I think Ob’s autobiography would be subtitled A Series of Unfortunate Events. Every time Ob thinks something is going his way, things turn for the worse. Poor guy.

Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath by Daarken

Ob Nixilis, the Fallen by Jason Felix

Ob Nixilis, Unshackled by Karl Kopinski

Altar’s Reap by Tyler Jacobson

Demon’s Grasp by David Gaillet

Ob Nixilis Reignited by Chris Rahn

Story art by Ryan Barger

Devour in Flames by Svetlin Velinov

Story art by Svetlin Velinov


Demon Problems 

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Sinful Delights

Title: Sinful Delights
Pairing: Reader
Reader: female
Word Count: 1050
Author: Emma
Prompt: Anonymous: Abaddon/(small) female reader (maybe hunter) s9 no angst please. If you made the reader sympathetic to Crowley and believing he can change I would be very happy, but no Crowley/Reader please.
Warnings: mature
A/N: I hope you like this and it isn’t too short!

“Love,” Abaddon’s honeyed voice called from the other room, “Can you come here for a moment, please?” You shut the book you had been reading and rose to join Abaddon in the other room, knowing from experience that when she used that voice you better come quickly.

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anonymous asked:

Could Aamon give us some insight into the role of a demon as a guardian?

I’ll ask him! (Commences channeling the single spirit that I talk with lol, sorry if my own written syntax influences his way of talking, I haven’t channeled in a while) 

This is what he’s saying: “It’s nothing different than any other form of guardian, except that we call ourselves demons. Or we’re labeled as demons by you human beings with your religious systems. Like any type of spirit, be careful with us–some of us are nice, some of us are assholes, some of us are abusive and manipulative. As a guardian, though, they’re assigned to you at birth, so they are most likely in your highest interest. If you want a demonic spirit guide or just to chat with us, you’ll want to be a hell of a lot more careful than with a guardian.

We do everything normal guardians do. Watch your asses from danger, the kind we can intervene on at least, and do general energetic upkeep and basic shielding. Being a guardian doesn’t usually take a lot of effort, we’re more just figure-heads for the Universe’s guardianship.”