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My alphabetical 25 favorite horror films of 2016 which I will probably keep updating until the end of 2017.

10 Cloverfield Lane

The Alchemist Cookbook


The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Blair Witch

The Conjuring 2


Don’t Breathe


The Eyes of My Mother


Friend Request

Green Room


I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

The Invitation

The Monster

Neon Demon


They Look Like People

Train to Busan

Trash Fire

Under the Shadow

The Wailing

The Witch


The Circle Tower is Ferelden’s regional headquarters for the Circle of Magi, located on Lake Calenhad accessed by its docks. As per Chantry and local law, human and city elf citizens of Ferelden with magical potential are brought here to be instructed in the legally-approved Schools of Magic, and trained to resist demons. (x)

Hell on Earth: Welcome Back (Part 1)

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester (Sister / Friends / Platonic / However you want to see it), Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Charlie, Kevin, Crowley

Length: 3010+ words

TW: Mentions of Torture, Rape, Child Abuse, Child Soldiers, Etc. 

A/N: So here is Ch 1 of my new series! There’s 6 parts in total, and I may have a sequel to this fic, depending on the feedback I get! 

Catch up on the Hell on Earth Series HERE

Dean and Sam Winchester were in their library, the eldest was reading an old lore book, and the youngest was on his laptop, looking for a case. The silence was comfortable, and much needed as a break from their high-stress life.


Dean cursed under his breath, grabbing his phone from his pocket. “Hello?”

“What did you idjits do?”

“Bobby?!” he exclaimed. Sam got up from his chair, eyes wide with surprise.

“No, it’s Chuck,” the man replied sarcastically. “What did you boys do?”

“Nothing! We didn’t do anything!” Dean defended. “H-How are you alive?”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t be calling you.” Bobby rolled his eyes.

“Where are you?”

“Home,” he answered. “Pulled out of heaven, and woke up on my bed.”

“We’re coming over,” Dean said, needing to see the man he saw as a father in person.

“Good. You can see Ellen and Jo too.”

“Ellen?! Jo? The hell is going on here, Bobby?!”

“I don’t know,” the man bit back. “Get your asses down here as soon as you can.” He hung up the phone, and Dean lowered his phone slowly.

“Welcome home, bitches!”

The two boys whirled around, seeing Charlie on top of the staircase of their bunker. Their jaws dropped.

“Sammy, get the holy water, and silver.” Dean narrowed his eyes at the girl. She only rolled her eyes, but tugged her sleeve up. Sam gave her the holy water which she drank, nothing happened. He sliced the top of her forearm with the silver blade, nothing happened.

“Jesus Christ, it’s good to see you, kid,” Dean breathed, giving her the biggest hug he could muster.

“You too, old man,” she said with a grin.

Sam was next, giving her a huge hug as well. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

“Water under the bridge, Sam!” She ruffled his hair.

“We’re heading up to Bobby’s, apparently he’s alive.” Dean turned around, heading to his room to pack.

“And so is Ellen and Jo.”

“Damn. What did you boys do?”

“Nothing!” Sam answered defensively. “Maybe Chuck decided to give us a break after all.”

Dean scoffed. “Yea, right.”

“You hear from anyone else?” Charlie asked.

“No one yet.”

“We have an arsenal of people we’ve lost,” Dean added. “There are too many names running through my head right now.”

Suddenly, Sam’s phone rang. They all looked at his expectantly as he answered the call.



“Kevin!” Sam exclaimed with a huge grin. “How are you, buddy?”

“Confused… Back from the dead, but confused.”

The youngest Winchester could only laugh. “Well, we’re all heading to Bobby’s to get this sorted. Why don’t you meet us there?”

“Sure. See you soon.”

When the Winchesters got to Bobby’s house, everyone was already there.

“We all did the tests,” Bobby informed them, showing them the raised skin from cutting themselves with a silver knife.

Dean and Sam nodded, almost at tears. They looked around the room, familiar faces that they thought they would never see again. After days of catching up, everyone left, trying to get back to their normal lives.

The brothers drove back to the bunker, hearts full of joy, even if it’s just for a short time. Dean’s phone rang just as they were nearing the bunker.

“Squirrel, I need to talk to you,” Crowley said, his voice was cold.

“Well, talk,” Dean replied sassily.

Sam raised his eyebrows when he heard him growl.

“Take off the wardings. There’s someone you need to meet.”

“Do you think we’re stupid?” Dean rolled his eyes. “What makes you think we’re going to trust you.”

