demonstration of power

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How does life function in your AU? Is it like the book "The Girl Who Could Fly" where they have scheduled activities all day everyday or is it they can choose what they want to do but sometimes they have to go in to be anylized or something?

Everything is scheduled everyday of the week

Breakfast time

Classroom  (which is basically where the kids huddle up as D-1 teaches them on how to properly use their powers since he is basically an expert on it)

Gym (where they take turns demonstrating their powers by either target practice or mazes and puzzles) 

Lunch/ Recess 


Talking Time with Ms.Gwen


Free time

Bed time

And occasionally they have Match ups every week . which is where they are put into a pair/ group and have to go through a maze together and try to get out  

Seventeen [Vocal Unit] Reaction to learning their s/o has superpowers.


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Woozi wouldn’t believe you if you told him you had superpowers. “Really? Were you bitten, or is it more of a genetic mutation type thing?” Woozi would turn back to whatever he was doing, shaking his head a little with a small smile on his face. You would have to demonstrate your powers to him several times to get him to believe you, and he’d just kind of stare at you, not giving any reaction away. “How long…No, it doesn’t matter.” He would just accept it, as if you said you had gills.


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Jeonghan would ask you to show him your powers about 500 times, each time asking for you to do it slightly differently so that he could see the full extent of what you can do. “How could you have kept this from me for so long, it’s such a huge part of who you are. Who else knows?”  “Are there lots of you out there, or is it just you?” “Does this mean you can be my hero?” 10/10 would be goofy with you and flirt, talking about you being his saviour, and he might touch you up more than usual.


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“What?!” Joshua would turn to you in shock. He would believe you straight away because there was absolutely no reason for you to lie, and he would be so impressed by you, his eyes sparkling as he looked at you. He wouldn’t want to ask you loads of questions in case you got offended or weren’t comfortable yet, so he’d ask you to show him your powers very politely. “But if you don’t want to, that’s cool, I dont mind!”


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DK would hardly be listening to you as you spoke, thinking you were talking about a story you were wanting to write. When your hand suddenly burst into flame DK would slowly turn his head and just look at you, lifting an eyebrow. “Oh,” He wouldn’t be that shocked, he’d absorb the craziness quite easily since he’s a pretty adaptable guy. “Well that’s a new development. Cool. Would you excuse me for a moment?” He would smile politely and walk outside the room and suddenly he’d scream, jumping around like a crazy person, having no control of the excitement he was feeling.


“Oh yeah, so do I. I can turn invisible,” Seungkwan would nod along, his lips puckered as he winked at you. He would lift a pillow in front of his face and suddenly yell “See, you cant see me. BOOM!” He would lower the pillow and suddenly yell “AHH YOU CAN SEE ME!” Seungkwan would snort and roll his eyes at you. When you showed him your powers he would just pout, his nostrils flaring. “How do I get powers?”

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the signs feeling intense anger

Every sign can reach the stage when the mind just ‘quits’, no matter how laid back they are. check mars and moon!

Aries: She feels no anger. She feels rage. The intensity, the strong, sometimes short but intense feeling of emotions was something she was familiar with, but what she did hate was the feeling of anger she could mostly never shake off. It was always there with her, she let her rage out and it seemed like an exploding volcano. All she saw was red, there was too much energy flowing inside her bones that she could not get rid off and so she let out her anger, and she did not care who would see her like that. ‘I am fire and you will get burned.’

Taurus: He was angry. Angry with the world, angry with this unsteadiness, angry with the fact, that he could not do anything to stop the current situation. Long, slim hands pulled him out of his nest and threw him hard on the ground. He flinched as a cold breeze came and took away all his warmth. “No, do not take everything away from me!!”, he screamed but the dark did not listen. Gritting his teeth he felt his temper raging, long horns started to grow out of his head and he shook his head, trying to get rid of the feeling of losing himself. 

Gemini: Emotions were an construct. A map with a thousand of points, connected with each other by a small, small string. No there was a knot in the strings, there and there was nothing else he could do to untie them, to clear up this mess in his head. It was like the road for his thoughts was blocked and now everything just piled up. Irritated he shook his head, even communicating was hard and the knot in his head slowly transformed in his whole body. Then his mind just quit. Rash action. 

Cancer: She could not tame herself anymore, she got hotheaded again and knew the will easily fall in an tantrum again. Followed by this feeling of guilt: why me? Why this unfairness? Why the need to upset others and be upset? In the end a wave of intensity and sadness washed her away before she could get a hold of herself again. And getting back to the surface after being pulled down by the ocean would cost her a lot strength. Strength and a long time of swimming through these endless waters. 

