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The Hybrid Under My Bed [Chapter One]

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WARNING(S): Family abuse in the first few chapters.

Genres: Angsty fluff, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure

Pairings: Jungkook x Reader

Length: 6.1k words

Sypnosis: You were 7 year old when you met him, Jeon Jungkook, the little boy covered with bruises and dirt hiding under your bed, but little did you know that this encounter would drag you into a new morbid world full of darkness and adventures, but also unexpectedly love. (Not Requested)

BTS Jungkook hybrid!au, fantasy!au

-> Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three


Chapter One

Life has never been easy for you. Actually, even the word arduous or difficult would be an understatement to describe your life before this day, the day you had found him.

 At first, when you were a little baby, everything was fine. Your mother’s eyes were gleaming in happiness and your father had both pride and satisfaction while he stared at the family that was his. With time, you had grown into a cute little girl, as your parents loved to say. They were once very affectionate and loving. 

 Once, because when your mother got pregnant again, every single piece of your little perfect world fell down to show the true and cruel side of it: reality.

 Because reality was that your mother was cheating on your father. She was having an affair with another man, much younger than her. You were happy to have a sibling, but your father wasn’t. Not at all. You didn’t understand him. You thought that it was normal to love someone since both your parents told you to give everyone love. But what can you say? You were only five year old at that time. 

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So recently I’ve been seeing a lot more ship hate going around for pairings with an age gap, like ereri and sebaciel. I, personally, just kinda ship them, but I have a friend who would go through hell and back to protect them. She got really upset at all the hate in her dash, so I wrote this.  While reading some of the anti-rants I noticed that there were some misinformation. Some are the following:

1. It’s pedophilia. To just get it out of the way, let me say that it is legally stated that pedophilia is when adults go after children age 11 years or younger. In a medical standpoint, its prepubescence to age 13. So ereri, where Eren is fifteen, technically isn’t pedophilia. For the other ships where one person isn’t over 13 years old, I will say yes, it is pedophilia. I won’t say that it’s not. However, what I will say is that most of the time, when there are people under thirteen shipped with someone a lot older, the other person is usually a superhuman or not human at all. (Sebaciel  : Sebastian is a demon. Billdip : Bill is… a triangle. Etc.) So there aren’t any rules drawn out for those things, because as far as I know of, beings such as demons and talking demon triangles do not exist. And I could bring up the point that pedophilia is when adults, a.k.a humans, go after children.  But they still could be pedophilia. (Before anyone gets the wrong idea, let me just say I do not support pedophilia. I honestly do not. I just think its unreasonable to call piece of writing or art that someone worked really hard on ‘supporting pedophilia’ when it really isn’t.)

2. It’s abusive/sexually abusive. The thing I don’t understand is how you know ships are abusive. These are fictional characters, and though it hurts, that’s the truth. There is nothing concrete about. The ships we, the fandom, create, are even less substantial. So there is no physical proof of anything of their relationship as evidence that the ship is in fact abusive. I mean, unless it has been canonly shown that it is (which I understand. If a relationship has been proven abusive, then I will not argue against it), it’s only abusive if you’re interpreting it that way. An example could be ereri. A lot of antis say it’s abusive because of the court scene, but Levi had to do it so that the SC could take custody of Eren. He did it to help Eren, not because he’s some kind of sadistic bastard who loves beating children. Afterwards, he even asked Eren if he resented him, to which Eren said that he did not.

3. Even if you age up the characters, it doesn’t change the fact that in canon, there still is a huge age gap. Um, yeah. That’s true. But like I said before, these are fictional characters that we can change. That’s why we have AUs. That’s why we have gender benders. What makes aging up any different? If we want to age up our characters in a fanfic or fanart that we drew, isn’t that our right to do so? It’s not like we’re trying to change the canon fact (I repeat: we are not claiming that it is canon when we age up our characters).

4. You mischaracterize some of the characters. This…. Is actually something I kind of agree with and kind of don’t. I mean, I really do understand what people mean with this. In ereri, some people try to make Eren a complete uke and I honestly don’t see that. He’s an angry fifteen year old who saw his mother die and wants to wipe out the existence of an entire species. And I can’t see how Levi would be uke either, because, you know, Humanity’s Strongest and all that. However, like I said before, fiction characters and all that. You could argue by saying that if you take away a character’s personality, then is it really that character. I would probably counter by saying if you take away someone’s lifestyle, is it really their life but whatever. It’s hard for me to defend this one because I kind of agree with it.

5. It makes me feel uncomfortable so you have to stop. Um, not to be rude to those who feel uncomfortable, but isn’t it a little selfish to expect someone who really loves the ship to stop just because you said so? I mean, yeah, I do care about your feelings, but couldn’t you just unfollow me and block the tag? That’s like me saying, ‘I really don’t like looking at the color red so you can’t use red in any of your drawings even though it’s your favorite color’ when you could just not look at my drawings at all.

6. It’s gross. Um, okay? That’s totally your opinion and not a fact at all? If you’re trying to prove a point, please support it with facts. I will respect what you think, but please don’t try and convince me that a ship is ‘gross’ without evidence.

Okay, so those are the main six points I think people bring up. Let me just say that I am not trying to convince you to like Ereri. I respect that you may not like a ship. I have my own NOTPs as well. However, you do not have the right to hate on a piece of writing or art because you do not like something. And when I mean hate, I mean the big difference between this:

Hi! I personally do not like Sebaciel so could you please tag your works? Thank you for understanding.

And this:

What the fuck is wrong with you? How could you ship that you gross, sick pedophile? Go to hell.


Also, there are methods to avoid ships you don’t like either.
1. You can block the tag.
2. If you see something without a tag, kindly ask the user to tag their works.
3. I do understand that some shippers are assholes and will not listen to you. Report them, block them, or unfollow them.
4. Same with the posts. Block them or report them.

Wiccan History Timeline

This is a work in progress for the history of witchcraft.

