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Jack was bored. Ordinarily, the tainted spirit would wander around, looking for souls to torture and torment, but today, he didn’t much feel like it. He wanted a new toy.. someone interesting. Of course, that was hard to find, as Jack often found his attention caught by other things, and was easily distracted. Still, the spirit landed lithely on the ground after jumping from a tree, and glanced around. 

the-lurking-slenderman entered the forests of Dover

The creature felt nervous. It didn’t know why. There weren’t any humans about to spook it or harm it. And it was quite familliar with its own territory. But it felt like there was danger. Something for the strange animal to be nervous about. Usually, with no threat, it would move out in the open, but that night, it hid in the shrubs and behind trees, like it would if a human was in the area.

Even its home seemed to glare upon it, like a hungry predator stalking injured prey. The creature’s muscles were tense. One of the things that scared it most at the moment was it had no clue what was making it so nervous. Which made its heart pound. It was hiding behind a tree, occasionly peeking its glinting reddish orange eyes out, should this mysterious ‘threat’ appear.