demonpox oh demonpox

I’ve seen about a billion Follow Forevers on my dash in the last month and keep thinking to myself, man, I wanna fuckin’ do that. And not just to jump on the bandwagon but because I actually did a Follower Forever like a year ago and it was terrible. All of the links were messed up, plus I was too lazy to tag it/contact the people on the list. So basically like, five people saw it and I ended up deleting the whole thing. It was really quite sad. ANYWAY. I wanted to make a new one as an end-of-the-year treat. :) Mutuals are bolded!


abadoom, adayinthelifeofaneccentric, adrianivaskov, amyskhaleesi, aninfernaldevice, apokeintheeye, asheathes, ashleyinwondrland, assgardian-butt, ayrastark

bbyyoureafirebolt, benjenstark, bloodydifficult, bonzai-bunny, booknerd93, bravekastiel, brittasperry

cas-is-deans-unicorn, cheesyfeetdontcry, clarswalds, cooknut, cruciothelights

daceymormonts, daenerystargaryen, dauntlesspond, davosseaworth, demonpox-oh-demonpox, destiel-sherlocked-the-tardis, destroyingdeath, dinosaurs-daleks-and-detectives, dragonborn, drogon


eammons, effietrinknet, emmaablackthorn, emmyiskhaleesi, enjorlove

fallstiel, finnickdistractsme, finnickstop, florencewelc

gendyra, gershons, girlwithapumpkintattoo, gravediggersbiscuits

h3ronstairs, harrypotyles


i-like-blue-boxes, impalasamulet, inmeworld

jamescook, jmoriartys, juddapatows

kaiidth, karenandthababes, katnnisseverdeen, keladry, kie-to-my-heart, knifefairy

lady-arryn, ladypace, lecresta, lilyjanescollins


maisiewilliams, mirkwoodling, mirrimazduur, missaccola, mockingfire, mrfizzlessaysyourelying, mysoulisonfire


odairsone, ofdauntless, oh-my-godstiel, ohhermione, oneoftheherondales, owfinnick, ozerah, ozwin

panems, peetatoast, percabeth-is-endless, perseusjacksoff, phyiiaa, pinkmanjesse, pinkyfields, ponderant, pondifying, poseys, praistiel


queenofmeereen, queenofmoriarty, queenofwrath, queensroad

rebelledshadowhunter, restarks, rubyredwisp, rumbleroarforever

sarcasmlock, secretlygenius, shutupringa, siriuslysirius, sirlukejohnperrier, smauglings, smeagoled, spezria, stark-queen, starkovs, stonehearting, surpriseitsjenna (she’s my sister, go follow her!), sybilltrelawneys, symonneee

the-manila-institute, the-unobtrusive-bathtub, thedauntlessleader, theherondaleboy, theinfernaldevices, thenemeton, theonqreyjoy, theperksofbeingliterate, thewhovianavenger, thisasian, thistinybluebox, tomhiddleeston, twhiddlesass, tyaene


vickysunshine, viria

walking-encyclopediaof-weirdness, watchthewomenconquer, wayland, werewolfsympathy, whatsanargle, wienerqueen, winchester101


I love you all! Hope everyone has a fantastic New Year!

♥ Rachel


I have been here for a while now and because 2013 is almost over, I decided to make my first follow forever. As you can see my attempt to make a nice edit is pretty bad, but that’s not important right now. Below are the people I admire from afar. And I want to thank them for being amazing. It makes me very happy that you guys appear on my dash once in a while. So keep on being fab!

(A - B - C)

allysonsargent ♥ amityfields ♥ annabethechase ♥ arrgents ♥ awhstiles ♥ ayrastark ♥ branwolfs ♥  carstairsheart ♥ catchingdfire ♥ cerrsei ♥ cityofdivergentmockingjays

(D - E - F - G - H)

danhoell ♥ danysnowkhaleesi ♥    demonpox-oh-demonpox ♥ districthawthorne ♥ dominiquemorgenstern ♥ do-you-find-thisdistracting ♥ everddale ♥ fairchlld ♥ goldeneyedshadowhunter ♥ hawtnip

(I - J - K)

jingalebell ♥ katnissmindpalace ♥ katnissspark ♥ lumospanem ♥ lightwoocls

(L - M - N - O)

mellarkcherson ♥ mellarking ♥ mockingrues ♥ mistermalfoy ♥ odhairs

(P - Q - R - S)

panemrevolutionposidone ♥ primrosesinthespring ♥ primsesprincetyrion ♥ santhastarkslyterinsoairseronanssofiaverluci

(T - U - V)

targharyen ♥ tedylupin ♥ thehungerthrones ♥ theimmortalclace ♥  thobiaseaton ♥ ughkatnissvhalyriavhiserionviserionsfire

(W - X - Y - Z)

williamherandalewhosdraco ♥ wolfsbanepotions ♥ xfinnicks

I want to wish everyone (including the people who aren’t on this lista very happy 2014!

I love you all xoxo