15,000 B.C.

Ancient peoples revere healers, known as witches, who practice magic.

700 B.C.

The Celts lived in Europe and were feared by the Roman Empire who adopted many of their customs and practices as their own.

560 B.C.

Exodus 22:18 (Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live) condemns witchcraft.

200 B.C.

Earliest known reference to the Druids.

43 A.D.

Iceni Celts submit to the conquering Roman ruler Calaudius.

61 A.D.

King Prasutagus dies and his wife Queen Boadica is publicly beaten and her two daughters are raped by Roman guards, causing outrage in the Iceni people against Roman rule.

61 A.D. to 63 A.D.

The Iceni Celts are lead in battle against Roman rule by the warrior Queen Boadica. They were almost successful in defeating the Romans.

300 A.D.

Under the pre-Christian Roman Empire, punishment of burning alive was enacted by the State against witches who brought about another person’s death through their enchantments.

306 A.D.

The Christian Council of Elvira refuses last rites to those who had killed a man by a magical spell because such a crime could not be effected “without idolatry” (i.e. the help of the devil).

313 A.D.

Conversion of Emperor Constantine; Christianity is granted official toleration by the Roman Empire.

314 A.D.

Canon 24 of the Council of Ancyra imposes five years of penance upon those who consult magicians. Here, the offence lies in participation in paganism.

420 A.D.

St. Augustine argues that witchcraft is an impossibility.

600 A.D.

Christian pope Gregory the Great proclaims “all the gods of the heathens are demons.”

785 A.D.

The Council of Paderborn rules that sorcerers are to be reduced to serfdom and made over to the service of the Church.

906 A.D.

The document De ecclesiasticis disciplinis ascribed to Regino of Prüm describes popular notions of witchcraft and states it is the duty of priests to “instruct the people that these things are absolutely untrue and that such imaginings are planted in the minds of misbelieving folk, not by a Divine spirit, but by the spirit of evil.”

1012 A.D.

Pope Benedict VIII is consecrated May 17.

1014 A.D.

King Henry II is crowned in Rome on February 14.

1022 A.D.

The first “heretic” is burned in France sparking the witch hysteria.


Pope Gregory VII writes a letter to King Harold of Denmark forbidding witches to be put to death upon presumption of their having caused storms, failure of crops or pestilence.


King John was born on December 24


King John ruled

A man named Gideon was tried by Ordeal of Red Hot poker and proved innocent of witchcraft.

Hubert de Burgh was accused of using Charms to obtain favors from the king.

Cats, dogs, and wolves were hung with their owners for being witch’s familiars.


Christianity has replaced traditional religions, which Christians call paganism.

1208 A.D.

Pope Innocent III attacks the belief that both God and Satan can have supernatural powers. Anyone who held the belief in this were labeled heretics.


Eustace the Monk was drown in Sandwich for having magical powers.


In Germany, the secular law code “Sachsenspiegel” designated death by fire as the proper punishment for witchcraft.


Pope Alexander IV instructs, “The Inquisitors, deputed to investigate heresy, must not intrude into investigations of divination or sorcery without knowledge of manifest heresy involved.” “Manifest heresy” is defined as: “praying at the altars of idols, to offer sacrifices, to consult demons, to elicit responses from them… or associate themselves publicly with heretics.”


Thomas Aquinas argues that demons do exist that try to lead people into temptation.


The first “witch” is burned to death after judicial sentence of an inquisitor, in Toulouse, France. Her name was Hugues de Baniol and she “confessed” to having given birth to a monster after intercourse with an evil spirit and to having nourished it with babies’ flesh which she procured in her nocturnal expeditions.


Women are singled out as witches in Europe.


Beginning of the witch trials in Europe.


Philip IV of France sought to end the Knights Templar in order to gain their wealth, under the rein of Pope Clement V.


Philip IV had the Knights Templar arrested and false confessions of blasphemy, idolatry, and sodomy were given as a result of their days of torture.


Guichard, Bishop of Troyes, was accused of killing the queen of France with sorcery.


After fighting for Christianity for 183 years against the Muslims, the Knights Templar was dissolved and their properties were divided between the hospitallers.


Jacques de Molay, last grand master of the Kinights Templar,was burned at the stake for “Devil Worship” despite his good service for Christianity during the Holy Wars.

Pope Clement V died April 20.


The Bishop of Cahors was found guilty of trying to “think” the pope to death using a crystal ball.


Large-scale witch trial in Toulouse, France, in which 63 persons were accused. Of these, eight were handed over to the state to be burned and the rest were imprisoned.


Pope Gregory XI declares that all magic is done with the aid of demons and thus is open to prosecution for heresy.


Peter de Gruyères, a secular judge, carries out large-scale witch trials in Bern, Switzerland.


King Henry V denounces his step mother, Joan of Navarre, for attempting to kill him using incantations.


Joan of Navarre is imprisoned for using witchcraft to try to kill the king.


Gilles de Rais was hanged on October 26 after being found guilty of 150 human sacrifices to Satan.


Robinet de Vaulx of Arras confessed to Inquisitors that he had attended a Witch’s Sabbat and named those with him. Those people that he named were tortured, brought to trial, found guilty, and condemned to death.


Pope Innocent VIII issues an edict that calls for the eradication of witches and other heathens.

Pope Innocent VIII publishes the bull Summis desiderantes affectibus (“Desiring with the Greatest Ardor”) condemning witchcraft as Satanism, the worst of all possible heresies. The bull also officially grants Heinrich Krämer and James Sprenger, Dominican inquisitors, the right to prosecute persons of any class or any form of crime. He uses Exodus 12:18 to back up his campaign.


Heinrich Krämer and Jacob Sprenger publish Malleus maleficarum (“The Hammer of Witches”), a learned but misogynistic book blaming witchcraft chiefly on women. It was reprinted many times thanks to the newly-invented printing press and was a major influence on the witch-hunt hysteria of the next two centuries. It was regarded as the standard handbook on witchcraft until well into the 18th century.

Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches) triggers witch-hunts in Europe.


Prosecutions for witchcraft begin in Mexico.


The penal code Carolina decrees that sorcery throughout the German empire should be treated as a criminal offence, and if it injured any person, the witch was to be burned at the stake.


The Scottish Witch Act states that even people who consult with witches to cure various maladies were as guilty of witchcraft as those who actually practiced it.


The Protestant ruler of Saxony imposes the penalty of burning for witchcraft of every kind, including fortune-telling.


Period in which witch-hunts are most severe.


121 persons are burned as witches over three months in Osnabruck, Germany.


Witch trials in North Berwick, Scotland.


King James authorized the torture of suspected witches in Scotland.


In response to a witch panic in the Basque region, La Suprema (the ruling body of the Spanish Inquisition) issues an “Edict of Silence” forbidding all discussion of witchcraft. For, as one inquisitor noted, “There were neither witches nor bewitched until they were talked and written about.”


The Jesuit Friedrich von Spee publishes Cautio criminalis against the witch craze.


The Putnams start a land feud with the Townes near Topsfield, Massachusetts


First hanging for witchcraft in New England.

Alse Young is executed as a witch in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

Mid 1600s

Ninety-three people are accused of witchcraft—fifty in Massachusetts and forty-three in Connecticut. Sixteen are put to death.


Outbreak of witch-hunts in Sweden.


The English government revokes the Massachusetts colonial charter.

Massachusetts minister Increase Mather publishes Remarkable Providences, a handbook for identifying witches.


Rebecca Clinton is convicted of being a witch in Ipswich, Massachusetts.


Samuel Parris is ordained as minister of the Salem village congregation.


Betty Parris and Abigail Williams try a voodoo fortune-telling experiment. They begin having fits.


Ann Putnam, Jr., Elizabeth Hubbard, and other Salem village girls join Betty Parris and Abigail Williams in having fits. They accuse Parris household slave Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborne of casting spells on them.

March 1–5

Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborne are brought before judges.

March 6–19

The girls accuse Martha Corey of bewitching them. Betty Parris is sent to live in the home of Stephen Sewall.

March 21

Martha Corey is questioned and sent to jail.

March 21–23

Ann Putnam, Sr. begins having fits. She and the girls accuse Rebecca Towne Nurse of putting a spell on them.

March 24

Rebecca Nurse is questioned and sent to jail.

April 30

Thomas Putnam has joined in the accusations. Twenty-three accused witches have been jailed.

May 14

Puritan minister Increase Mather and the new Massachusetts governor, William Phips, arrive in the colony with a new charter from England.

May 31

Thirty-nine other people have been jailed as suspected witches.

June 2

Governor Phipps appoints the Court of Oyer and Terminer to try accused witches. Deputy governor William Stoughton is the chief judge. Bridget Bishop is convicted of witchcraft and sentenced to death.

June 10

Bridget Bishop is hanged. Nathaniel Saltonstall resigns from the panel of judges.

June 29

Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse, Susannah Martin, Elizabeth Howe, and Sarah Wildes are put on trial. Although Nurse is acquitted, the judges ask the jury to review their decision; return a guilty verdict. Governor Phipps gives Nurse a reprieve, but later withdraws it. All the women are sentenced to death.

July 19

Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse, Susannah Martin, Elizabeth Howe, and Sarah Wildes are hanged.

August 19

George Burroughs, John Procter, John Willard, George Jacobs, and Martha Carrier are hanged. Elizabeth Procter receives a reprieve because she is pregnant.

September 19

Giles Corey is pressed to death.

September 22

Martha Corey, Mary Easty, Alice Parker, Mary Parker, Ann Pudeator, Margaret Scott, Wilmot Redd, and Samuel Wardell are hanged.

October 3

Increase Mather gives a sermon in which he questions the validity of spectral evidence. The sermon is later published as Cases of Conscience concerning Evil Spirits Personating Men.

October 12

Governor Phipps forbids the jailing of more suspected witches.

October 29

Governor Phipps dissolves the Court of Oyer and Terminer.


The “bewitched” Salem girls are called to Gloucester to identify witches, but they are ignored when they have fits.


Between May and October, 19 people are tried and hanged as witches in Salem, Massachusetts.


Cotton Mather publishes Wonders of the Invisible World in defense of the witch trials.

January 3

A Superior Court, headed by William Stoughton, is formed to try accused witches. After three are found guilty, Phipps gives them a reprieve; he also gives reprieves to five others sentenced previously.

January 31

Stoughton resigns from the court in protest against the reprieves.


Governor Phipps orders all remaining accused witches released from jail after payment of their fees.


January 14

The Massachusetts General Assembly declares a Day of Fasting to commemorate the victims of the trials. Twelve trial jurors sign a statement admitting they convicted and condemned people to death on the basis of insufficient evidence. Salem trial judge Samuel Sewall makes a public apology for his role in the executions.

Robert Calef writes More Wonders of the Invisible World, in which he attacks accusers and judges in the Salem trials.

Samuel Parris is forced to resign as minister of the Salem village church.

Early 1700s

The Enlightenment begins to displace Puritanism and traditional superstitions.


The Reverend Joseph Green formally reverses Martha Corey’s excommunication from Salem village church.


Ann Putnam, Jr. makes an apology for her role in sending innocent people to their deaths.


The Massachusetts General Court grants the sum of 578 pounds as compensation to the families of Salem trial victims.


The last trial for witchcraft in Germany is carried out at Würzburg.


Torture is abolished in Prussia.


Last known execution for witchcraft takes place in Switzerland, in the Protestant canton of Glarus.


Belief in witchcraft lingers in New England.


Torture is abolished in Bavaria.


Torture is abolished in Hanover.


American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne writes Young Goodman Brown, one of many stories and novels about Puritan bigotry and repression.


