den ambrose

Mr. Dean Ambrose. Why I love him. The man is the future of the WWE. His Mic skills are just amazing, he has the talent in the ring that makes his matches epic, he is very confident in himself, and with his natural heel persona he has, he deserves a big push in the company. He has so much passion for what he does, by the way he talks about it to the look in his eyes. The twisted and cocky personality he has is something I do enjoy watching, now and in the future. He has carved his name in stone in wrestling, and in the fans’ hearts. Well, mine he has! I do believe he can make it, and whatever he does, I’ll be behind him no matter what. His looks are just a HUGH bonus.

The Lion’s Den | Luna & Ambrose

Luna smiled winningly at the guards on either side of the ballroom door as she exited. “I need some air,” she purred, the very picture of delicateness as she rested a shaky hand on the ribbing of her corset and rolled her eyes knowingly. As soon as she had passed them her sweet smile dropped, a crooked smirk replacing it. It was a smile that could not have belonged to the mild-mannered girl she had appeared a moment before.

Bright light spilled from the ballroom door, causing the torchlit hallway to appear deceptively dark. The light behind Luna encompassed her in a soft halo, the lady a sight to see with her eggplant purple silk gown streaming out behind her with each step. The frantic, energized sound of a violin solo was the perfect soundtrack to Luna’s escape, the fast tempo matching the click of her matching heels. 

The lively thrum of the orchestra began to fade as she descended farther down the corridor. She looked behind her before she turned sharply, ensuring nobody had followed. While the ballroom was alive with dancing and the roar of jovial voices, the rest of the manor was as quiet as a tomb. Luna’s stride slowed, her footsteps echoing.

Gold Manor was irrefutably impressive. From it’s lofty ceilings, to the sophisticated art on the walls, it reeked of wealth and taste. Naturally, Luna loved it. She chose a door at random, her long taloned nails caressing an ornate handle with a gilded serpent wrapped around it. Her sly smile widened as it turned with ease.

With a snap of her fingers, an orb of glamoured light appeared in front of her, bathing the room in an unnatural glow. With a sharp intake of breath, Luna started when a pair of shining eyes caught the light. But just as quickly she relaxed, a sharp laugh flying from her lips. Why did it not surprise her that Ambrose Gold would own a taxidermy cougar, posed as though poised to strike?