Continued on this rough sketch in my sketchbook, then felt compelled to paint it after referencing a bunch of Beksiński. Intended for a mix of gouache and ink… but it ended up mostly gouache (with some colored ink and plus color pencil over it). I don’t do much trad. painting anyway, and was first time I fully used gouache; was nice to experiment out of my usual art routine.


So I’m look at the new title card for season fourteen of Supernatural and I just noticed that if you look right in between the wings you can see a person standing there. I don’t know who it is, Maybe Michael? Dean? Castiel? Gabriel? Okay that one was a stretch but I thought I’d share this. If you can’t see it, it’s like nearly a shadow that blocks some of the “flame”. I may just be seeing things but who knows? (This may be a stretch but 🤷🏼‍♀️)

A haunted doll mistaking a creepy android to be a bigger, stronger, haunted doll, and the creepy android mistaking the haunted doll as a smaller, sassier android.

Android: [gets hit with rain water and short circuits]
Haunted Doll: H̷O̷L̴Y̷ ̶W̵A̷T̸E̷R̶ ̵W̴A̵T̴C̵H̴ ̶O̶U̷T̴

Haunted Doll, dying: N̶E̵E̸D̷ ̷S̸O̵U̵L̸S̷
Android: [opens the haunted doll’s back and replaces the batteries]
Haunted Doll: A̶C̶C̷E̷P̸T̶A̷B̸L̵E̴ ̷S̴U̴B̸S̵T̸I̷T̷U̴T̵E̴

Android: [transfers their data into a better body]
Haunted Doll: A̸ ̵F̴L̸A̷W̵L̷E̴S̵S̷ ̷B̶O̸D̶Y̵ ̷P̶O̵S̶S̵E̷S̶S̵I̷O̷N̴


Part 2 of my roughs for the Hazbin song! And again be sure to check it out here! 

It was such an honor getting to animate for this (I LOVE song segments haha), I had an absolute blast and feel like I’ve improved alot since! Much more to come >:D