Birth of Aleister Crowley, occultist who influenced Gerald Gardner.


Birth of Gerald Gardner, founder of Gardnerian Wicca.


Aleister Crowley joins the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, of which William Butler Yeats was also a member.


Charles Godfrey Leland publishes Aradia or the Goddess of the Witches.

Early 1900s

The British Order of the Druids revives the practice of Wicca.


Crowley meets a leader of German Masonic order called the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), a combination of Masonic rites and the traditions of the Rosicrucians, the Templars, the Illuminists, and Bengali Tantrism. Crowley was soon initiated into the order and progressing through the degrees of the order.


Crowley is named Grand Master of the O.T.O. for Great Britain and Ireland.


British archaeologist Margaret Murray writes The Witch-Cult in Europe, sparking an interest in witch covens.


Birth of Alexander Sanders, founder of Alexandrian Wicca.


Margaret Murray published her article “Witchcraft” in the 14th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica.


The O.T.O. in Germany is effectively dissolved by the Nazis.


Gardner joins the Folklore Society and presents a paper on witchcraft.


The year Gerald Gardner claims he was initiated into a witch cult called the New Forest Coven, led by Dorothy Clutterbuck.


January 30

Zsuzsanna Budapest, feminist writer and leader of Dianic Wicca, is born.


Gardner joins the nudist group The Fiveacres Country Club.


Gardner begins work on High Magic’s Aid, a fictional novel partially based on those of his Southern Coven. The witches of his coven opposed making their rituals public, which is why it was presented as fiction and filled out with rituals from other sources.


Gardner and Edith Woodford-Grimes start a company called Ancient Crafts Ltd.


Gardner meets Crowley at Crowley’s home in Hastings for the first time on May 1, and visits him again several times during May.


Gardner becomes a member of the O.T.O. in May and is authorized by Crowley to found an O.T.O. encampment and initiate new members.


Crowley dies on December 1.


On December 27, Gardner writes a letter claiming to have been designated as successor to Crowley as leader of the O.T.O. Karl Germer assumed leadership instead, and held it until his death in 1962.


Gerald Gardner publishes High Magic’s Aid under the pseudonym Scire.


Gardner begins distancing himself from Crowley and the O.T.O. in favor of Wicca.

Gardner states in a letter that Crowley had participated in the witch cult but left in disgust due to the leadership of the High Priestess and the nudity.


Anti-witchcraft laws of 1735 are repealed by the British Parliament.

English writer Gerald B. Gardner declares himself a witch.

Gardner founds the “Northern Coven” in London and holds a small rite at his home near the British Museum on May Eve.


Doreen Valiente is initated by Gardner, and soon became High Priestess.


Gardner publishes Witchcraft Today, an event which many regard as the founding of Wicca.


Wicca splits into two factions, one that supports Gardner’s growing publicity of the religion (led by Gardner) and one that opposes it (led by Doreen Valiente).


Gardner publishes The Meaning of Witchcraft, in which he first uses the term “Wica.”


Neo–paganism spreads throughout North America and Europe.


Gardner winters in Lebanon to help his failing health.


Gardner dies of heart failure on the SS Scottish Prince in the Mediterranean. His body is buried at the next port of call, Tunis.


The Council of American Witches (which no longer exists) formulated a kind of basic Wiccan creed.


The Covenant of the Goddess is formed to incorporate hundreds of separate Wiccan covens. It is officially recognized as a church in the United States.


The District Court of Virginia declares that Wicca is a legitimate religion protected by the First Amendment.


A federal appeals court ruled that Wicca was a legal religion. Wicca is therefore now protected by the U.S. Constitution as are other religions.


Valiente publishes The Rebirth of Witchcraft, a first-hand account of the history and development of Wicca.


Aiden A. Kelly publishes Crafting the Art of Magic, Book I, which aims to show that Gardner’s Book of Shadows could be entirely traced to earlier sources.


A Wiccan vernal equinox celebration starts a controversy at Fort Hood, Texas.


The Bush Administration votes to allow the pentacle (5 pointed star inside a circle) to be engraved on the headstones of fallen pagan soldiers buried in Arlington National Cemetery and other U.S. military burial grounds.


Why We Should Take Demonic Possession Seriously 

I place many of my articles on so anyone can read them. One of them, The Growing Evidence for Demonic Possession: What Should Psychiatry Response Be? stands out. It has had more views (over 12,000) in four years than all the other forty put together. Clearly there is an immense interest in the subject, but do demons really exist, and do they target their victims?

In the few hundred words I’m allowed here, I’ll describe some of the physical displays that the demonically possessed are capable of. All are vouched for by credible witnesses. All suggest something decidedly superhuman. Conventional materialist theories can’t account for them.

Full Article:

kate lockley: the forgotten heroine

whenever I see posts about inspirational female characters in the buffyverse, I never ever see anything about kate lockley (angel seasons 1 and 2).

the vast majority of heroines in the buffyverse who learn that vampires, demons and magic exist do so in the safe company of people who share that rare awareness. they have people to turn to. kate doesn’t have that; her peers and her father (you know, the man she adores and who despises her in return) are all policemen… not witches, slayers, watchers, etc. the only person she knows who understands the supernatural is angel, a man who doesn’t share the feelings she has for him, and who just uses her when he requires police intel.

she struggles so much to come to terms with it all (who wouldn’t?!) and suffers physical and emotional pain along the way. as soon as she starts to understand the supernatural, she’s ostracized, mocked and punished by everyone she knows to the extent that she attempts suicide.

when angel saves her, rather than wishing she’d died, she says how grateful she is and is hopeful..her final words in the show are “I believe, I don’t know what I believe, but I have faith. I think maybe we’re not alone in this” (2x16).

she’s not a saint. she’s flawed, as are all of whedon’s best-written characters. she wrongly blames angel for her father’s death but the point is she overcomes her flaws and limitations.

i know she was only in the first two seasons, but at the end of the day, that’s still a significant period in what is only a five season show. in my mind, she deserves so much more respect and admiration from the buffy fandom.

