Finn | Heathens 2/2 | Bálor

Title; Heathens 2/2

Pairing; Finn Bálor/Reader, Demon!Finn Bálor/Reader

Words; 6,630

Summary; All that’s happened, it is enabling him to take exactly what he wants until he gets what he desires, we’ll be at his whim…

Warnings; NSFW, mentions of deals with devils, oral sex, DemonKing!Bálor has a dirty mouth, voyeurism kink and bloodplay if you squint hard, latex free, spanking, hair pulling, biting, violence, some post-assault trauma and aftermath 

A/N: It’s here, but it’s not all over yet. There are other fics coming in Heathens!verse, after part two of Daydream Away. Daydream Away is in final revisions and editing, I’m hoping to have it out next week sometime, barring any further disruptions from my personal life. There may be some shorter works coming as well. I am participating in the 14 Days of Valentines party being run by @wrasslesmut. Please leave some love and/or constructive criticism.



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Rire’s come to collect.

The quickest way to a man’s soul is through his throat. Haha that’s actually a lie but Rire likes being creative.

Unleash the Hellhounds (Finn Balor x Reader) *smut*

Request: Hello if your requests are open and it’s not to much trouble could I request I oneshot with smut about Finn Balor having a crush on you and being jealous of other superstars. From his point of view please -Ann


Word Count: 800

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex

“Seth! Stop it!” She squealed as Seth’s fingers found her ribs and tickled her until she started tearing up from all the laughter. He ignored her pleading until Randy joined them and made Seth disappear from the scene. Randy placed his thumb on her cheek and wiped away a tear full of mascara. “You look beautiful.”

I clenched my jaw as she smiled back. I was jealous yes because she never noticed me but tonight I’m gonna give her a night to remember. She hugged Randy and left the catering area to get ready for her match with Dana Brooke. I was mesmerised by her beauty as she fought her way to victory.

She ran backstage and hugged Becky. I looked at her smiling, I was so proud of her. And as for Dana…she got what she deserved, a right boot to the jaw.

She looked over Becky’s shoulder and looked at me. My vision got a bit blurry as I walked towards my locker room; I felt her following me. I could hear her footsteps, her heavy breaths. “Finn hey I-” In one swift move, I grabbed her by the waist and pushed her in my locker room. “Finn, what are you doing?” She asked as her eyes scanned the room. I walked towards her slowly and she walked backwards until her back hit the wall. I leaned in and pressed my lips against her. Her red lipstick was smudged all over my lips. She wrapped one leg around my waist and pushed me into her. My hands grabbed both of her wrists and pinned her to the wall.

I kissed her neck; her soft skin was making me even hotter. I could taste her sweat from the match she had. I sucked on her oft skin making sure to leave a mark. I felt her neck vibration as she moaned my name. “Finn…please.” She wrapped both of her legs around my waist.

I found the zipper of her fighting suit and I pulled it down. I looked at her naked body, I could feel the heat radiating off of her. Her fingers played with the hem of my fighting briefs. She pulled it down and my aching member sprang free. Her eyes widened and a smirk appeared on her face. “Didn’t know that there was another Demon King.”

I felt my cheeks go red as she complimented me. She got on her knees and her lips slid against my slit. I felt my legs giving away. Her tongue slid up my prominent vein; I threw my head back and rested it against the wall. Her cold fingers wrapped around my member as she slowly started sucking on my head. My hands grabbed a fistful of her hair and I pushed her deeper, making the vibrations of her gagging sending me to my first peak.

“Goddamn it baby.” I felt myself twitching in her mouth as he hollowed her cheeks. She sucked even harder and her hands pumped my member. I closed my eyes shut and clenched my teeth together as I reached my peak. I felt her tongue lapping up all of my cum.

I hovered over her and spears her legs open wide. I felt my mouth watering. I slid one finger up her wet pussy and tasted her. “You taste delicious baby.” My tongue lapped up her wet juices. She let out a wanton moan and her hands grabbed a fistful of my hair. My head was trapped in between her legs as she pressed me further to her core.

I let my tongue lick her swollen clit and my fingers slid inside of her tight wet pussy and stretched her out. Her pleading made me lick her even faster and my fingers pump faster. I felt her clench around my fingers. “Fuck Finn! Please!” I pumped harder until her orgasm ripped through her.