Leo: “I do not like this”. It all started with the feeling of unfairness, adding a a little bit of hurt to the shattered self that lay on the ground. “I cannot let them now I am hurt! I will not allow them to touch me gain that deeply.” She opened her mouth and showed her long, sharp fangs. She roared. It was loud and vibrant. Whetting her claws she narrowed her yellow, fiery eyes. “Pray for yourself”, she whispered before sprinting to her prey. 

Virgo: The head was a like a working space. There were many files and papers he read, worked with, analysed, only to put them into a new file that was stored somewhere in his office. “Wh- what is this?” This certain piece of paper  was not like the others. Unreadable. Impossible to put somewhere, therefore it was just out of order. “I..I have the control..”, he said, his hands starting to shake. “I..I have the control over it…I have the control..”, he repeated unsteady before standing up and shredding the unknown paper. He started breathing hysterically, what was that? This brooding fear inside of him? “Control…”, he said one last time before shattering the mirror and flipping his precious work desk. 

Libra: These thoughts. These worries. These fears. She did not know what to do. How was she supposed to handle? “It is their fault!!”, she cried. But at the same time is was her own fault. She cried quietly, feeling like she wanted to let everything out, but couldn’t reveal herself, because everyone next door was sleeping. She did not want to disturb them with the mess of feelings. “I will ignore it. Swallow it.” But it was far too much to keep on pretending. She felt like being on fire, but she still smiled. A poisonous, deadly smile. Everyone should feel her poison sting inside their veins. 

Scorpio: His anger is intense. It’s like a thunderstorm with roaring thunder inside of him. His heart is beating and he wants to destroy, cry and scream. He wants to let out his darkest thoughts, he wants the world to feel his pain, transformed out of the bitterness. But in the end, he remains silent and waits till everyone left. He could hurt anyone right now, but he know it’ll be no good, knowing that he will destroy for sure if he demonstrates his power. So he balls his fists and closes his door. Outside of his bedroom you can her the thunder roaring. 

Sagittarius: ‘Do not stop me’, was all she thought. These feelings were caging her. No matter what she did to distract herself, the anger would haunt her after all, so the minute it became to much she snapped. She could be free spirited and joyous but deep emotions were something completely different, especially anger. Because she was not only the laughter of joy but indeed the stomp of a herd of wild horses swirling up dust as they made their way through the steppe. There was raw force and energy inside of her and that needed to get out, now. 

Capricorn: Get a hold of yourself. Get a hold of yourself. Now. But there was no way to get himself under control. There was this dam inside of his head that stopped this enormous river of feelings of overflowing. Now, there were little cracks in the once so strong concrete and each of them plainly showed the nerves he lost from time to time. He sat at his desk, swallowed and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the dam broke. The raging float of dark water swallowed him completely. 

Aquarius: She saw it often on other people. Anger. She watched them live it out, stomping with their feet, raging, screaming, shouting. Now? She felt it herself. “I know this, this familiar”, she explained to herself. But familiar did not mean good. She knew her temper tantrums for when she was young. She knew that destructiveness could be a part of it. “I do not want that. I will not.” Suddenly a dark, whispering voice talked to her: “You do not choose to be out of touch. You are not your own master.” She widened her eyes anxiously. And suddenly, it was like she was 7 again. 

Pisces: Anger? Anger, he felt it so deeply, anger and the need to cry out of frustration, he did not want to feel it anymore, the worst thing that ate him alive right now. So he grew bitter. “I can turn nasty”, he thought. “I will be the worst if you make me feel this again.” And so he did. So he became the feeling of anger and bitterness himself. As he looked in the mirror he couldn’t recognize himself anymore. Dark, red eyes starred at him, tears flowing. 


Lab Rats AU. in this au all of the kids have unique powers that they were “born” with and are kept in Campbell corp Labs to examine their powers and behaviors to determine if they will be a threat to mankind or save it.

Subject M-1-24 :   Pyrokinesis - sets things on fire with the smallest hint of contact. heat increases if angered or confused, so much so the heat is close to that of the sun. to calm his anger give him his teddy bear or contact with his “friends” . but if all else fails let him continue his rant in the “cooling” station. when done with exhausting himself out after throwing his tantrum. give him plenty of water , food (preferably spicy) and rest. 

Subject N-5-9-12:  Electrokinesis - has the electric power of 5 cities combined. but needs to recharge when done demonstrating his power. give him a good book,food and isolation from the other subjects.  

Subject N-9-9-11 : Enhanced Speed - can run faster than the eye can see. enjoys jumping around so make sure there are pads to cushion her fall. and give her 3X the recommended amount of food to replenish her energy as she goes through it very quickly.