Energy Drink

Title: Energy Drink

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Part 2

Request: alexstarnes1701 asked: Can you do a story where Dean gives the reader an energy drink for the first time and she does not normally drink caffeine so she gets super hyper and he kisses her to calm her down?

Words: 1,979

Warnings: none that I can think of.

Side Note: I wasn’t sure if you wanted the reader and Dean to be together so I made them both single. Also, sorry it’s kind of crap :/

Don’t forget to leave your own idea! :)

“Hey, I’m going for a food run, what do you guys want?” Dean asked as he walked into the library where you and Sam were currently trying to figure out a case that wasn’t far from the bunker.

“Um, just a coffee.” Sam spoke, rubbing his eyes. You two had been up all night trying to figure out what it was that was killing locals and so far you hadn’t come up with squat.

“Alright, (Y/N)?” He asked.

“Huh? Oh, uhm, I’m good I guess.” You let out a yawn. “Thanks though.”

“You sure?” He asked, noting the fact you yawned.

“Yep.” You nodded as you turned back to the book you were looking at. You had a problem with caffeine. You didn’t normally drink it, but when you did, you got really hyper and could never shut up. It usually pissed the people around you off.

“Alright.” He said as he walked up the stairs and left.

Sam gave you a look and you just shrugged. “You sure you don’t want some coffee or something? You’ve been up longer than me.”

“I said I was good, Sam.” You gave him a tight smile and turned back to your book.

You guys sat in silence as you continued your research. You knew you’d pass out soon if you didn’t get some kind of caffeine in your system, but you didn’t want to annoy Sam or Dean either. You decided that you’d stay up for a bit longer, finish looking through this book, then go to bed.

“I’m back.” You heard Dean call after about half an hour later.

“Finally.” Sam commented as he walked over to Dean and took the coffee from his hand.

“Hey, (Y/N).” Dean called. You looked up at him with tired eyes. “I gotcha something.” He said as he pulled what looked like an energy drink out of the bag.

“Dean-“ You started.

“Oh come on. You look like your about to pass out.” He said as he opened it up and handed it to you. “Atleast try it.”

You hesitantly took the can out of his hand and brought it up to your lips. You took a sip. It left a slight burning and tingling feeling as it went down your throat. It didn’t taste half bad either. “Thanks.” You said as you took another sip.

In less than ten minutes, you had finished the last drop of your beloved energy drink and you were flipping through the pages in the book faster than you could normally read. You were tired of sitting around. You wanted to do something, go somewhere, anything but sit in this boring old bunker.

You were shaking your leg as you glanced around the room. Sam was calmly reading his book and Dean was looking at what you assumed was a porn magazine in the corner. You let out a sigh as you looked back down at your book and tried to focus on the print. It was something about a demon, but you couldn’t fully focus on it.

You let out another sigh and this caused Sam to look up at you. He glanced over at Dean whom had also noticed your sudden change in mood. They shared an unspoken word and Dean nodded. “Hey, (Y/N).” He said as he put his magazine down.

“What’s up?” You replied all too quickly.

There was a look of surprise on Dean’s face. “Uh, how about we go for a ride?” He offered.

The idea excited you. You wanted desperately to get out of this bunker. “Sounds great.” You said not missing a beat. You jumped up and grabbed your jacket and darted up the stairs faster than Dean could stand up.

You jumped into the Impala and sighed deeply as you watched Dean walk as slow as possible to get into the car. “Took you long enough, grandma.” You said as he hopped in.

He gave you a look and turned back to starting the car. As you left, you wanted to turn on the music, but at the same time, you didn’t. You just wanted to tell Dean everything that was on your mind. “Why do demons exist?” You suddenly asked.

The question seemed to surprise Dean as he swerved a bit as he drove. “I’m not sure.” He replied.

“I mean, why does anything exist?” You blabbed on, not even noticing his response. “How were humans created? I mean, I know that whole thing with God and the angels, but is it really true? And if so, why would God send Lucifer to the pit when he could’ve just locked him up in angel heaven? I mean, wouldn’t that have stopped demons from existing? Or would they exist regardless?” You continued to talk to Dean about why you didn’t understand why demons existed. He didn’t say anything. He just listened. Not like you gave him a chance to speak until you pulled up to a bar.

“Well, (Y/N), I’m not really sure about any of it. All I know is we hunt them for a living. You want a drink? I sure as hell could use one.” He said as he got out of the car.

You quickly followed. You walked inside of the place that looked old and broke up on the outside, but not half bad on the inside. Dean lead you to the bar and you sat next to him as you continued to talk. “What about other monsters? I mean, did God create them? Or did they just magically appear?”

You weren’t really keeping your voice down and Dean noted that you were receiving odd looks from people around the bar. “(Y/N), maybe this isn’t the place to talk about it.” He mumbled.

You looked over at him. “Why?”

“Because you never know who’s listening.” He replied as he motioned for the bar tender to come over.

He ordered himself and you a drink while you looked around the place. It wasn’t that bad looking, compared to some of the places you guys had been to. You saw a guy eyeing you with lustful eyes and it made you a bit uncomfortable. You turned back to Dean to distract yourself.

“So,” You began, your voice a bit lower this time. “Sam and I think we could be looking at a vengeful spirit. We took a look at some of the vics and saw that they all shared one person in common. A girl named Jennifer Waters. She was murdered and her case was never solved.”

“Alright. Makes sense, but what would the vics have done to get her killed?” He asked.

“I’m not sure, but we have one more person to figure out what happened. A woman named-“ You were cut off by someone placing their hand on your shoulder. You jumped and looked over your shoulder to see the same guy who had been eyeing you.

“What’s a pretty thing like you doing here all alone?” He smirked.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but we walked in together.” You said as you pointed towards Dean who was sitting up a bit straighter now.

