demons of dread

Writer’s Block is not a Demon

Writer’s block. That dreaded time where it seems you have angered the muses and they have left you high and dry with that little blinking cursor staring at you. It happens to everyone. Nobody can be totally on their game every time. It sucks, but you know what…you have to deal with it. Like I said, nobody can be on their game all the time but that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and let the block consume you. As much as I would like to believe that the muses are actually out there guiding the arts, they aren’t and as such it’s up to us to keep the words flowing. I know it sounds harsh and I’ll admit that I have definitely shut my laptop in frustration when I couldn’t quite figure out where I wanted the scene to go, but the truth is that the only way to get past a creative block is to keep working. How else can you expect to solve your problem if you don’t work at it? It’s like working through a difficult math equation: you won’t solve it by dreamily gazing out the window, you have to work it through. That said, there are a few tips that you can use to help you work out your block and get back on the road with your characters.

  • Actively search out inspiration. If you’re at the stage where you are facing a completely blank screen and have literally no idea what you want to write about, this is probably where you need to start. Yes, sometimes the idea for a wonderful story that you just absolutely have to write appears to you in a dream or while sitting on the bus. But sometimes you have that creative writing assignment for school or you’ve just finished your previous project and are looking for something new and the well is dry. This is when you can actively go looking for inspiration. Search the internet for writing prompt ideas (*ahem* such as at certain blogs), look for intriguing photographs that can spark your interest, read through song lyrics, poems or look at your book collection. As a history student, I find that there is lots inspiration in the misguided adventures of those before us. It doesn’t have to be a fully-fledged idea right off the bat but if you can find a spark of something it will make the next parts much easier. That is, possible. Be warned because this step can easily go wrong. One minute you’re looking at writing prompts the next you’re watching a dog learning to swim. Stay. On. Task.  
  • Don’t be afraid to be stupid. Okay, so you have a tiny inkling of an idea. You have no idea who is going to be in it, what the plot points are or where it’s going to go, but it’s a start. Now sit down, write down the idea you have and then go crazy writing down anything that comes to mind. Literally anything. It doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t have to be good, and you certainly don’t have to use it all later. All you’re looking for is one good idea that you get another idea from and then another…until you actually have something resembling a plot.
  • You don’t have to go chronologically. I know this might sound odd to some people or maybe, like me, it’s not something you would have considered until someone points out that it’s an option. Just because you’re writing a chronologically linear story (or maybe you’re not, whatever) doesn’t mean you have to write it that way. I once had this idea for one point of one scene basically at the end of the story. I can’t remember exactly how it all unravelled but basically that idea expanded somewhat until I had the idea for two characters and then I worked those two out and quite some time later I actually had a story out of it. It’s a way to help you think in a more fluid way. If you can’t think of what happens next, maybe think about what happens before. This isn’t for everyone, I know some people really like to stick to the story scene by scene but it’s an option worth exploring if you’re stuck.
  • Take a step back (but not for too long). Breaks are good. When you work yourself for too long whether you’re studying, writing, practicing a musical instrument or sport, it’s important to take occasional breaks to keep yourself from getting drained. However, a mistake some people make with writer’s block is to shrug, close the document/notebook and say “eh, I’m sure I’ll have an idea tomorrow.” Maybe you will, probably you won’t (see actively search out inspiration above). If you’ve been on a roll and suddenly find you’ve hit a snag, maybe you’ve been at it for too long and need a few minutes to refresh. But just like that test you need to study for or essay that’s due tomorrow, this doesn’t mean you should completely walk away. But how long should you work for?