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Understanding the species Gentleman

You hear it everywhere these days: the term “gent” or “gentleman” has become ubiquitous in men’s magazines, blogs, and conversations. Videos welcome “gentlemen” and everybody seems to use the word for a wide range of men.
Some say that anything other than the traditional definition of a gentleman is a disappointment. Other claim that a gentleman must have staff and would never cook for himself.
Well I couldn’t disagree more – the definition of a gentleman has changed and for the better. Since the definition of a gentleman is so fundamental to what Gentleman’s Essentials stands for, I thought it was time to explain the way we understand what a gentleman is. For this excursion, I’d like to take you back…

The Origin
Hundreds of years ago, a gentleman was a man of high social position and wealth. Even dictionaries today point to this definition, as well as several others:
1. A chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man.
2. A polite or formal way of referring to a man.
3. A man of noble birth attached to a royal household
4. A man of good social position, especially one of wealth and leisure
5. A courteous title for a male fellow member of the House of Commons or the House of Representatives

So what does it really mean? There is much more to being a gentleman than mere courtesy; traditional acts of chivalry can come off as condescending, and “honor” is a highly relative concept.
These days, the title “gentleman” is no longer relevant as an indication of one’s refinement and character, as it was once assumed to be for men of wealth and title who didn’t have to work for a living.
In our opinion, the term is far more egalitarian, and these days, to say you are a gentleman means you have to earn it. Wealth and power are no longer enough, and in fact, they simply aren’t a relevant part of the modern definition. 

Money and position can’t buy you class or respect.

The Definition of a Modern Gentleman
The term is far more complicated, and we think it’s important to shed some light on why and how we use it, and why the definition of the modern gentleman matters.
We firmly believe any man can be a gentleman if he wants to be, but it’s not a small undertaking. It’s a journey, something that a man continually strives to be, rather than a destination. A gentleman is/ has:

1 A Gentleman Has Good Manners: Here, we agree with the dictionary. A gentleman is courteous, polite, and respectful. He says please and thank you, waits his turn in line, and treats others as they wish to be treated. He is an equitable conversation partner.

2 A Gentleman Has High Standards. High standards push people to do the best they can, and gentlemen set them for themselves. A gentleman expects a high standard of quality, value, and functionality from the things he buys to the things he does. He expects as much of himself as he does of other people.

3 A Gentleman is Well Dressed: This one shouldn’t be a surprise. A well-dressed man is appropriately attired based on the season, the occasion, and his own style. Dressing well isn’t a matter of money for a gentleman, but rather of careful curation of clothing and accessories based on his means, the occasion, and his tastes. His dress demonstrates that he recognizes the power of clothes the impression they make, and the role they play in society. Clothes are used to convey a gentleman’s respect for his host, his office, or for the host of an event, but not to shock, evoke jealousy, or show off. Dressing well is a point of pride for a gentleman because it demonstrates his personality and taste.

4 A Gentleman is Imperfect. This may be the most important characteristic on the list. The term “gentleman” isn’t meant to be an unattainable ideal; it takes into account basic human nature, in which we all make mistakes, choices, and judgments every day. The difference lies in that a gentleman does not believe himself to be perfect, but instead takes ownership and responsibility for the things he can control: his actions, knowledge, and approach to the world.

5 A Gentleman is Open Minded: A gentleman does not believe that his opinions and knowledge are complete and unquestionable. He strives to learn, is open to new ideas, accepts constructive criticism, and welcomes failure as a path to growth and self-awareness. A gentleman does not argue purely for the pleasure of being right but focuses on is able to put himself in other people’s shoes for the purposes of understanding an alternate perspective from his own.
he person who cut you off on the highway may have received bad news; a friend may not respond to your call because they are behind at work – a gentleman tries not to jump to negative conclusions about other people.

6 A Gentleman is Interesting and Informed: These days it is easy to get lost in the cycle of sleep-work-netflix-repeat that deprives people of anything interesting to say. An interesting man can successfully carry a conversation about a number of subjects, is interested in the world around him and how it works, and actively seeks to grow his knowledge for his own character building and enjoyment. Hobbies and personal interests reveal his passions and his engagement with activities that are meaningful to him.

7 A Gentleman’s Actions Match His Words. Quite simply, a gentleman makes promises that he intends to keep.

8 A Gentleman Treats People with Respect: When we say people, we mean everyone – women, colleagues, superiors, waitstaff and customer service people. This reflects a gentleman’s belief that all people are created equal; he does not claim to have more or fewer rights than those around him. He is compassionate with those less fortunate than himself. He doesn’t believe that the world is a zero-sum game, nor does he believe that putting someone else down will lift him up.

9 A Gentleman Recognizes the Difference Between Arrogance and Confidence. If an arrogant man who believes himself to be of superior importance relies on his opinion of himself relative to others. A gentleman believes in himself and his abilities independently of other people. An arrogant man must always win to feel validated while a gentleman self-validates from within. 