I quickly took the opportunity to get inside her. I felt my heart stop for a second ad I felt her tightness. I propped myself up on both of my arms and started thrusting. He let out a low growl as I felt another orgasm reaching my body. “You’re never going to forget this.” My hips moved faster and I was surprised that I had enough energy to move due to my previous orgasm. I rubbed her clit vigorously, she threw her head back and her mouth was in a perfect ‘O’.

She clenched around my member and another orgasm hit her body like a tidal wave. I soon followed her, my legs trembling and my eyes saw white stars floating around. She tried catching her breath but ended up laughing.

“Looks like the Demon King had just unleashed his hellhounds.”

“Jealousy got the best of me.”

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Last one; tried to fill out spaces with other characters that hadn’t been seen in the other ones. Certainly the most “positive” of the three illustrations. Hope everyone enjoyed these.

Just discovered, after all these years…the very first digital image I ever created of the “TvTome” characters from 2003. You can see from the usernames, this actually predates the first episode of TvTome Adventures on Newgrounds. Here we’ve got “Ultimate Creature” (Alpha), Kirbopher14 (before Kirbopher15), Flamegirl#1, Gamecrazed and Demonking1016. I’d like to think we’ve come a long way since then.

Happy 4-year anniversary, everyone. Thanks for playing.


TOME: Voice Request Collection

Back in the Spring of 2014 we held a crowdfunding campaign for TOME Season 2 and managed to reach far beyond our initial goal, thanks to the gracious fans who donated. One of the incentives was getting personalized in-character recordings from the voice cast; anything from phone messages to song numbers and more. After asking permission from a few of the folks who donated, I was given the honor of compiling some of the funniest and coolest voice requests into this video to share with you all! I hope you enjoy some of these goofy non-canon moments between the characters you know and love from the series, in celebration of our 4-year anniversary!

TOME 2009 Original Concept Art (Part 3)

The dynamic duo of the D-Bug Org! Rockoon originally had a bit of a scarier and more-realistic look going on; looks more like a dog or something. The expressions show him as a bit more “lol teh random” before he was refined and fleshed out to the adorable little troublemaker we know and love him as now. Doubling’s design remained the same; simple and easy to draw. The ends of his fingers and feet were a bit blockier and he used to have a fat form instead of a big beefy form like in Episode 01. Sadly the twisty tornado attack to repel projectiles never got used, while the “Gel Dragon” move was given to his sister instead.

Ravenfreak was too fabulous to change, other than his diamond-shaped mouth. Demonking was mostly the same as well, other than his ears and hair being expanded a little. His wings look a bit different here, but that might’ve just been due to the lack of room on the page.

Splat was as crass as ever. I added eyes to her helmet and took away from the slime wrapped around her boots, but I kept the intention of making her kinda gross. I think the veins forming on her were for some sort of napalm-esque attack, while the other sketches were just random ideas. Dustbunny went through a few more revisions after this, but I wanted to make sure the bunny ears were her actual ears and not a decoration, I kept the little buck-tooth for her but took away the weird-looking marbles on the end of her eyebrows. Her dagger also had a bit of a smoke-plume design to the guard.

Only major revisions to Neomutant’s design messing with the pointy angles on his legs, giving his head more of its own shape and finalizing the shapes of the eye-holes on his mask. I remember Mike Luckas really liking the sort of “crappy Halloween costume” motif. You can see a test of his electric beam attack up at the top as well.

Finally, the lost character of Torchure (based on “Torben” from TTA) revealed! He was meant to be like a flamethrower cross-bred with a robot. I gave him three legs with rockets on them and two intimidating-looking gun hands. If he were to’ve survived being in the series, I probably would’ve given him different eyes, though. Thorment, then known as “Tormentros” like his TTA counterpart, remained relatively the same all throughout. Only minor changes were the top of his cloak, his pupils were removed and the pattern on the ends of the cloak were simplified. You can also spot “Demon Thorment” from the scrapped episode idea, sporting the infected Drain Edge from after Nylocke tossed it away to the ;sanctuary region.

Two of the moderators: an unused character named Anidoug (who would’ve been a lazy and grumpy mod for ;lavendera) as well as “PaperAceChase”, who eventually became ;sanctuary moderator ChaseAce. Anidoug was considered for use in Episode 04, but lost to Triplebeard the quest-giver. ChaseAce went through a major design change to fit the designs of the other robotic mods seen in the show. We can also see Pawneeko, back when he was still “Nico”, originally meant to be a merchant…a legal one, not a rip-off artist.