  • Set goals. Some writers like to set daily word count goals to meet. Events like NaNoWriMo, which encourages writers to write 50,000 words in the month of November (or 1,666 words a day. Isn’t that a lovely amount?), can help train you to set goals for yourself and to work on your writing every day. You can also set a goal to finish a chapter by a certain day, or reach a point in your outline. Personally, even though I did participate in NaNo one year, I don’t like this set up even though others swear by it. There are days where I can pump out pages and pages and there are others where I need to stop and rethink a few points, feel like I need to develop a character a little more or something else of that sort which means the actual word count doesn’t go up much despite the fact that I’m still working on the project. I’m also a full-time student with a part-time job so I feel like this doesn’t quite suit me. This is why I personally prefer to set a certain time to work instead. Sometimes I go over and others, such as around finals, I can’t make all of it. And that’s okay. We all have lives and stuff happens, so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t make the goal every day. But this is why it’s important to set realistic goals that fit you. If the goal is there and you really make the effort to stick to it as much as you can it will go a long way to keep you focused on the project when you need to be. Writing even a little bit is way better than nothing at all.
💀 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Starters 💀
  • “Every time I yank a jawbone from a skull and ram it into an eye socket, I know I’m building a better future.”
  • “Where’s the fun without complications?”
  • “The moon is a mysterious mistress, who walks the night with demons of dread.”
  • “A cross? Pfft… Stick it up their asses!”
  • “You’re a big bad vampire. Hey, great, congrats. Now keep it to yourself.”
  • “Scoop out their eyes and replace them with cherry bombs?”
  • “Death’s shadow will fall on you if you look deeper into its eyes.”
  • “Spaghetti and corpses, boss.”
  • “I’m only as long as my libido.”
  • “Weapons never solved any problems. I’ll take twelve.”
  • “No, no more questions! Everytime I talk to you I just wanna smack you! It’s like talking to a brick wall you wanna take down with a sledge hammer!”
  • “You look familiar. Were you ever on a milk carton?”
  • “I’m the finger down your spine when all the lights are out. I’m the name on all the men’s room walls. When I pout, the whole world tries to make me smile. And everyone always wants to know, who… is… that?”
  • “Police don’t have any suspects at this time, but they’re pretty sure that it was you.”
  • “What all suede kittens do… on hands and knees, you lap up the milk of me… and we purr, kitten, like dragonflies buzzing around frog bellies.”
  • “Call me old fashioned, but I don’t believe in talking about that stuff in front of a woman.” “Call me old fashioned, but I believe a knee to the balls tends to make a guy talk.”
  • “I’m a mighty thesaurus! Rawr!”
  • “Real terror is not the sight of death, it is the fear of death. What is the fear of death? Terror of the unknown. Is it these eyes you peer into? No, I am not the unknown. You an I are closer kin than you and it were.”
  • “What a scene, man! Hoo-wee! Then they just plop ya out here like a naked baby in the woods!”
  • “I will invade this orifice.”
  • “Each minor problem like a grain of sand, each night I inherit the desert.”
  • “True power lies not in wealth but in the things it affords you.”
  • “I suddenly have the desire to walk down that dark and foreboding alley over there! …Care to join me?”
  • “Come here, I wanna whisper something in your ear - FUCK OFF!”
  • “Oh man, we’re poppin’ a cherry here! Ha ha ha! Ah, you’re gonna love this! Alright, check it out. Blood: it’s your new rack o’ lamb, your new champagne - blood’s your new fuckin’ heroin, kid.”
  • “Keep your friends close and your enemies in a barbecue pit.”
  • “Those of you sitting in the first few rows will get wet.”
  • “Put your ear to it - I’ll shake it and you tell me what you think’s inside.”
  • “Close your mouth, chew on the resentment, and open your ears.”
  • “Are you undressing me with your eyes? Got a picture in your head? Good, that’s as close as you’re ever gonna come to seeing me naked.”
  • “Goddamn, why the hell does everyone tell me all this useless shit.”
  • “You’ve just made a powerful enemy, sign!”
  • “You made me feel that the world was not nearly as dark and desperate.”
  • “Normally I would ask you things like do you blow bubbles, and what’s your favorite color, but I’ve learned since then that it’s rude, so hi, how are you?“
  • “Do you rage against the machine?”
  • “Give you a massive chest wound? My pleasure!”
  • “Try the free arsenic…”
  • “Wow… bet you’re glad that thing didn’t have tentacles, huh?”
  • “And no killing.” “What, none?” “None.”
  • “All are blind whose eyes are closed.”
  • “And you worked all that out by sniffing around?” “Actually, there were two hunters on the roof of the building opposite the hotel who were positively delighted to tell me everything they knew– provided I stop dangling them headfirst over the side.”
  • “Ah yes, holy vampire hunters. ‘STAKIN’ FER JESUS!’”
  • “I’m hungry, let’s order a pizza.” “Order a pizza, ORDER A PIZZA? Where they gonna deliver it, numbnuts? Thirteen abandoned warehouse full of kill on sight hot heads way?”
  • “Even if my pants were on fire, I would NOT take them off in front of you.”
  • “You’re just telling me what I want to hear. Don’t stop.”
  • “It’s not that I don’t love walking into the heart of danger to curry favor with the local magistrate of the hour, but… actually, that’s exactly it.”
  • I can tell you and I are going to get along just like fire hoses. When we get turned on, there’s bound to be flames!
  • “’TNT’ and ‘key’ have the same amount of letters.”
  • “I’m bleedin’ all over the carpet, and I can’t even understand what the hell you’re saying.”
  • “Hey, these pages are all stuck together!” “Oh, um, I don’t know how that happened…”