10 A Gentleman Wields Power Purposefully. Though there are many potential sources for the statement “with great power comes great responsibility,” there is an inherent truth in it for a gentleman. If he is in a position of power, he combines all of the above traits to utilize that power purposefully and not selfishly. Not for revenge, not for his own personal gain, and not in a way that tramples the rights of others.

So why does this all matter? It matters because being a gentleman sets a high bar for men, us included, to actively work towards every day. Rather than being a destination, it’s an aspiration that comes from the lifetime pursuit of personal betterment, self-awareness, and motivation.
The highest achievement is to be recognized as a gentleman by those around you, since at it’s core it is an honor conferred only by other people. We use the term gentleman frequently, and we think it should mean something. It’s not just a way to address other men; it’s a statement about who we are and who we want to be.

The Challenges of Being a Gentleman in Everyday Life
While all of this sounds admirable, living up to those ideals day in and day out can become quite challenging at times. When a man is in a bad mood, stressed or tired, he may say or do things that are out of character. In those situations it is important to apologize to others and if it is sincere people will accept it. I know what I am talking about because I certainly have my fair share of ungentlemanly failures.

Raava is the spirit of peace and, after combining with Wan, the Avatar Spirit. Vaatu is the spirit of chaos and briefly the Dark Avatar Spirit during the Harmonic Convergence. Vaatu has the ability to magnify the negative emotions inside others, swaying them to give in to the dark side. In turn, he feeds on anarchy. His airy and transparent body allows him to fly and be unharmed when attacked, though it has enough substance to produce kinetic force. In his battle with Korra, he demonstrates the power to generate vegetation by shoving his tentacles into the earth. Like his counterpart, Vaatu is effectively immortal, having lived for tens of thousands of years. If he is overcome by Raava, he can gradually reform himself from the vestigial darkness within her. Vaatu is also capable of binding himself with a human, shown when merging with Unalaq, thereby producing the Dark Avatar. This fusion allowed Vaatu to gain control of Unalaq’s ability to waterbend. Unlike Raava, his presence manifested itself on the outside of Unalaq and exhibited more sentience, as they spoke in unison.

Avatar Spirits, by Meder Taabaldiev.

Subject S-16-1-13-5- Gravity Manipulation . Subject S-16 is always ready to use his power as he enjoys showing them off. though it does take alot out of him if he needs to move something very large and heavy. so when that happens let him rest by giving him 1 hour in front of the facility TV preferably something about the confines of Space

Subject E-18-5-4- Ice manipulation .  Subject E-18 can form ice shards around her. when demonstrating her powers give her 5 mint gum before hand as it helps her concentrate. When done with her demonstration give her some water and let her listen to her music.

Subject- P-18-5-19 - Mind control Subject P-18 has a mild form of Mind control. but not to powerful to completely take over a human brain. most of the time he uses his power on small animals for them to do his biding such as sneaking extra desserts before dinner time and getting the latest magazines from the break room. 

so I just got this text from a friend of mine who lives in japan…[prayer request]

“things are pretty crazy over here with North Korea…I’m not sure if you heard about it but last week they launched a missile that went over land and then into the ocean, but we got an emergency warning from the government telling us to get to a bomb shelter. That happened because it first went over land.

Now, this Saturday is one of the two biggest holidays in North Korea. (1. Is the birth of one of the emperors) and 2. Is the 80 year celebration of government and experts are predicting that NK, to demonstrate their power, is going to do something on that Saturday.

They have been deploying missiles onto ships and taking them to the coast (they were only doing it at night to avoid detection, but that didn’t work out, did it?) and we believe one of two things will happen soon (or on Saturday).

1. They’ll EMP over Japan and every electronic will be fried, which means for a long time I won’t have any way to contact you or anyone…

2. They’ll test more missiles or this time fire them at Tokyo. If that’s the case, we won’t be affected by the blast. Anyone that is within a 45 mile radius of the sight will get first - third degree burns. We live 60 miles away so we have radiation fallout. We’re buying some emergency supplies–water, food, etc.,–enough to last us two weeks. Because until that time, we have to stay inside or our chances of dying are significant.

It’s all scary over here and I’m not sure what will happen Saturday…

So thank you for your prayers. I’m not sure what’s going to happen but I know God is in control.”

so if you guys could reblog this and just keep Japan in your prayers, it would mean a lot. thank you in advance 🙏

In a new ad campaign for paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams, the production team at Psyop show off some awesome fluid dynamics by swirling and injecting paint underwater. You can see one sequence above, where red and blue paint vortex rings collide head-on before breaking down into a purple turbulent cloud. (What a great way to demonstrate the mixing power of turbulence, right?) Here’s the full 30-second ad clip. Impressively, everything in the video is a practical effect, even the segment that flies past multicolored turbulent plumes. You can see how they filmed everything in their behind-the-scenes featurette below. In the meantime, enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of real-world physics and check out FYFD’s “fluids as art” tag for more examples. (Image and video credit: Psyop for Sherwin-Williams; submitted by Alan B.)

