demons with pretty faces

Deadpan Demon

The group were making their way along the path when, under the guise of a wealthy woman, a trickster demon appeared before them and ‘offered’ them a game.

Demon: The rules are simple. As of this moment, if any one of you manage to outwit me then I’ll return to my own dimension for a century. If I outwit you, then *you* get sent to my dimension for a century. Wonderful, is it not?

She turned and began to walk with the group, a broad smile on her pretty face before she ponders

Demon: I’m terribly sorry, but I didn’t catch your name.

Jodri, Kobold Ranger: That’s 'cos I didn’t throw it at ya.

Demon: Wait, what?

Jodri continued on, picking something out of his teeth as the rest of the party and the demon stood in silence as the void took her.

Did anyone else get the sense that Steven’s psychological torment isn’t over here? I mean, yeah, Connie was able to bring them together and keep them stable enough to float to the ground. Still, though, Steven had to face some pretty serious psychological demons in this episode.

Bismuth may be the easiest to confront. She’s in the basement, and once released she’s likely to calm down a bit (especially if the other Crystal Gems are present and she gets confirmation that he did, in fact, tell them everything). Once she’s calmed down a bit, she can tell Steven a few more times that he is not Rose Quartz and can choose to be a better person than she was. She can (hopefully) point out the fact that she was the one who lost her shit and tried to kill Steven thinking he was Rose. That was her choice, and it was a bad one.

To be honest, though, she may be the best gem to help him through this. Apart from the fact that she’s the only gem Steven is comfortable discussing his mom issues with, Bismuth is also the only other gem who has at least attempted to enter the territory of shattering a Diamond. Hell, it’s possible her Breaking Point may have been used to carry out the deed. Steven needs to hear over and over again that he was not responsible for Rose’s decision to shatter Pink Diamond, and Bismuth needs to hear about - and see - the aftermath of what happens when someone shatters a Diamond.

With Jasper, Steven’s probably going to need lots of reassurance. He (and the other Crystal Gems) will most likely continue to look for a way to cure the corrupted gems, driven by the plight of Centi and Jasper. Ultimately, though, Steven is going to need to hear that he is not responsible for Jasper’s fate. He is not Rose, he didn’t shatter Pink Diamond, and he’s not responsible for the fact that Jasper believed he was. He offered whatever help he could when she needed it, and it was ultimately Jasper’s decision to refuse it.

The Rubies, however, are another matter entirely. There is no way around it: Steven (and Sardonyx) opened the airlock and whacked the Ruby Squad out into space. Eyeball’s dialogue in bubbled made it quite clear that floating around in the vacuum of space without a spaceship for extended periods of time can straight-up shatter a gem. Not just destabilize/poof them, but literally kill them. The Crystal Gems didn’t even make the effort to try to find them once Steven was safely aboard. For all intents and purposes, the Crystal Gems basically just shattered (or at least attempted to shatter) these gems.

Step one of healing from this is probably going to involve seeing the Rubies alive and well. Make no mistake, though, they are almost certainly not going to be too happy with Steven when that happens.

Step two? He’s going to have to really make amends with them on this one. Poofing and containing an enemy is one thing, but what Steven and the rest of the Crystal Gems did was straight-up attempt to shatter them.

Either that, or we are going to find out that one or two of the Rubies in that platoon literally did die in the vacuum of space.

His Demonic Offer:

Atem was a lucky man in this cruel world. Pretty face, attractive body, a personality that was hard not to fall for….so many things that he had going for him. Many swooning over him and he only had to give a sweet look or gentle smile and it would make hearts flutter or even getting the other to work in his favor.

Yes…he had it good. Al but, his pathetic excuse of a family that had always never supported his love for the darkness. But Atem had a plan to runaway sometime soon. At the moment though he was celebrating his soon to be freedom.

Nothing said ‘fuck you’ to parents than drinking to your hearts content. Especially if it was on their bill.

“Hey! Let me get another drink. Give me the best you’ve got come on! Fuck me up I came here to have a good time.” He laughed as he was enjoying this so much. Using his parents card before he would head off…oh life was going to be so great. 

But little did he know….his life was going to change more than he knew tonight.