“Come on, baby.” The guy winked at you. “I can show you a good time.” He grabbed your hand and tried to pull you away.

Dean stood up and placed his hand on the guys arm. “It’d be a good idea if you let go.” He said, glaring at the guy.

They shared a glaring stand off as you stood up and in-between them. “Come on, Dean. Let’s just go.” You said as you pulled on his arm.

You laid a twenty down on the bar as you and Dean left. You were walking back to the car when you started talking again. “God, why do guys have to be like that? I clearly wasn’t interested and besides, he looked like a sack of raptor twats. Not to mention the fact that he used one of the oldest pick up lines in all of history. I just don’t get it. Are some people just that desperate that they have to resort to using pick up lines from the 50s? You use old pick up lines some times but at least you have the decency to walk away when a girls not interested. It pisses me off how some guys think that if a girl says no, it means yes. Like seriously-“ You were cut off by a pair of lips being pressed against yours.

At first you didn’t respond. You were too busy wandering what the hell was going on. Last you noticed, you were ranting about the guy, now Dean was kissing you. You soon realized what was happening and butterflies went off in your stomach. You had waited for this moment since you met the Winchesters.

You had always had a thing for Dean. At first, it was nothing but a mere crush. You two constantly flirted, but it didn’t really mean anything. Then you guys got closer and he started to let you see the other side of him. The caring, scared side that he didn’t let anyone see. Then it got to the point were you two would stay up all night talking about anything but nothing. You had realized just how hard you had fallen for him when he went to hell. It was terrible. You felt as if a piece of you were missing that you couldn’t replace. When he came back, you were so happy to have him back, that you refused to tell him your feelings for him out of fear of loosing him again.

He pulled away just as quickly as he had pulled in. You both just stood there, speechless. You had no idea what that kiss meant to him, but you prayed to whatever god there was, that he felt something for you. Even if it wasn’t the love you felt for him, you would take a one night fling if that was all he was willing to give. “What was that for?” The words left your mouth before you could stop them.

“Remind me to never give you caffeine again.” He smirked.

That hurt a little. You thought the kiss meant nothing more to him than getting you to shut up. You knew you shouldn’t of drank that stupid energy drink. You had annoyed Dean so much that he had to get you to shut up somehow that he kissed you and gave you false hopes. You nodded slightly and tried to ignore the pain you felt in your heart.

You quickly walked away from him and got into the Impala. You couldn’t stand there with him looking at you, it hurt too much. All he wanted was for you to stop talking. He didn’t want you like you wanted him. You felt your eyes water up at the thought. You looked up at the roof of the car and blinked away the tears. There was no way you were going to cry in front of him.

He got in the car and glanced at you, but you refused to meet his eyes. Instead, you turned your head to look out the window, not knowing what Dean was truly thinking. How he was now afraid that he had pushed you away. That he had gone too far. He had hoped you felt the same as him when he felt you kiss him back, but he assumed he was mistaken. That he was just too happy to actually feel you kissing him back, to not consider what that actually meant to you. He knew you had been around the block, but he assumed you would’ve only kissed him if you meant it. He just concluded that he needed to get his head out of the clouds and realize that you probably only thought of him as a friend.

Fallen-Derek imagine

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is a fallen angel and she doesn’t know anything about being a human and Derek finds it cute and a lot of fluff and the pack thinks they are really cute and the reader teaches the pack about Angels and stuff like that.

A/N: Hello, this was requested but because writing it in actual flow would turn 500 pages and more like a fanfiction i divided it in moments. Like different moments throughout. There might be a part two., I haven’t decided yet.

Derek, Scott and Stiles had just made it out of a fight with two hunters and they were making their way out of the woods.

‘’Stop!’’ Derek ordered opening his hands to stop Scott and Stiles that were walking behind him.

‘’what is it ?’’ Stiles asked.

‘’Shhhh’’ Scott said placing one finger on his lips.

‘’do you hear that ?’’ Derek asked him and Scott nodded as they both looked around them.

‘’well I, hear nothing so I will, keep walking’’ Stiles announced and was about to make a step forward and walk when he stepped on something slippery and fell down.

‘’ew ewe w yuck’’ he said quickly getting up. Derek kneeled down on the ground and placed a finger on the part of the grass that Stiles had stepped on. His fingers turned red and both him and Scott could smell the blood.

‘’is that blood? Okay that’s blood. Isn’t that our cue to run?’’ Stiles asked getting scared.


Derek got up and with his eyes traced the bloody path that had left a mark on the grass.

He motioned for Scott and Stiles to follow him.

‘’or we could go straight at it. Yes that is an option’’ Stiles said sarcastically walking behind Scott for safety.

They kept walking for about 20 meters until Derek paused. In front of them stood a completely naked girl lied down on the grass, unconscious.

Derek and Scott  could hear your heart beating so they walked closer getting a better view of you.

Derek heard another heart beat increasing and turned with an annoyed look to see at Stiles staring at you with wide eyes. He took of his black leather jacket and covered your body giving Stiles another look.

Once you felt the fabric contacting your skin you shifted beneath it, slowly recovering from your fall.

‘’She’s moving!!!!!’’ Stiles said excited. You regained control of your body that was in terrible pain and slowly got up, letting the jacket to drop as you stood opposite of the three boys.

‘’Um..maybe you should put this on’’Scott picked the jacket up and gave it to you. However you did not understand why. Your whole life you’d been naked.

‘’Why ?’’ You asked. Derek furrowed his brows at your question and Stiles raised his hands as if giving up. Seeing their reactions you did as instructed the jacket being enough to cover the essential parts.

‘’I’m Derek’’ The tallest of the said and you took in his figure. He was beautiful and though you were pissed at your father at the moment you mentally thanked him for creating that man.

‘’I’m Scott’’ the one who gave you the jacket said.

