demons on my mind

… e.e
Why is this guy so insistent on reviving this old story/RP concept of mine? And with cosmic horror, demons, and making one of my characters into a Superman knock-off?

Mind you, this concept was abandoned five years ago, and this is a realistic science fiction tale about meta-humans, not aliens.
Not to mention this was my original universe.


I love the fact you can take ANYTHING and use it as a reference with Haikyuu!! stuff. I swear this is the most versatile series ever. Anyway, I saw this >> this afternoon and immediately thought of this. College is rough, you eat what you gotta when you can lol Also, Kuroo is totally sitting at the counter wrapped in his blanket. And his messy just-rolled-out-of-bed look is super important. 

College AU stuff because it’s fun and everyone is doin’ it lol It’s okay, Bo. Your curves are perfect, Eat that cold pizza that probably has pineapple on it. Why else would Kuroo be making that face.? Pineapple on pizza, honestly…

The demons are not there anymore, but in my mind I’m still running. I wish I could stop, I really want to, to stop and be here with you, to love you with all my heart, but in my mind I’m still running…
—  far-far-awayy 
I’m fighting myself. I know I am. One minute I want to remember. The next minute I want to live in the land of forgetting. One minute I want to feel. The next minute I never want to feel ever again.
—  Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Last Night I Sang to the Monster

anonymous asked:

Would you ever go into an alternate universe? Maybe a different world?

(Alternate universes weren’t discussed until the late 1950′s so nobody really knows what the hell that is in this time period. SO, in turn, this blog will not be interacting with other bendy ask blogs and AU’S right now. :P
-Mod Moon Man)

don’t imagine dan and phil getting married on a warm day at the end of spring 

don’t imagine them being excited about this day for months and not being able to stop smiling

don’t imagine them being nervous about surprising their friends and families with cute invitations

don’t imagine them picking out fancy expensive suits for each other in which they look super handsome in

don’t imagine them getting really invested in the planning: location, decoration, schedule, music, catering, wedding cake

don’t imagine them walking down the aisle, legs shaking, being aware that this is the most important decision they’ve made in their lives

don’t imagine them reading their wedding vows to each other and finally saying “I do” while guests have tears streaming down their faces because they realize they’ve just witnessed true love right in front of them

Tired of waiting. Facing the darkness again. Nothing is fair or the way it should be, maybe I simply just don’t deserve much. I guess I set my expectations too high. I thought I was better. I wanted too much. Thought I was worth something. I thought I could be something, a somebody, but instead I’m a man on the edge, each step I get closer to losing my mind. Nothing is fair & why should it be…
Give me peace. Let me sleep.