“This is not up for debate, Dean!” Crowley bellowed. “You can summon me in a demon trap.”

Dean glanced at Sam who shrugged. “Fine.” They prepared the demon trap in the dungeon and temporarily took down the wardings.

Crowley appeared, but he wasn’t alone.

“What do you want?”

He was holding a girl in his arms. Her clothes were tattered, and caked with blood and dirt, but most of her was covered by Crowley’s black jacket.

“Who the hell is she?” Dean’s hand reached out for the gun in his back.

“She is the girl who sold her soul to bring back everyone you lost.”

Sam peered over his brother’s shoulder, examining the girl to see if he recognized her. “We’ve never seen her.”

“No. You guys have never crossed paths.”

The brothers looked at Crowley uneasily. They’ve never seen him this serious, his eyes were glowing red, and any signs of comfort between them was replaced with heavy tension.

“Then who is she?” the youngest Winchester asked.

“Y/N. She’s a girl that one of my demons kidnapped.” His eyes flared with angry red, before he took a deep breath, calming himself. “One of my demons had a deep fascination with making child soldiers. She was a prisoner, they reduced her to nothing- to believe that she was nothing. She somehow managed to find out about you boys, and decided to make a deal to bring back a list of people you lost. Obviously, no one was going to do just that. The bitch that kidnapped her was actually a crossroad demon, and  found out about her deal. She sent my hellhounds right there and then, killing her and sending her to hell where they personally tortured her for years before I stepped in. Those demons are now on the rack, where they’ll stay for ten times as long as the time she was tortured by them.”

“How long was she down there?” Sam whispered.

“Five years.”

The boys stood shell-shocked. Their eyes wide with awe.

“The deal didn’t go through though! How did she bring them back?” Dean asked.

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So I thought of a thing

I’ve always thought certain songs reminded me of each of the egos

The Show, Melanie Martinez
Uma Thurman, Fall out boy
Dollhouse, Melanie Martinez
I started a joke, ConfidentialMX
Haven’t you noticed (I’m a star), Olivia Olsen

Hey Jude, The Beatles
Emperors new clothes, P!AtD
LA devotee, P!AtD
Pain, Three Days Grace
Mama, MCR
Erutan, Come Little Children

Don’t threaten me with a good time, P!AtD
Lateralus, Tool

Straight for the castle, Halsey
Enjoy The Show, NateWantsToBattle
This Ain’t a scene, FOB
The Devils Train, The Lab Rats
My demons, starset

Smoke and mirrors, jayn
Poison (Thanks for nothing), jayn
Secret, The pierces

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Ren's declassified hell survival guide

In a lower hell full of demons, insane overlords and gross train lunches. Ren Atsushi, that’s me, and my one fake sister try to do the impossible. To create a guide that will help you survive hell *theme song plays*

John: I’m training my boys to defend themselves against demons.

Bobby: You’ve fucked up two perfectly good kids is what you’ve done. Look at them. They’ve got anxiety.


EPISODE 2 - “Tiresome Females” - PART 5

PreviousBeginning  —  Next

I am not mad. That is far too meager. I am seething. Seething with the devouring rage in its most pure form. I have been proven yet again – for anything I wish to be properly done, I need to do so myself. Come to think of it, was there really such a dark moment in my life when I considered leaving a screwball that is my mother with that damn demon-in-training who most likely fan-girls over Satan as a sensible idea?! Clearly, I must have lost my marbles. Only the prospect of my sister suffering for this atrocity is keeping my temper even if barely but in check. And I vow to bring all of my skills and creativity into play when determining the most suitable way of punishing that brat, least of which will be a shortcut to the afterlife.

I make a mental list of all the bureaucracy I will have to deal with before embarking on this wonderful journey convinced that my treacherous face is already betraying all the enthusiasm felt on my part. Yes, I am bursting with joy, except I am not.  I absolutely loath two things in life: mixing family with business, and getting my plans ruined. Perhaps this list is a little bit underdeveloped but I withhold myself from drifting away from the problem at the hand.

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We talk a lot about Cloud piecing together a weird little family out of Avalanche.  Particularly when it comes to Vincent, I’ve seen plenty of discussion about why Cloud invites him to come along even when all the other members are pretty hesitant about it.  

What I don’t see very much is any analysis of why Vincent ultimately agrees.  The reason he gives is flimsy as fuck - ‘if I remove myself from my 30-year isolation to spend every moment of the foreseeable future with you and your ragtag band of enormous egos there’s a slight possibility I’ll run into that guy I hate’ - yeah, okay Vincent, sure.