You know, I think it’s kinda funny when people say that Archie Comics’ portrayal of Dr. Eggman is “too dark”, considering the sorts of things he’s done in the games all these years.

Such as when he burned down an entire jungle for no apparent reason:

Or when he burned an entire city to the ground with a giant demonic Metal Sonic:

(a hypothetical scenario, but my point still stands)

Then there was that time he planned to utterly demolish a definitely populated city with a god-like monster just so he could build a monument to himself in its place. (blowing up the city with a big missile was Plan B.)

Don’t forget that he blew up half of the f***ing moon simply as a demonstration of power!:

He also shot a big ol’ f***-off laser into the Earth with the intent of fracturing the planet to unleash a horrific eldritch-being!:

Sometime afterwards, he conquered an entire alien race to be used as a fuel source:

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about “organic batteries”, something that has been in use by our good doctor since his very first appearance:

Sure, from the right distance it seems silly and fairly inoffensive for a cartoon villain, but Eggman is literally using living animals as batteries! That’s pretty damn creepy!

And need I remind you that this is the same guy who litters all of his bases with things like giant buzz saws and flamethrowers with the clear intent of horrifically maiming and killing anyone who trespasses!:

And that’s when he’s not being particularly imaginative!

And then there’s whatever the hell this is all about:

So you can understand my amusement when I hear someone say that something like this:

is “too dark” and “out of character”.

You see, it is entirely possible to have a character that is both affable on the surface while also having a warm gooey center of horrific insanity! He doesn’t need to be just one or the other at all times.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that. I’m not even sure this is a topic of discussion anymore (I’m not terribly active within the fanbase). But yeah. :p

My favourite part of that Buzzfeed shit was about ‘nigga’. Like 'Ugh, other Black people are so stupid and horrible for wanting to use that word.’

Well, lemme tell yall, I’m a sociolinguist specialising in AAVE and writing my Master’s Thesis on why nigga happened and its social implication.

AAVE is known for semantic bleaching of obscene words so that they can be reappropriated for different purposes. This is why, for example, we add -ass to the end of things, including adjectives and gerunds, to make them more emphatic (e.g. Her long hair havin-ass took 20 minutes to get ready). This is also why we have certain social contexts where it’s okay to use 'bitch’ and 'ho’ and some where it isn’t (à la @katblaque, I thought about this from your video). This has its roots in West Africa, where obscenity is more context based and less lexically linked (a word isn’t always intrinsically a cuss word, but who, how and when someone says it may make it offensive).

It wasn’t until the post-Civil War era when assimilationist Black people decided that using words the white man found offensive was not going to help the cause. Sadly, this ideology persists today.

Nigga has also undergone semantic bleaching, but in a much different way. Black people calling each other nigga is not new, and in fact may even date to slavery. However, in the Africanist way, rarely have Black people as a group taken offence to intragroup usage of the word. There have been individuals who have (and sometimes, these individuals are the most outspoken), but generally it has had a very neutral tone in the AAVE and Black world. However, as recently as the late 80’s and early 90’s the usage of nigga has been politicised, especially through the use of early hip hop, where it was again given new meaning. While nigga had always had nuances of negative, neutral and positive lexical meanings, this was when it was explicity stated on a mainstream stage that Black people can say nigga, white people cannot, and it is because of the usurpation of power. Black power does not entail antiwhiteness, but it does include usurping power from the institution of whiteness. This happens at the linguistic level as much as anywhere else. And in the same way that the LGBTQIA community decided to reclaim 'Queer’, so did the Black community choose to reclaim 'nigga’. Neither. Of course, was a unanimous decision, but they were both generally accepted decisions. What’s more, Black people added an African twist to their reclamation: just as in Africa words are vulgarised by context, so was nigga. In this case, nigga is vulgarised when spoken by a non-Black person.

The social implication then is an anti-assimilationist and Africanist approach to intragroup semantics. It demonstrated unity, power and linguistic pride in the African American speech tradition.

So, @buzzfeed, if you don’t want to participate, that’s fine. Every Black person is allowed to be individual and have their own opinions. But I and many other Black linguists have been pro- (or at least neutral-)nigga for some time. Just wanted to clear it all up for yall.