‘’And I’m yours if you ask’’ the third one said making you think he had a very weird name.

‘’you are..?’’ Scott motioned you to speak.

‘’A fallen angel’’ you said not realizing they were only asking for your name.

‘’Holly shit !’’ the third one exclaimed.

‘’why would shit be holly ?’’ you asked even more confused.

Derek and Scott stared in awe contemplating if you actually were what you claimed to be.

‘’Prove it’’ Derek said and if you weren’t absolutely a virgin , you’d be turned on, like I am, the person writing this. ( hahha readers I am so sorry for this )

You shut your eyes and then in vast movement the black jacket’s back was torn apart as two massive feathered wings escaped it standing tall behind you.

Derek’s lips [parted. In front of him stood a stunning  naked girl in his leather jacket with angel wings. And it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Scott looked at your wings thinking of how awesome it was that they were red. Never had he ever heard of angels with red wings. And then he realized. They were not colored red. They were bathed in red. Bathed in thick red blood.

Suddenly all three of them started firing you with questions talking at the same time. You tried paying attention to all of them but you couldn’t. You bit your lip trying to understand them and focus but it was impossible.

‘’One at a time !’’ you yelled and they stopped.

‘’And I’m yours if you ask, you go first’’ you said pointing at the third guy. He started laughing along with Scott while Derek smirked.

‘’It’s actually Stiles’’

‘’actually Stiles..’’

‘’Just Stiles..’’ he repeated

‘’Just Stiles..ask me’’ you encouraged him.

‘’Stiles ‘’ he said and you finally understood, feeling your cheeks turning red. Derek noticed and wanted to get you out of the uncomfortable situation.

‘’Just ask her your question Stiles’’ He ordered and you smiled at him.

‘’Do you…know…Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles …?’’

Derek hit Stiles’ head and stepped closer.

‘’What is your name ?’’ he asked you.

‘’Y/N..’’ you answered. There was something so strange about this man. He looked like a demon with an angel’s eyes. rare combination.

‘’why’d you fall ?’’ Scott asked you.
You looked up at the sky and then down at him.

‘’Daddy issues’’ You said

‘’that she understands !’’ Stiles exclaimed. Scott motioned to both them.

‘’Guys!…ehem.. a minute’’ he said as they walked a few steps away. You did not understand why since you could hear them perfectly.

‘’So now what angels are real ?’’ Scott asked.

‘’I’m not ready for an apocalypse ‘’ Stiles said and Derek grabbed their heads crashing them together.

‘’You call Lydia and tell her to check in the bestiary, I’ll take her to my place until we figure out what to do’’ He said and you felt the strangest thing. A tingling sensation at the lower of your stomach, to the idea of him taking you to his place. Maybe you were sick.

They broke their circle and approached you again.

‘’Y/n you’re going to have to come with me..’’ Derek said and you nodded, unsure of what else you could possibly do on earth.



Derek provided you with a warm towel and shower products telling you that you should wash the blood off of you and your wings. When you saw the human bathroom so many questions popped in your head that you thought you would explode.

You knew that when an angel fell their body changed. They had proper human functioning abilities. But you were nowhere near used to it yet.

You stepped into the bath tub and opened your wings but since they could not exactly fit, you slipped dropping the rail of shampoos that was to your left causing a loud sound.

‘’Everything alright ?’’ Derek asked from outside the door which made you wonder if he has been waiting out there all this time and if he was going to keep waiting.

‘’not exactly but I’ll manage it !’’ you yelled back allowing cold water to rinse down your wings.

‘’I’m going to leave for a while Y/N I need to know you’ll be okay on your own. ‘’ he said.

‘’I’ll be finee’’ You said opening your other wing causing the curtain to drop and make another loud sound.

Derek sighed’’ yeah I’m sure’’ he whispered to himself.

‘’My uncle peter will be here any minute so don’t worry.’’ He paused thinkng about what he just said ‘’Or worry. Worry a lot actually. In fact do not talk to him’’ He instructed and you nodded even though you knew he could not see you.

You finished your shower and exited the bathroom shaking your wings to dry off. Then you suddenly felt something you had never felt before. Thirsty.

You walked around the house trying to find some water source until a voice stopped you.

‘’Is it my birthday ?’’ he asked and you turned to face a handsome man in a v-neck drinking coffee

‘’is it ?’’ you asked curiously. ‘

‘’Not that you are not welcomed , but who are you ?’’ he asked.


‘’OH !!! …yeah I have no idea who you are’’ he raised his cup’’ but hey ! thank you for being naked. ‘’ he scanned your body up and down when suddenly the door opened.

‘’I’M HERE!’’ Derek said panicking.

‘’ Hello Derek, so we’re bringing Victoria’s Secret Angels in the house now or has the supernatural community gone mad?’’ The man you assumed to be Derek’s uncle , peter , asked.

‘’If you touched her…’’ Derek warned.

‘’a naked girl…walking around,.. why would I ?’’ Peter aksed raising a brow and for once you agreed. Why would he.

‘’yeah why would he?’’ You said causing Peter to laugh. But Derek understood.

‘’ ..’’ Peter said standing closer and examining you.

‘’With that body ?’’ he questioned.

‘’Peter don’t push it!’’ Derek warned him.

‘’ why ? what is wrong with my body ?’’ you asked concerned.

‘’It’s still yours that’s what’s wrong. But hey how does this work ? get human needs once you fall ? Don’t worry, you’ll feel the crave soon’’ Peter said and you understood the topic under discussion.

Angels were created, not born . So sex, was never an issue up there. Derek threw a blanket on you and guided you up stairs.


———————–THE NEXT DAY—————————-

Almost everyone had gathered to take a look at you. You were introduced at Lydia, Liam and Kira who were all asking you questions.

‘’what is it like ?’’ Liam asked.

‘’heaven..i mean’’ he added.

‘’that’s classified information…’’ you answered.

