othercolouravasdemon inspired me to start working on my own Ava’s Demon AU which I was going to call demonswapped but apparently thats already a thing?

In which Maggie the demon gets stuck with a useless human host who just wants to garden and paint pictures of his crush.

Ava and Wrathia

Gil and Nevy

Odin and Pedri

Bonus Maggies

Still asleep, I see…..
What is this paper?

“With magic he doth sleep for hours upon days.
 But the swift return of true love’s kiss will surly raise.
Falter not and look forward there doth true love lay

                                                                        :o) ”


zfiledh  asked:

Demonswap AU ask: How did the first meeting between Ford and the kids go?


“They’re coming! Just up the hill, I see them!” Ford exclaimed, hovering about ten feet off the ground

“Ford, feet on the ground. This bus is coming from Piedmont, the people there aren’t exactly the kind to keep quiet about the paranormal.” Stan tugged at Ford’s trenchcoat, coaxing him back to Earth just before the Speedy Beaver came into view.

“This is so exciting, I can’t believe I’m finally meeting your family!”

Stan fidgeted with the sleeve of his suit jacket. “Yeah, well, don’t expect much. There’s a reason the first ones to talk to me were born after I left.” It’s okay, they’re kids, they won’t bite. They won’t blab about Ford. Probably.

The bus came to a screeching halt, pausing to let two children off before speeding away again. Mabel wore a pink sweater so bright it made Ford’s eyes hurt. She looked around in awe at the bus station, delighted at the prospect of an entire new town to explore. Dipper was fidgeting with an old army green baseball cap that Ford could easily see was hiding a constellation birthmark, and avoided his Stan’s gaze.

Stan took a deep breath.

“Hey, kids! It’s me, your Grunkle Stan!“ He tipped his fez, putting on his best Mr. Mystery smile. “Dippy and Mavis, right?”

Dipper and Mabel,” Dipper corrected, giving as intimidating a glare as an underconfident, sweaty, 90 pound twelve year old could muster. He glanced at Ford, who clasped his hands behind his back. “Who’s that?”

“Oh, this is Stanford, my brother,” Stan chuckled nervously. “He lives in town. Visits often enough, so you’ll see him from time to time.” Please buy that, please buy that, please buy that.

“Mom and Dad didn’t say you had a brother,” Mabel pointed out.

“He’s adopted.”

“Still doesn’t explain why Mom and Dad never told us,” Dipper said, suddenly gaining interest, taking out a pen and chewing on it absentmindedly, getting up in Ford’s face. “Who are you really? Are you a spy? A ghost?!”

“Demon, actually,” Ford said.

Dipper paled. “Really?”

Ford smiled, waving his hand and lifting Dipper and Mabel into the air. “Yes! It’s quite the tale, I’ve been around for a very long time.”

“It’s a very closely guarded town secret. Can’t exactly have that kind of thing gettin’ out, ya know?” Stan explained over Dipper and Mabel’s raucous laughter. “He might be a demon but really, he’s a giant dork. Wouldn’t hurt a fly!”

“This is amazing! How did you get here? Why Gravity Falls? What are you here to do? Do you take people’s souls? What are the souls for?” Dipper gushed.

“He likes paranormal stuff,” Mabel explained when Stan raised an eyebrow.

Stan chuckled and plucked Dipper from midair, setting him on his feet. “Here’s a tip, kid: don’t get Ford started on souls. He doesn’t want them and he’s got no idea what to do with them anyhow. My brother will try to pawn off souls on literally anything. Once he tried to give one to an oddly handsome frog.”

That is so cool.” Dipper stared at his grunkles, starry eyed. “So you’ve just been living with a demon all these years? Are there any side effects? Does your head spin around like that girl in the exorcist? Do the walls in your house ooze blood?” Stanley reeled at the onslaught of questions.

Ohmygosh Grunkle Ford you have six fingers!” Mabel exclaimed, grabbing one of Ford’s hands, causing the demon to flush, unsure of how Mabel would react to his irregularity. “You have to let me make you finger puppets!”

Ford glanced between Mabel and Dipper, his lips curling upwards in a small smile. “Heh, I like this kid, she’s weird.”

Dipper and Mabel shared a look. “This is going to be the best summer ever!”

“We thought we were gonna be stuck in some small town where nothing happens with a boring old guy we barely know!” Dipper exclaimed.

“No offense,” Mabel added.

“Boring?” Ford asked, baffled. “Stan and I first met in the ruins of an Aztec temple while he was on the–”

“Hey, let me tell the stories around here, okay bro?” Stan teased, elbowing Ford in the arm.

“I’m just saying, I know your life’s story and it’s hardly what I’d call boring,” Ford huffed, turning to Dipper and Mabel. "What exactly did Sherman and Alexandria tell you kids about Stan?”

Stan rolled his eyes. “Ford, human parents don’t tell their kids about all the crazy sh– stuff their older relatives have gotten into.” He grabbed Dipper and Mabel, leading them towards the parked Stanley Mobile. “Now come on, if you think he’s weird wait til you see the rest of the town.”


Demonswapped Nevy and Gil finished ahead of schedule! (I’m really happy with Gil)

While Nevy, newly accepted follower, is a bit suspicious of TITAN’s motives, her demon wants her to rise in the ranks so that he can one day get his memory back.