1. Nikola Tesla was an inventor, discoverer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, theoretical and experimental physicist, mathematician, futurist and humanitarian. He was a hyper-polyglot who could speak eight languages including: Serbo-Croatian, English, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Latin. He was known to have one of the most remarkable memories, being able to recite full books, poetry and mathematical formulas by heart. He claimed to have had a three-dimensional memory and thought process that tormented him in his youth, but later aided him with building his inventions in his own mind without wasting any physical energy. Tesla was a man who was far ahead of his time, and even our time today. He was the first to discover the rotating magnetic field, and invent and patent a commutatorless alternating current induction motor based off this discovery. All electrical machinery using or generating alternating current is due to Tesla, without which all our electrified power lines, long distance trolley cars, electric vehicles, and our subways would be far less advanced. He is the true father of radio, sending the first radio signals up to 30 miles in distance in experiments at his Houston Street laboratory before its destruction by fire in 1895. He was the first to demonstrate wireless energy/power by lighting his phosphorescent light bulbs wirelessly in a demonstration given before the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, 1893, and later lit lamps wirelessly at a distance of 25 miles away from his transmitter. In his labs he conducted a range of experiments with mechanical oscillators/generators, electrical discharge tubes, electrical therapy, and some of the first X-ray imaging. Tesla was also the first to demonstrate remote control, building a wireless controlled boat first exhibited in 1898. At Colorado Springs in 1899, he created artificial lightning bolts 100 feet long, and sent currents around the Earth with a mean velocity of 292,815 miles per second with his transmitter patented in 1900. Some of his greatest experiments and demonstrations have yet to be reproduced by even our greatest scientists today. Although not recognized for, he was the first to discover the electron, radioactivity, terrestrial resonance, stationary waves (standing waves), and cosmic rays, which he also recorded traveling many times faster than light. His life long work was a dynamic theory of gravity that explained the causes of gravitation and the motions of heavenly bodies, which he claimed had been worked out in all details and he hoped to give it to the world. He was so satisfied with his theory that he believed it would put an end to the “idle speculations and false conceptions” rooted from Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. All his ideas and discoveries were logical inferences based off knowledge from his many years of investigations, experiments and developments in science and radio technology. Tesla predicted television, the internet, smart phones, weather control, interplanetary communication, an idea to produce an artificial Aurora Borealis to light the night skies, a particle beam to be used for defense in war, and the transmission of wireless power to any point on the globe. He intended to unify all these innovations into one big machine known as his Magnifying Transmitter, or his World System, but lacked the investments and funds to finish and prove his work on a large scale. Tesla would eventually die penniless and alone in his New York apartment, but like all the greats listed above, he lives on through all his inventions and contributions to this world.

“Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”

–Nikola Tesla

Pokemon GO One-year Anniversary Celebration Announced!


It’s hard to believe that Pokémon GO launched just a year ago, and what an amazing year it’s been! Since joining us last July, you’ve demonstrated the true power of Pokémon GO and augmented reality gaming by searching for Pokémon in the real world, exploring on foot, building new friendships, and discovering new places right in your own neighborhoods. Throughout this incredible journey, you’ve caught over 125 billion Pokémon and made countless memories along the way. But there are many more adventures still to come.

Just a few weeks ago, the one-year anniversary celebration kicked off with a bang. You and millions of other Trainers went outside to battle in revamped Gyms and participate in Raid Battles with family and friends for the first time, but this was only the beginning of an action-packed couple of months. The celebration continues with a special Pikachu wearing a familiar hat appearing all over the world. From July 6 at 1:00 P.M. PDT to July 24 at 1:00 P.M. PDT, Pikachu discovered in the wild will be wearing Ash’s famous hat from the Pokémon animated series, so make sure you don’t miss out on your opportunity to catch one! You’ll also be able to stock up for Raid Battles and the events ahead with the special limited-time Anniversary Box, which will include Incubators, Max Revives, Ultra Balls, and Raid Passes at a discount in the in-game shop.”

Well folks, it may not be all we wanted it to be, but at least we can get another Pikachu and stock up on some items! Happy Pokemon GO Anniversary! 

Questions about the Phantomhive Murders (Tanaka-centric)

These are probably generally pondered questions, but I’m pretty curious if anyone has any ideas so I’ll just sum up my thoughts here.

There’s a lot of curious aspects about the Phantomhive Murders that sparked the entire story of “Kuroshitsuji.” Here are a few that interest me and if answered could shed a more certain light on what happened that day:

1. Ciel’s Obliviousness

In Ciel’s flashback, he seems to be aware that no one is around, perhaps sensing that the manor is unusually calm or empty. He’s frantically searching for someone, but he isn’t reacting in terror as if he just heard signs of a struggle such as yelling or gunshots. Plus, if the manor was suddenly attacked, one would assume that a servant would immediately find Ciel to guard him, like how Tanaka appeared to stay close to Lizzie’s room during the circus performers’ attack on the manor.

