Let me break it down a little further…

There are many more people that have been UNFAITHFUL in their relationships than there are who have CHEATED! Why? It is because FAITHFULNESS involves maintaining commitment to what once was true! So many are worried about their mate being with someone else that they may have missed out in noticing how many times they have deviated away from what they once were! It does not matter in which aspect it may have been. If there was a demose, deterioration, or decrease in something that once bought happiness & fulfillment, then UNFAITHFULNESS is to blame! Even more treacherous is to notice that the UNFAITHFUL areas have more than likely been mentioned by the other person several times before yet you have just chosen to ignore what they said!

Now of course I am not stating this as being a reason for CHEATERS to CHEAT in no shape, form, or fashion! However, it is being stated so that you can check your own life to see if there are any UNFAITHFUL ways that you are living according to now that may be resulting in the disconnect & unhappiness being felt! We all have been UNFAITHFUL in various ways when it comes to healthy & happy relationships which is why it is time to stop playing the victim role (if you are) and reevaluate your conditions.

Are you contributing to someone else’s UNHAPPINESS by your UNFAITHFULNESS??

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