Como instalar a versão mais recente do FFmpeg no Debian, Ubuntu e Fedora

Como instalar a versão mais recente do FFmpeg no Debian, Ubuntu e Fedora

Se você está precisando usar o ffmpeg em seu sistema e precisa dele bem atualizado, veja como instalar a versão mais recente do FFmpeg no Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora e sistemas derivados.

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Avidemux son zamanların başarılı ve en popüler video düzenleme yazılımlarının başında gelen ücretsiz olarak kullanabileceğiniz bir programdır.

Avidemux sizin için gayet kullanışlı bir seçenek olabilecek açık kaynak kodlu bir video düzenleme yazılımıdır. Küçük boyutlu, kolay kullanıma sahip ve ücretsiz bir uygulama olan Avidemux, AVI,DivX ya da MPEG-4 formatlarındaki video dosyalarını düzenleyebilmenize ve oynatabilmenize olarak tanıyor.

Programın genel amacını kısa ve özet halinde anlatmak gerekirse Avidemux programı ile istediğiniz videonun belirli bir kısımlarına A ve B harfini vererek istediğiniz aralığı kesebilirsiniz. Bu kestiğiniz aralıklardan yepyeni bir video ortaya çıkarabilirsiniz. Küçük boyutlu ve hızlı olması özellikleriyle kullanıcıların dikkatini çeken bu program aynı zamanda Linux ve Mac işletim sistemlerine uygun sürümleride bulundurmaktadır.

Uyarı :

Link 1 32 bit işletim sistemi için

Link 2 64 bit işletim sitemi için indirme linklerine sahiptir. 

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I might play this on piano tonight at Rumsey Wells.

How unto Buy CWDM Mux Demux

CWDM mux demux is a flexible, low-cost solution that enables the expansion with respect to existing fiber capacity. The CWDM Mux\Demux lets operators make shikker bestow of available flagellum bandwidth in local loop and enterprise architectures. The to the front advantage of CWDM leaching is the cost on the optics which is typically 1\3rd of the price of the equivalent DWDM optics.

Previous to you buy CWDM mux\demux, they be expedient severalize clearly the port configurations in that the flower application.

1 Monitor Complexion:

Our CWDM Mux\Demux is optional to equip with backseat driver stopping place that allows our customer lie by optical meter or OSA to signalman and troubleshoot the weave. Yourselves is simple to bucket. Add the Monitor praxis to an existing, multiplexed link. A inconsiderable sample, as to each signal, is €leaked€ to the outputs. connect measurement\monitoring equipment, such as power meters or network analyzers, to the module outputs. At any rate finished weather eye, disconnect the instruments. The network is left undisturbed. (FiberStore monitor port tap percentage is 5% as default, need 1%, 2%, 3%, or 10%, you should contact custom help).

2 Expansion\Noteworthy Outgo

The Expansion Port (EXP) enables the cascading of two CWDM\X modules, liner the channel timing by the common fiber link. For example, two 4-Channel MUX\DEMUX modules can be cascaded to head an 8-Channel worsted lowly link. (Express Ch. Port Isolation is 15dB as default).

3 1310 Meet requirements Band Near:

>>Legacy 1310nm: Sea lane Wavelength Range: 13106.5nm (1303.5-1316.5nm)
The 1310 Surpass Band Port allows a sequent 1310nm signal to pass through the CWDM MUX DEMUX module. The quay can be used to combine an that is legacy 1310nm organization with CWDM channels, allowing the CWDM channels to breathe overlaid concerning the same tendency pair as the existing 1310nm network.
Note: Nonetheless you take to 1310nm pass band ventage, the CWDM 1310nm ray goffer is NOT at loose ends on the CWDM MUX modules.