So to get the ball rolling on that, here’s what I think:  I think back in the day much more than in the present (where the Turks are more of a rogue element) Vincent’s job required a lot of just-following-orders, and I think Vincent, passive, indecisive Vincent, always took a lot of comfort in that.  And I think the trauma of what happened to him essentially destroyed whatever small amount of personal initiative he ever had.  I think he woke up in a coffin and just figured ‘okay, this is just my life now.’  

With every passing year Vincent left the world he knew further behind, which only made the prospect of returning to it that much more daunting… so at this point more than ever I think that Vincent is just desperate for someone to tell him what the fuck to do.  I think he looked at Cloud, listened to him speak (all urgency and blind determination and an absolutely ridiculous plan), and  thought in spite of all that, ‘there is one that I could follow.’

And that’s one of the things I really, really love about their dynamic that is unique to them but which I don’t see referenced all that often.  Like I said, in Avalanche you have all these big personalities often fighting over who’s going to be the leader (with some actually getting that chance later), and then you have Vincent - absolutely grateful to be led.  Six foot tall, trained killer, demons-beneath-my-skin Vincent Valentine standing just over smol mental-16-year-old Cloud Strife’s shoulder at all times, unquestioningly following his orders.  How fucking cute is that?  

  • Sera: Do me a favor, Dorian? Give me a warning if you're going to bust out in demons or something.
  • Dorian: How do you picture me "busting out"? I'm walking along and oops! Demon?
  • Dorian: I mean, it could happen, despite my training. You could also trip and impale your eye on an arrow.
  • Sera: So, you going to warn me or not?
  • Dorian: Certainly. But only because you're so dear to me.
Talk me down.

Thanks to @wintersoldier28 for asking me to do this. It was inspired from the song Talk me down by Troye sivan. I hope you like what i did with your prompt and it suits the feel of the song for you. 

A crash of thunder brought Magnus out of a sound sleep with a jolt. The fine curtains at the open window in the bedroom were flapping wildly towards the bed like they were trying to retreat from the weather outside. A flash of lightning lit the space with a negative effect for a few seconds and Magnus realised that Alec wasn’t beside him. He frowned and looked at his phone for the time. 3am.

If he got called away for work, Alec always woke him and kissed him good bye but he didn’t remember that happening this morning. He got out of bed and grabbed a pair of pyjama bottoms from the drawer and dragged them on before going out through the door.

The loft was all silent and dark, except for the sound of the storm. Magnus looked around the room but couldn’t see Alec anywhere. Another rumble of thunder sounded, making the night feel ominous and darker than it already was. Magnus felt himself shiver but it had nothing to do with the coolness of the air. He could feel something wasn’t right.

He checked the kitchen and the bathroom before he thought about going back to the bedroom to get his phone so he could call Alec and see where he was. He was headed in that direction when a flash of lightning lit up the room from through the glass doors of the balcony and Magnus turned instinctively to look out.

A lone figure stood at the balcony, facing the city scape opposite. Magnus felt a wave of relief at finally knowing where he was but when he opened the doors, the wind trying to force him back into the living room, Alec gave no sign of being alerted to another presence. He felt a prickle of worry run up his spine.

He went quietly up beside him, cautiously putting a hand on the bare skin of his back. Magnus startled when he felt how cold and wet he was from the storm lashing around him but the thing that really worried him was the fact that he seemed not to notice. Alec’s face was totally without expression as he started out at the city lights. The rain had plastered his hair flat to his head and was running over him in rivulets.

“Alexander, what are you doing out here in this weather? We need to get inside.” Magnus said softly to him, his eyes never leaving his face.

At first, he didn’t know if he had hear him or not because he didn’t give any sign of doing so. Magnus had just opened his mouth again to repeat himself when he finally spoke.

“Do you know what today is?” He still hadn’t looked at him.

“It’s Thursday, Baby. Why?” Magnus was racking his brain to try to remember why today was significant but he was failing to find a memory to fit.

“Yeah, but the date, do you know what it is?”

Magnus tried to clear his mind of the concern he had for Alec so he could focus on what he had asked him.

“I think it’s the 25th.”

“It’s been one year today.”

Magnus was trying desperately to remember what had happened a year ago that would affect his lover this much. He was beginning to feel really guilty that he had to work his brain this hard to remember something that had this much of an effect on him. Then it hit him. Jocelyn Fairchild. Clarry’s mother. Had it really been twelve months since that horrible day?