Tuls and Maggie

Ava and Wrathia

Odin and Pedri

Bonus Maggies

anonymous asked:

If your still looking for prompts how about ford just finding out he lost his powers. Does he know as soon as he losses them of is it the next time he uses them and has know Idea what to do.

for context: since Ford can teleport and get around Gravity Falls natural law of weirdness magnetism easily enough, instead of offering Dipper an apprenticeship he just asks if he can visit them in Piedmont and help with school whenever. He is also aware that while he is incredibly knowledgeable about many subjects, he would have to work with someone else to filter that knowledge into something usable by humans. Also, Ford doesn’t exactly have a trade he can offer an apprenticeship in.

“Mabel, I just had the greatest day of my life!” Dipper ran into the attic, tossing his backpack aside and making a mad dash for Mabel’s bedside. “There’s this giant UFO underneath the town and Great Uncle Ford almost got captured but then we both– Hey,” Dipper placed a hand on Mabel’s shoulder, buried underneath a mound of blankets. “Hey, are you okay?”

“I don’t… I don’t want to leave Gravity Falls! Today was the worst day of my life! When we turn thirteen summer ends! I have to leave everything behind, I’m not ready to leave everything behind! I just want summer to last forever…” Mabel cried, wiping droplets of tears from her eyes.

“…But it has to, Mabel. I don’t want to leave but we have to. Grunkle Ford said he can stop by and visit whenever we want, and he–”

Dipper was cut off by a flash of light, brighter than the sun, brighter than anything he’d ever seen.

Then, a BOOM so loud the house shook on its foundation, followed by Ford screaming, “Dipper, Mabel! Get down here, quick!

The twins scrambled down the stairs just in time to see an obsidian triangle floating in the sky.


“B-Bill?!” Dipper stammered. “But how did he– what is he–”

“They’re the same… all this time and I never realized they were parallel versions of each other…” Ford whispered, feeling his vision cloud. “Kids, listen to me: inside the Shack there’s a box filled with unicorn hair. I want you to glue it around the outside of the house, gather all the fresh water and canned goods you can find and head to the basement. Stanley and Fiddleford will be down there shortly.” Ford took a deep breath, trying to ignore the fact that he hadn’t seen this coming, trying to ignore the fact that he couldn’t see anymore, not the way he was used to seeing. It’s just Bill, he’s just trying to stop you from knowing what he’s planning, from knowing what he’s doing, from trying to stop him, it’s nothing to worry about and nothing you can’t counteract. Ford was pulled out of the sea of his own thoughts by a shaky tug on his coat.

“Grunkle Ford, I’m scared,” Mabel dug her teeth into her lower lip, her tiny fingers buried in the tan of Ford’s coat. “What’s going on?”

“Somehow the town anarchist got nearly unlimited powers similar to my own,” Ford stared up at the sky, teeth barred, eyes narrowed, and fists clenched. “I can stop him. I’ll have to fight him but I can stop him. That unicorn hair will create a safe barrier around the house that no demon, including myself, will be able to penetrate. Please, you have to lay low until this dies down.” Ford took a shaky step forward, his head swimming as his usual methods of balancing himself failed.

“Grunkle Ford?” Dipper’s eyes were fixated on the sky, where Bill was setting the town ablaze as he introduced his friends from the Nightmare Realm. “Be careful.”

“I will, now get inside!” Ford yelled, righting himself and leaping into the air, summoning every ounce of power he had–

–and fell flat on his face.

“Grunkle Ford!” Dipper and Mabel were at Ford’s side in an instant, helping him stand on wobbling knees. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, I j-just–” Ford stammered, struggling to get to his feet again. “M-Mabel, pumpkin, the unicorn hair. Hurry, please…”

“Okay,” Mabel nodded. “Okay, I will, don’t worry!”

“Something’s wrong,” Ford’s voice shook. “My head is pounding and I can’t see.”

“What’s happening to you?” Dipper asked, supporting Ford and helping him to the Shack. “What’s going on?”

“AND THE SOURCE OF MY POWER?!” Bill’s scream carried over miles to the edge of the town border, ensuring that everyone would hear what he had to say, one final time, as one by one his eye-bats turned them to stone. “THIS APOCALYPSE WOULDN’T BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT THIS HICK TOWN’S FAVORITE FREAK!”

Ford’s stomach heaved,the unpleasant sensation sending his head spinning as it screamed at him to breathe damnit! “I-I think Bill has… my powers, somehow…” He whispered.

“Grunkle Ford!” Mabel cried as the Mystery Shack was surrounded by a glowing field of magic. “The barrier’s up!”

“Let’s get you inside,” Dipper stuttered, unsure if he would even be able to get his uncle past the barrier. “Oh man, oh man oh man, are you going to be alright?”

Ford clung to Dipper as he got to his feet, tripping over his shoes and stumbling towards the Shack. Once more, he tried to float, to shift into his hexagonal form, to see the ultraviolet patters in the garden he and Mabel had planted, anything

A chill shot down Ford’s spine as he passed through the barrier without incident.

“I don’t know, Dipper.” His voice shook as for the first time since Flatland, since Time Baby, Ford feared death.

“What’s wrong with Grunkle Ford?” Mabel whispered, shaking as a bright neon wave approached the Shack. The front door slammed shut behind Dipper and Ford, just as the wave broke and crashed around them.

Dipper glanced at Ford, who had crossed to the kitchen and was gathering as much food as he could, pausing every now and again to attempt telekinesis, refusing to accept that it was a lost cause. 

“I think he’s… human now.”