Update #13: Promo Video is up!

Happy Mid-week peeps! The promo video is finally done! It’s just a simple one but hope you’ll like it. Please share and repost to spread the news! We are going live on Kickstarter on 6 June 2015! Stay tuned!

If you have any comments about the video, let us know!

We might need a bit more time before releasing the demo but nonetheless, the Kickstarter site will be live on 6 June for those who would like to pledge earlier =D

anonymous asked:

I am so so keen for aberford! Do you have a rough idea as to when your kickstarter will begin? You guys do you

Right now, we’re shooting for a late-April launch, but we want wait until

  1. We have the trailer finished
  2. We have a great looking combat demo
  3. We have enough followers to ensure a really big opening

so we may push the launch into May. It’s better to delay the launch and have everything right than it is to rush things and fall short.

Also, because it keeps coming up, we’re planning to set the “Get the whole game and any expansion content we fund” backer reward at around $25. Hopefully that’s a fair and achievable level for everyone. Higher levels of funding will have more rewards (extra copies, in-game rewards, etc), and there’s also a lower level that will give you access to the chapter 1 beta.