“If it hadn’t been for me, she’d still be here. Clarry would still have her mother.”

Magnus could feel an ache starting to form in his chest. He had thought that Alec had moved past this but clearly, he hadn’t. He ran a hand up his arm that was braced on the balcony ledge. He needed to get him inside, away from the ledge and out of the storm. He was wet and freezing.

“How about we go inside out of this weather and we can talk about it?” Magnus urged him gently.

For the first time, Alec acknowledged his presence but turning his head to look at him. His face had gone from being completely blank to being a mask of pain. Magnus’ first instinct was to grab him and hold him tight but he knew from past experience that Alec would more than likely pull away from him if he did so he just gently reached for his hand and led him back through the doors with a silent prayer of relief. He shut the doors and then sat Alec down on the sofa before grabbing a throw rug to wrap around him. Magnus wasn’t much dryer than he was from being in the rain but it was the last of his worries. He went into the kitchen and got a clean dish towel and brought it back to sit next to Alec. He gently wiped his face and dried his hair as much as he could before giving his own face a wipe and then threw the towel on the coffee table.

“Alexander, you know Clarry doesn’t blame you for what happened. It happened to a lot of people that day. It was the demon’s fault, not yours.”

“But I should have been able to resist it, Magnus. I’ve been trained to fight demons all my life.”

“Even you aren’t that strong, my darling. You were powerless against it like the others were. Even Isabelle was affected, remember?” Magnus couldn’t help but want to reach out and touch him. He gently ran the back of his fingers down the side of his face, hoping he wouldn’t reject the gesture of comfort.

“But she didn’t kill anyone. I did.”

“If you and Clarry hadn’t been there, she probably would have killed Clarry though. She was possessed by that demon as strongly as you were.”

“But she was stopped. No one stopped me.” Magnus saw tears had replaced the rain running down his face now and his soul ached for this man he loved.

“It hurts me so much to think you were alone with that. I wish I had been with you then, to help you.”

“I wish you had been too. I want to feel you close to me Magnus. Can we go back to bed now?” Alec’s voice was still thick from the hurt that lived in him but his eyes were pleading. Magnus felt like this was a break through. He had never allowed him to be this close to him before when the ghosts of his past threatened to take over. Magnus leaned in and put a gentle kiss on his lips.

“Of course, we can my love. Come on.”

He stood and taking his hand once more led Alec back to their bed and the comforting feel of the silk sheets and soft quilt. As they snuggled in together, it was like the gentle weight of the quilt was trying to offer them peace as well. Alec wrapped himself around Magnus, his head resting on his firm chest, one leg bent over his. Magnus held his arm where it was draped over his stomach, rubbing it to warm its cool surface. He bent his head so it rested on top of Alec’s still damp hair, his other hand gently brushing back the wet strands from his face.

“I just keep thinking of how alone I felt. It was worse than anything.” Alec said. Magnus could feel the warm drops of his tears against his chest and he held him tighter.

“You aren’t alone anymore, my love. I’ll always be with you. I love you so much, Alexander Lightwood. Please don’t be sad anymore. It’ll be alright, I promise.’ Magnus whispered to him, feeling the prick of tears in his own eyes. He rested his lips against his forehead and closed his eyes willing his heart to mend Alec’s.

“I just want feel you near me, know that you are here with me. I love you too” He heard Alec reply, his voice sounded sleepy and tired.

“I’m here for you, my love. Always.”

Magnus had no idea how long they had slept for but the sound of his phone vibrating on the surface of the bed side chest made him stir. He slowly opened his eyes to see Alec was still wrapped around him, his head had moved further down and was now on his stomach but he was still in a deep, healing sleep. The storm had past and the soft watery light of early morning was starting to fill the room.

He reached over and picked up his phone to look at the screen.

There was a single message from Clarry and he opened it to read it.

“I tried Alec’s phone but thought it might be turned off.

Tell him I’m thinking of him and that I don’t blame him for anything. It’s all ok.

Love you guys,


Straight outta hell Part 3-Magnus Bane

Y/N has revealed were she was. How will the gang react? Is the prince of hell going to do nothing? What will the angels say? And most importantly how many times can Y/N embarrass Magnus

“So Y/N where have you been? Oh and do you have any embarrassing memories of ‘Maggie’?” Simon laughed as he finally got a seat.
“Oh loads. And to answer your question I was kidnapped by my ‘father’ to Hell”
They all gasped.

Part 1

Part 2

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