Okay so apparently the summaries for the motives between racers are:

Tyrant Shootin’ Star : They’re trying to impress Guda
Steam Electrical with PAPA : Fran wants to impress Guda so she called Papa Moriarty to help, He helped by modifying Babbage into a car.
Bonze Xuanzang and Sama no Gon no Kami : They join the race to show deterrence and to retain Chaldea’s discipline.
Satisfaction E∴T∴E :  Holmes made Helena cry, and the duo went full force to help her win the race to improve her mood.
Dreadful Demon King of The Sixth Heaven X : Nobu secretly used Cha Cha’s savings and Shinsengumi’s funds to promote her non-freebie debut, she’s going to win the race to promote her debut CD. Heroine X is just tagging along because she gets to kill saberfaces.
Desert Beauty : Nito thinks that if she loses Ozzy might kill her, she Promised to make a divine protection charm for Sheherazade and asked her to help.

My Solasan Temple Theory...

Everyone duck and cover, the Combustion Girl’s been thinking again.

So going partly on my earlier repost about the elven gods being empowered by belief/gods being created by belief, and partly on ideas I’ve had for awhile, I have a strong suspicion that Solasan is an extremely early temple to Fen’harel. And I also believe that is how the pride demon came to be there and how it came to be sealed. I will explain.

Let’s take this back to the very beginning- we know there was a time when Solas was worshipped under his own name. One of the elven mosaics in the temple of Mythal states that Ghilan’nain destroyed all but a couple of her creations because “they were too perfectly wrought and Pride [capital P] stayed her hand.” I think it’s safe to assume that’s not a coincidence. As we all know very well by now, Solas is the elvhen word for Pride, and so it’s not a stretch to guess that Solasan, the Place of Pride/Prideful Place might have been constructed to worship this new god.

Time passes. When he speaks out against their excesses and abuses, the Evanuris name Solas “Fen’harel,” and the rest is history. The Prideful God quickly becomes known as a god of rebellion as well, a rebellion that culminates in the creation of the Veil and devastation for all of Elvhenan, both those faithful to the Evanuris and to Fen’harel. Even if Solas tried over the course of this rebellion to renounce his own godhood, he can no more convince everyone of his mortality than the eventual Herald of Andraste can convince others of their own lack of divinity. So what comes next?

In the silence that follows, the priesthoods of many temples attempt to either contact their gods or cling desperately to their slipping power (see also: Temple of Dirthamen). In desperation, the Priests of Pride attempt to call on their god and turn his attention to them once again. What follows is a disaster of epic proportions.

The world no longer works like it once did, calling out and conveying intention through magic is no longer a natural, second-nature thing to do. The intention gets garbled, because the Veil is now a thing, and what answers them isn’t their god. Rather, they summon a spirit that has turned itself to the embodiment of what they imagine their god to be: unbelievably powerful and terrible, angry and vengeful, cunning and proud. And they can’t control what they’ve inadvertently created. All they can do is contain it, and hide the keys so well that no one ever releases it.

Bringing the whole thing out of “story mode,” a player will notice that the pride demon isn’t all that hard to beat, and is in fact a pride demon, not some watered-down Dread Wolf. I can explain this too.

