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Gift #7 goes to Demotivated Pinkie Pie

Someone’s mentioned that the mod’s mother has been having some health issues.  One of the most painful things to experience in this world is the loss of one’s mother.  I and many will hope for the better.  May you both keep living, breathing, surviving!

Stay strong!  >:]

Pinkie: Hiya Ember! I know we haven’t really chatted a whole lot, but I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Unfortunately I don’t really have much in the way of presents…so hopefully you’ll accept a special birthday huggle instead! ^w^


Ember: Heh, that’s ok. Hugs are always welcome, especially from friends!

Sal Mod: *pretends the happy birthday also was said to me*

Applejack/Blacklin: Resolution?

    Finding Applejack wasn’t as hard as Blacklin thought it was going to be. Granted, there were only a few places the farm mare would go and almost all were right around her home. It turned out that he didn’t have to check many of those places.

    He finds Applejack sitting alone in the south orchard sitting on a hill that looked over the fields. Her hat laying on the ground next to her, though what catches his attention is the familiar pink orb floating next to he. There’s no movement or sign of acknowledgement as Blacklin lands a few paces behind her.

    Worry is etched on the gryphon’s face as he folds his wings on to his back and approaches the farm mare slowly.

    “AJ? You okay?” He asks softly.

    The sound of his voice seems to snap her out of her daze and her head snaps up. She looks around briefly before jumping to her hooves and looking at him.

    “Blacklin? What are ya doin’ all the way over here?” She asks. “I thought you’d be with your sister and all…”

    He shakes his head a bit and takes a seat, starring out over the apple trees.

    “I was,” he starts, “and then I suddenly got a message from an acquaintance. Said that some pony might be causin’ you trouble and invlovin’ me in it all. Wanted to see what was up.”

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Updates for the Week

((Mod: Heya, Mod here. Ok, got some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is, apparently I forgot how mum likes to treat days off. This week has become “go to doctor appointments and clean the house” week. So thus, I haven’t had as much time to update as I’d like.
I WILL be updating, don’t fret, but it looks like I’ll have less time to do it than I’d like to. If anything more about that comes up, I’ll let you all know first.

The GOOD news is, I’m slowly nearing the 200 follower mark! So if you’ve reviewed my posts from the past, then you know what’s coming: the Follower Special, and another Riddle challenge! So get prepared, cuz it’ll be coming soon! :)

I’ll keep you all posted with any updates in store. Chao for now! ))