Of course I’m sure. I’d be next to useless against giant plants. Batman out.”

    You smile at him before leaning in to kiss him, “I’ll go suit up.”

    Dick is less thrilled than you are by the news. “I can’t believe my parents are going on a mission with me! I’m thirteen, I don’t need a babysitter.

    You scoff from your seat in the bio ship, “Richard Grayson, get your temper tantrum under control now, or you can wait in the ship.”

    His head turns to stare at you with the use of his full name, “MOM!”

    You raise an eyebrow, and stare back before he relents and slumps into his seat, “Let’s get one thing straight. The minute I became den mother you all became my kids. This mission is an active fight against high level villains, and I’ll be damned if I let some stupid clown hurt my kids.”

    The kids turn to face you, a bit surprised by your declaration, but no one protests. There’s several moments of silence before Bruce says, “Looks like your days of being an only child are over kid.” There’s a stunned silence before the ship bursts out in laughter.

    The mission is hard, and by the end you want nothing to do with swamps, bugs, or plants ever again. In fact, you’re even considering sabotaging Alfred’s ficus. But you consider it worth it to see Bruce punch out the clown, especially after he went after your baby with a knife.

    “Wow those mosquitos really did a number on you.” Artemis smirks.

    You try to resist the urge to scratch one of the numerous bites on your skin, “Yeah, I can’t leave the house without being doused in bug spray during the summer. Mosquitoes flock to me.”

    “You need a better suit.”

    “Oh, I have ideas for that!” M’Gann calls from the other side of the room. And before you know it the rest of the kids are all pitching in their ideas, before Kaldur says loudly, “Perhaps we should let our mother have some say.”

    You blink owlishly for a moment before, M’Gann says, “Well, Mom?”

    Artemis nudges you with her elbow, “Aunt Y/N?”

    Wally and Dick grin at you, and then Conner too asks, “Mom?”

    You glance at Bruce over their heads and he smiles at you. Smiling you open your arms and say, “We’ll talk about it later. For now, group hug!”

    Then you’re surrounded by your kids. You glance at Dick who’s hanging off your back, and he simply smiles and says, “I guess we’re one big happy family now.”

    You smile and say, “You’re still my baby.”

    He just groans.

Zodiac Signs How Others See You

Capricorn:  You’re often seen as an irresistible force and an immovable object. People put you in charge because you’re decisive — you’re famous for having a great sense of realism. When others need a rational head in a crisis, they call on you. In personal relationships, some friends will stand in line to unload their problems on you; others avoid you because they think your outlook is too downbeat. Everyone agrees that it’s difficult to divert you from your course when you’ve set a goal. Some people feel that in order to find the real you they have to strip away layers of secrecy, but most understand that your aloofness stems from a deep sense of personal privacy.

Aquarius:  You’re often regarded as slightly eccentric — not necessarily strange, but certainly an independent character, a kind of daredevil with an unusual way of looking at things. People consider you a pathfinder, a member of the real avant-garde. They think you have a wicked sense of humor, an ability to shock and amuse at the same time. They know you’re open to new ideas, especially when these ideas are yours. People are drawn to your friendliness and enthusiasm, but they withdraw quickly when you turn acid-tongued. Sometimes, because you need so much personal freedom, you give the impression of being uncaring or distant. Those around you may also become annoyed at your stubbornness.

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Hyena nursing her cubs! As well as some interesting information about how spotted hyenas take care of their young.

Little warning: the end of the video switches to some lions at a zebra carcass, so if you don’t like to see that kind of thing, stop watching at 4:30. 

Being Jon/Bran/Robb’s Pregnant Wife Would Include…


  • He was scared when you told him
  • He thought he wouldn’t be a good dad
  • He is very protective
  • If he ain’t with you, you can bet your ass Ghost is
  • He’s very Den Mother
  • “Is this okay? If not I can get more pillows or blankets.”
  • Whenever you get up he is at your side
  • “Are you okay?” is something you hear all day
  • When the baby starts kicking he is amazed
  • Will lay by your stomach
  • Talks to your girl/boy about his day
  • Ghost likes to lay his head on your bump
  • If anyone comes near you, he is in instant fight mode
  • He has to be in the delivery room 
  • Like 2 seconds after they’re born he asks for another


  • Bran is super excited to learn you’re with child
  • tells everyone right away
  • wants to make bets on the child's gender but you say he has an advantage with his warging
  • he does though
  • Sansa, Robb, Jon, and you think it’s a girl
  • Bran, Arya, Rickon think it’s a boy
  • When the baby starts kicking Bran squeals is very excited
  • At night he falls asleep with his hands on your stomach
  • Doesn’t want you to leave your chambers at.all
  • Bran tries to warg to see the child, but only hears laughter
  • He commits the sound into memory
  • You make him stay in the delivery room with you
  • He almost starts crying when he holds the baby for the first time


  • Robb is slightly worried when he finds out
  • wants you two (or three) to be safe
  • calls it ‘the babe in the north’
  • He is just generally amazed by the whole pregnancy thing
  • When the baby starts kicking his hand never leave your stomach
  • Foot Rubs
  • Shoulder Rubs
  • He does anything you ask of him
  • Wants you to be as comfy as possible
  • He helps you around everywhere
  • When you get into your last term he is always by your side you can’t breathe without him looking at you concerned 
  • He stays in the delivery and holds your hand
  • dang your grip is tiggghhhttt
  • Almost didn't give the baby back to you