For one, game mechanics. The creators are working with limited assets, that’s why your Fen’harel statues and your wolf-companion-to-Emerald-Knights statues look exactly the same. There’s simply no time or money or resources to devote to making everything as unique and detailed as they might like. This also explains why the pride demon isn’t especially unique in terms of its abilities- the Inquisition’s soldiers take down a pride demon at the start of the game. Are you honestly trying to tell me that ancient elven priests and warriors with all their knowledge and magic couldn’t take one down? So I think it’s safe to assume that the makers of the game are trying to at least give us the impression of going up against something huge and terrible, with the implication being that the Inquisitor (perhaps because of their mark? Also someone who hunts dragons for lols) is especially badass to take this thing down.

For another, let’s not forget that Solasan, and presumably its priesthood, predate the concept of Solas as the Dread Wolf. So what came through doesn’t necessarily have to reflect that image. There’s also the possibility that if anything, Fen’harel’s divine power is even more certain in the minds of the people than it was in ancient times. In his own time, he was on the fringes and he was the last guy you prayed to if you had a problem, so maybe the demon that came through reflects that. In the present, he is the god who banished all other gods- much more frightening.

And that’s what I think about that.

The King of Tickling (DeanxSamxCrowley)

(Ticklish!Dean) (Ticklish!Sam) (Tickler!Crowley)

A.N., The name is atrocious, I know.

This is a fan fiction that @fanficsandfluff and I wrote together, but she isn’t publishing it on her blog because she’s too humble to accept the fact that she did equal, if not more, writing than me.

Summary: Crowley can’t seem to keep his hands off of the human blood, and it causes drunken tickly mishaps.

Sam was sitting atop his bed reading a book when the King of Hell himself stumbled through the doorway. He saw Sam’s disheveled expression and started giggling like a schoolgirl. “Moose! How’s my favorite forest animal doin’?” He said, barely being able to stand up straight.

“Crowley..? What’s with you?” Sam inquired.

“Wah, this? Oh, I just got into a few of your blood vials for.., ya know, kicks.” The demon explains, a bit of a question sounding in his voice. God, he’s really out of it.

“You’ve been shooting up blood again? Damn Crowley, we give you this much”, he makes a gesture of about a half inch in between his thumb and index finger, “leeway to walk around the bunker and you go stealing our blood for your habit?”

“Aww, Moosie!! You do care!”

“Fuck off.”

“Oo, Feisty.”

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vcrlac replied: i would like to point out that ever since the…

okay but sebby over here doesn’t like demon hunting because of all the violence and he prefers running the institute too, so he says clary should feel valid and it doesn’t make her weak for not liking weapons.

sebby and clary bonding over their dislike of the hunting part of the job and their love for running an institute instead 


Ryou - Demon/Dread Fighter

((English version says “dread” but I know in other places it’s “demon” lol))

Finally got the chance to complete my FE Lost Heir OC 

Name: Ryou

Age: 21

DOB: July 15

Height: 5′5

Weapon of Choice: Killing Edge

Story: A young boy who was raised in a small forest outside a village. He was once an eager and avid student who attended the Yen’fay Academy of Swordmasters because wanted to become a skilled swordsman like his parents. But mysteriously dropped out and disappeared from the Academy. Rumors have it that it was because of the outbreaks of evil spirits near his area he was born in.

Now he is a dread fighter who guards around forest areas to control and protect the terrain from monsters and spirits. However ironically enough, rumors and gossip make HIM out to be a demon or monster lurking in the forest cutting people down to those who enter and disturb the area. 

But he really doesn’t care lolz

Personality: A quiet young man with no presence when unarmed. With his mask constantly on, he’s used to saying little to nothing when it comes to conversation so it’s hard to make out what he’s thinking. But on a rare occasion he opens his mouth he’s a respectable gentleman. His blade is sharp but his words are kind. Yet. Ryou is also somewhat of an relaxed airhead, heading no mind to rumors made about him, or the fact that people consider him a demon.

Fun fact: Can eat the most in the army

Feel free to ask questions or interact with him!