‘’are all angels this pretty ?’’ Stiles asked. And you smiled answering yes.

‘’Do demons exist ?’’ Lydia said in a serious face not seeming that fascinated by the previous question.

‘’yes…but they’re locked up in Hell so don’t worry. There is no such thing as fallen demons.’’ You answered and she seemed somewhat disappointed.

‘’Did it hurt when you fell from heaven ?’’ Kira asked you and you heard Peter somewhere in the background saying something about a pick up line and lesbians.

‘’Yes, it still hurts’’ You said. Derek that was seated next to you reached his hand to touch you. Suddenly you felt some of the pain that you were feeling but this was not what surprised you. Two things caught your attention.

1)     the fact that he would do that. Take some of the pain away, just because you said you were hurting. Angels had the ability to do the same but no angel had ever done that for you. This is why your father loved Humans.


2)     sparks. This is what you felted when he touched you. You felt so confused as to why there would be sparks in skin contact but … liked it and this was all new to you.


————A MONTH LATER———————-

You had slowly bit by bit, started getting used to this reality. Derek had argued on why did he have to be the one to teach you all the human stuff and you recall he had said:

‘’I can  teach humans how be supernatural beings, not the opposite !’’

But he was doing a fine job with you. You made mistakes all the time and you were glad he was able to put up with you. He would never complain on the stupid things he would do. He’d only smile and show you the right way or slowly whisper an explanation.

The feeling of warmth increased day by day , hour by hour and second by second as Derek would spend more time with you. When he’d leave it’d be replaced by worry and concern. But you were not yet human. Not completely.

One day as you were sitting on the couch with Peter, now used to his annoying presence, Derek entered carrying a girl in his arms. Her skin was dark and her flawless hair hanged loose on her shoulders as she appeared to be unconscious. Derek motioned for Peter and you to get up so as to place her on the couch and you felt something weird again in the bottom of your stomach.

‘’Y/N get me some water’’ Derek ordered his attention full onto the girl on the table. You rushed to do as told but stopped at the sink.

Who was that girl, You heard Peter approaching and you sighed.

‘’I can smell it you know’’ he said putting the glass of water that Derek had requested himself.

‘’smell what ?’’ you asked.,

‘’your jealousy.’ He said leaving the kitchen and you followed him.

You saw Derek holding the girl’s waist bringing the glass to her lips as she drunk it and stared into his eyes. You felt weird emotions deriving from your chest and you turned to look at Peter who smirked.

‘[‘It’s okay Braeden, I’m here. I’m here’’ He told her and she breathed out grabbing his firm arms. She had full lips and beautiful eyes and you wondered if she was a fallen angel too.

‘’I’m a big girl I can take care of myself’’ she said getting up and smiling at you. Derek was not averting his eyes from her, which only made you angrier.

He watched as the girl pulled her hair to one side revealing her neck and you thought you’d  look weird if you did the same but she looked stunning.

After a while she was gone, and Derek was outside on his own.

You were running your fingers through your hair feeling frustrated. The events of the afternoon had troubled you so much that you did not know what to do.

You went to the balcony in need of fresh air.

You shut your eyes feeling the cold air against your skin. You didn’t like the feelings Derek caused you. They were complicated and confusing. Things were much more simple in heaven.

You looked up at the sky.

‘’Father..’’ you whispered. And the air blew harder. You smiled. Thinking that even though you had fallen he was still with you.

‘’What is this ? ‘’ you asked bringing your hands to your chest.

‘’Can you make it stop? Please it’s …it’s exciting and then confusing and then it hurts and I don’t really like it’’ You said but the air did not blow again.

‘’It’s part of being human’’ Derek said standing at the balcony’s frame.

You suddenly jumped at the sound of his voice and shook your head.

You knew when you’d turn completely human. And Derek knew it too. But the time hadn’t come yet.

‘’.i..i was just..’’ you tried explaining yourself.

‘’talking to your dad, don’t worry I’d do it too if I could’’ he smiled getting outside with you.

You stared at his well sculpted jaw line, his lips his smoldering eyes looking into yours. You hated that Peter was right. The first day you had fallen on earth he told you you’d feel the craving and now it was all you were feeling.

You didn’t like shifting to human. You didn’t like it. Derek was taking every space of your mind and it was bothering you. You couldn’t care about another being. You didn’t know how.

Derek’s hand on your cheek shook you out of your thoughts. He caressed the skin looking into your eyes.

You sighed giving in looking up at him.

‘’I care about you Derek…and …i don’t know how to care about you, so I want it to stop.’’ You said as he brought strands of your hair behind your ear.

‘’I’ve never seen anything as pure as you Y/N. Every rule I ever had screams to me to tell you not to care because I’ll ruin you. But I’d be lying…’’ he said leaning closer.

‘’Then lie to me Derek cause I don’t know how to deal with this. It’s like a storm inside me and I am not..i’m not qualified to be human or have these emotions I’ve never felt anything like this before so I don’t really-‘’


Derek’s lips on your cut you off. They were soft against your own and you didn’t know exactly what to do but the contact made your heart flatter. Derek’s hands came to both of your cheeks as he shifted his head slightly to the left, leading yours to the right. He took your lower lip between his and you let out a sound you did not know your body could make.

Then his lips parted your and as his tongue rolled against them entering, there was a loud sound as both of your  wings opened. They opened and as if they had their own will , wrapped around the both of you securing and separating you from the rest of the world as you allowed yourself to get lost in Derek’s kiss.

Your chest was vibrating and every thought was replaced with the feeling of Derek’s lips as the air blew once more.

❝ We know a little about a lot of things; 
just enough to make us dangerous. ❞

Demons exist. So do vampires and ghosts. And they’re out there to get you. Never seen one? That’s probably because there are people protecting you - the hunters. They risk their life to save yours. Without a real home, a real family or friends, they give up everything to hunt the creatures that want to kill you.

              So why not help out one of them now in return?

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