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so can i just say that i don’t think zach deserved to have a tape about him. it’s my opinion, sorry if you don’t agree. but he was nice to her and was there for her because he understood that marcus was being a dick to her. and he tried to sit with her, but hannah thought he was trying to get with her or whatever. so basically, i just think zach is actually such a sweetheart and needs to be loved akksfhja.

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get to know me meme- [2/5] favourite movies: Flypaper (2011)

“ We always said that we would bail on any job if the intel sucked. Already the vault specs are shit, we’re behind schedule, our number 3 guy Lancelot is a fuckin’ psycho. We got two hillbillies in the lobby playing with weapons-grade plastic explosives, our faces in the the open. Ten years ago we would have bailed.”



Will Wood To Go Live For 24 Straight Hours

Musician Will Wood is slated to start his 24-hour long livestream session in approximately 20 minutes. After publishing a Facebook status stating that he would do the deed if the post achieved 300 likes, Wood was due to keep his promise.

You can watch the livstream on the Tapeworms social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) beginning at 12PM EST.

Catherine Dempsey is gonna watch the livestream. You can follow her on Twitter.