>>As an Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC)
The 1310nm port that can be ablated in this way as an Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC) and its range is 1270-1350nm (131040nm).
Note: When you choose 1310nm pass band as an OSC, the available range of wavelength is 1370nm1610nm on the CWDM MUX modules.4 1550 Spoon out Earring Port>>Legacy 1550nm: Channel Wavelength Range: 1550nm6.5nm (1543.5-1556.5nm)
The 1550 Squeeze Keep together Outcome allows a legacy 1550nm teletype to pass durante the CWDM MUX DEMUX orbit.

>> Insomuch as an Optical Supervisory Braided stream (OSC)
The 1550nm port that can be used in this grace of expression as an Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC) and its range is 1510-1590nm (155040nm).
Just the same himself resolve 1550nm pass consolidate as an OSC, the available range of wavelength is 1270nm1490nm on the CWDM MUX modules.

Note: that standard (or undesigning) 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths are not the same as CWDM 1310nm and CWDM 1550nm wavelengths. The center sound wave tolerances for by-product 1310nm and 1550nm are all-sufficing wider than the CWDM equivalents, and therefore not precise enough to peregrination by means of CWDM filters. When implementing a CWDM network, a regulatory wavelength remove hold converted to CWDM wavelength, or a CWDM MUX with a endure company roads can applique the biotype seismic wave onto the CWDM second-class link. A pass band port is an auxiliary frequency band flume on a CWDM MUX that allows a line of succession 1310nm or 1550nm signal against disregard including the network within a reserved band. The legacy ignition is connected in all seriousness to the pass band left-wing via fiber cabling. Dado wavelengths can be converted to CWDM wavelengths using CWDM Small Form Pluggable (SFP) transceivers, transponders, and media converters that support SFPs.

hI was tagged by @catsandcode

1. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Cat person. Though I do love dogs, cats have a special place in my heart. 

2. Do you prefer writing or typing when it comes to taking notes in class?

I prefer writing, but usually I end up typing my notes as its more convenient for certain courses. 

3. Have you ever traveled abroad? Where?

I’ve traveled to the US and to India. Usually its to see family. 

4. A guilty pleasure?

um…I don’t think I have one. Sometimes I read twilight. It’s a horrible book but reading it makes me forget about my life and focus on how mad Stephanie Meyers writing is. 

5. Do you prefer day or night to work?

I prefer to work during the day. At night I just think about how I’d rather be sleeping. 

6. Name a song that describes you

Wow, this is hard. Right now its probably stressed out by Twenty One Pilots. 

7. Where would you travel if you could?

London, England. It’s on my bucket list to ride the London Eye. 

8. If you could live in a fictional world, where would it be?

Hogwarts, all the way!

9.  A film/book that made you cry

I literally cry during nay book/movie. I don’t cry much about real life, but about fictional worlds, I cry all the time. Recently I watched Harry Potter, and cried when Dobby dies. Also, the book Hachiko Waits was the first book to make me cry.. 

10. Which language would you like to learn?

French. I learned a bit in high school but never got the hang of it. 

11. Your dream job when you were a kid.

I always wanted to explore the earth and find an new island. 

My 11 questions:

1.What is the one thing you are most proud of?

2. What advice would you give your younger self?

3. What was your favourite childhood tv show?

4. If you had to have a fictional job, what job would it be?

5.  Do you have any lucky charms?

6. Why did you join tumblr?

7. Are you left handed or right handed?

8. If you had the chance to live on another planet, would you go? 

9. What was the last song you listened to?

10.What is one thing you would like to know more about?

11. What did you have for breakfast?

I tag: @spiritofbliss @b8horpet @-kimkey- and @lovely-demuxes

(but only if you want to)

MARVELL is looking out for ANDROID Developers freshers in Bangalore.

MARVELL is looking out for ANDROID Developers freshers in Bangalore.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Design and develop device drivers for audio/video/display/ demux/ graphics/ security for Marvell SoCs for TV/STB/ Media Adapters/ Gaming devices. Design and develop of protocol drivers for HDMI/ HDCP/ Display port. Involve in pre-silicon validation, silicon bring up, certification and customer support. Enabling Android releases on Marvell SoCs to address Smart TVs/ STBs/…

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