The possible lack of noise and lack of protection shifts the focus to the servants and the assailant(s) while pointing to who could be behind the attacks and even how said attacks were carried out.

  • An Inside Job: The murders were done by someone familiar with the manor/ servants. This could range from the Evil Noblemen, relatives, servants, and merchants. An insider could pick servants off one-by-one or, if in the proper setting, take them all out within a short amount of time. If the servants were familiar with the assailant(s), that would most likely have them on lowered guards, giving the assailant a bit of an upper hand.
  • One Assailant: Possibly one assailant attacked the servants/ Rachel/ Vincent. Whoever grabbed Ciel could have been waiting in the shadows.
  • Group: A group took out the servants/ Vincent/ Rachel. This could have been done in numerous ways, such as a group attacking the servants while one or more took out the Phantomhives.
  • Means: Most likely quiet since Ciel was not entirely panicked and was unaware of his parents’ states until he saw them. Based on how Tanaka/ Rachel/ Vincent were attacked, the killer(s) used a knife or sword– some type of sharp object.

2. Tanaka’s Lack of Warning/ The Kidnapper

While Tanaka warned Ciel about the imminent danger he was in, he did not warn him about a second presence– the assumed kidnapper. Perhaps this is an oversight on Tanaka’s part, as he was in a panicked state trying to fight off an attacker while urging Ciel’s safety, but rather than saying something like “It’s dangerous here!” while facing the boy, you’d think that he’d have noted the suspicious person behind him (saying something like, “Look out!”).

This could mean a few things:

  • Tanaka did not see the kidnapper: Short and sweet, Tanaka really didn’t see the being who was behind Ciel. Perhaps he was so fixated on the child that he failed to recognize a second presence. He did have to look down to speak to Ciel– all the while he was wary of his assailant.
    • Another possibility? The second presence was undetectable or extremely fast. This would coincide with those “supernatural assailant” theories going around.
  • Tanaka saw the kidnapper: Let’s say Tanaka did see the second presence. Why didn’t he warn Ciel? Maybe he couldn’t. As Tanaka is urging Ciel to flee, he suddenly falters– it’s revealed that he’s been stabbed in the back. Perhaps he noted the second entity before or after his fall but could’t speak to warn Ciel.
    • Another possibility: Tanaka was working with the kidnapper. However, considering the concern shown on his face and the fact that he got stabbed, I’d say that this is unlikely.

No matter what happened, a second presence would have been highly suspect near the crime scene and the action.

3. Tanaka’s Dress

Though this is all based on Ciel’s flashback, it’s curious to note that Tanaka has a distinct lack of blood on his clothing. Though his pants’ leg may have a bit of blood on it, his left glove looks impeccably clean. 

This would imply that Tanaka did not touch the bodies or try to assist them (though perhaps he bent down to check on his employers). It also suggests that he may not have been present when Vincent and Rachel were killed, since otherwise he would likely have been covered in blood spatter and defensive wounds.

The lack of blood spatter seems to clear him from Vincent and Rachel’s murders, but he could have changed… (Again, I don’t see Tanaka’s involvement in the murders/ kidnapping as likely but it’s a possibility to consider)

Tanaka’s cleanliness and position in the hall (his back to the room in which Vincent/ Rachel lay) imply that he stumbled onto Rachel/ Vincent’s corpses and then was distracted by something (from his position this would be the assailant). He may have been aware that the manor was in danger and rushed to his master’s side, albeit too late, or he could have been unaware.

4. Tanaka’s Purpose

So… Was Tanaka just the lucky survivor of the manor’s attack? Maybe. Maybe not. There are multiple red flags concerning Tanaka’s survival and the situation of the murders.

  • Framed: Considering the mode of murder, one could immediately look to Tanaka as a suspect. Anyone familiar with the Phantomhives could know that he’s an expert swordsman. Whoever killed Vincent/ Rachel could have attempted to frame Tanaka, but probably not since…
  • Stabbed: Very clearly in Ciel’s flashback, it’s shown that Tanaka was stabbed. If someone was trying to frame him for the murders, why would they attack him? Especially if everyone else in the manor was missing/ dead… This leads to more possibilities:
  • Eyewitness: Tanaka was left in the manor to be an eyewitness to the crimes that occurred. Consider Tanaka’s position when he’s stabbed– he has his back to the assailant. If you were in the business of murder and possessed a sharp, bladed object, wouldn’t you go for decapitation or slicing an artery rather than stabbing him in the back? 
    • Another reason he was left alive? The assailant couldn’t kill him. This isn’t because Tanaka was a tough opponent– he had his back turned and was distracted. Aside from purposely leaving him  alive, this indicates that the assailant was unable to strike a truly fatal blow. 
      • Perhaps the weapon didn’t seem strong enough? Maybe the knife’s tip broke off and dulled the blade? It’s a possibility. 
      • Maybe the assailant was fond of him, to the extent that he/ she didn’t want to dirty their hands to that extent? 
      • The assailant couldn’t reach? For those 2CT, evil real!Ciel theorists, this might be an idea you support. If the assailant was short or a child, they would not be able to strike a for sure fatal blow against Tanaka, who had their back to them. The assailant may have been unfamiliar with the body’s structure, so that he/she did not know where a fatal point would be– especially from behind. In my opinion, the assailant struck from the front of his/ her victims (if the person who attacked Tanaka also killed Vincent/ Rachel) based off how the oldest Phantomhives appeared. Either way, they were not clean murders– a similar aspect to Tanaka’s attack.
  • Thus, Tanaka was not dealt a fatal blow. Was he purposely left alive? While he may not have known who the assailant was (HMMM), he could testify to Vincent/ Rachel’s deaths, Ciel’s “final” status, and to more or less of what occurred. However…
  • Burned: THE MANOR WAS SET ON FIRE. Who did this? Why? If someone wanted Tanaka to be left as an eyewitness, they would have ensured his safety, right? Perhaps they did– we don’t know how Tanaka escaped the manor. Judging from his state in the hospital when Ciel reunited with him, he probably was unable to walk or even crawl to safety after being stabbed. It’s likely that someone moved him, whether it was the assailant, the kidnapper, or some third party– whether they waited until he was passed out from blood loss, smoke inhalation, or who knows what. 
    • Why set the place ablaze? A few reasons:
      • Destroying evidence: An attempt to destroy incriminating pieces of evidence like one’s modus operandi, way of entry into the manor, weapons used, etc. If Tanaka was left in the manor when the fire started, he could be included in this too.
      • Cover-up: Setting the manor on fire ultimately destroyed the corpses that were inside, based on what Undertaker said about Vincent. The attack on the Phantomhives could have been a guise for obtaining information, documents, or the like. It also could have been to erase Ciel– his status was unknown since the fire could have incinerated him. Did the attacker(s) mainly want to kidnap him, or did they see setting the fire as a bonus to wipe people off his trail?
      • Insurance: As well as slashing Vincent/ Rachel/ Tanaka, the assailant(s) could have been ensuring that everyone inside the manor died. 
      • Rage: The attacker(s) were really pissed at the Phantomhives. So pissed that they wanted the household’s bodies to burn.
      • Statement: Setting ablaze the manor of the Queen’s Watchdog is definitely a statement. Perhaps it was to show that the Phantomhives had fallen, maybe to inspire fear, to demonstrate power, etc.
      • Memory Loss: Pretending that the assailant(s) intentionally left Tanaka alive, they could have hoped for smoke inhalation to have wiped his memory. Not sure if they knew the medical repercussions of that at the time [of the story] though.

There are a ton of reasons why the manor was treated as it was just like there are many reasons for why someone could have attacked it in the first place (Kidnapping, murder, revenge, money, status, a job…).

5. Tanaka’s Survival

As mentioned before, Tanaka’s survival is extremely curious. He was severely wounded and most likely on the second or third floor of the manor (since the Phantomhives probably resided/ worked on an upper level floor and left the ground floor to the servants and other business), so based on that info alone it’s highly unlikely he saved himself. 

Jumping out of a window would have caused more injuries than he had in the hospital (though admittedly a month had passed but for injuries like that, he’d probably still be wrapped up). Even if there was some kind of secret passageway, it’d be incredible if he could get through it in his state, whether the manor was ablaze or not.

It seems that Tanaka may have escaped/ been rescued before the fire, since he lacked burn wounds… That dearth is interesting since when Madame Red arrived (appearing to be the first outsider on the scene), the manor was fully ablaze yet Tanaka was nowhere in sight. Admittedly, it was her flashback fixated on grief, so noting Tanaka or saving him might not have been very important to her.

6. Tanaka’s Memory

Does Tanaka really not remember who attacked him? Does he really have zero ideas on who could have overseen that event? Either Tanaka really doesn’t know (from memory loss, from lack of ideas, or from the killer’s possible concealment via a mask, hood, etc.) or he’s hiding something.

Tanaka could be afraid to speak up– perhaps that person/group will come after Ciel. He also could be protecting someone. Another reason could be that he was ordered by a high-ranking authority to stay silent. 

Or maybe he really, truly has no idea what happened. 

But until we find out more details about that day or the Phantomhives’ past, it might be a stretch to reach an absolute conclusion on whether or not Tanaka can be entirely trusted.