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One Piece Chapter 861 Firsts Impressions.

This has been an interesting chapter that I liked very much by its details, but it has annoyed me a little the idiotness that can be my Sanji. Anyway, Sanji is Sanji and we are not going to change him at this point … 

Although, my initial reaction to reading the chapter has been this:

Then… There are a few things I want to talk about with you:

1) The Cover is the most cute thing I’ve seen in months. If you want to find the members of the crew in the kittens you will spend some fun: I have found Luffy, Zoro, Brook, Robin and Sanji. 

Try it!

2) I love the art of the Sweet Commanders. They are amazing! (And Katakuri is HOT!)

3) I am so curious about Mother Caramel. In fact I didn’t think we’d see his face until later. We don’t know who that lady is, and I do not think she looks like Dadan. 


Is she? 

The cigarrette is a clue? The Mother…? 

Dadan was a Mother for Ace, Luffy and Sabo and all her crew… And BM, call her THE MOTHER? Ummmmm…. Interesting.

4) I have the feeling that when the crap plan to destroy the wedding fails, the little gift of Gyojin Island, will explode Big Mom in the nose. (And I’m very curious to know what’s inside …)

5)  When I have seen Cesar with this attitude…

… This song has come to my head and I can not take it from!!:

6) Cuteness everywhere… And then is Brûlée (LOL)

7) Sanji is the most idiotic and perverted boy I ever seen, but I love him the same. 


8) Pudding is a cockteaser.

In my country it is said “calientapollas” and I do not know if the word I have used in English sounds very rude, I apologize if I offend someone, but still, you know what I am referring to.

9) Interesting: Pudding  calling demon to Sanji. I understand that it announces the expected power-up of the cook and his demonic flames. 

I really want to see Sanji burn.

(And yes… Sanji is a perverted Incubus. xD)

10) I like these panels of the Vinsmoke brothers that show the interests of each of them: Ichiji, politics; Niji, women and himself; Yonji, food and Reiju, who cares about everyone. 

11) I love this panel. 

In addition to being the crazy Tea Party of Alice In Wonderland, it is a marvel of details. All the characters are carefully displayed and drawn in a crazy perfect blend. 

Oda is a real genius and no one is going to make me change my mind.

12) And this has made me laugh a lot.

Well, we don’t know what’s going to happen, but what is clear is that Sanji is not going to hurt Pudding … 

I don’t know who will take care of that bitch’s face, Reiju, Carrot or Nami (I’d love it to be Nami), because there are a lot of very powerful female rivals in this arch and all we know that Oda likes to do “one on one” in gender issues … (Of course there are also exceptions such as Zoro against Monet…)

I really want the fight to start … Besides that I’m convinced Luffy will come out of the cake 

And you?

As always, excuse me, my English skills are not as good as Sanji’s acting

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Bonus: Definition of an idiot:

Dragon Age Demons According to Tom Haverford

Terror Demon: screamy green bean

Despair Demon: frosty artichoke

Desire Demon: titty tassels 

Envy Demon: DDDAAAMMMNNN nobody wanna see those ass cheeks

Rage Demon: hot pudding

Pride Demon: sizzle mcfizzle

Okay, fandoms, hear me out

I know you all like time travellers

And cute guys who get possessed by demons

and a love of superheroes

and their butts

But what if I told you that universe already existed?

Yes. And that beautiful universe is…

also the origin of this confusing picture

Yes, Kamen Rider. 
But how, you ask?
Well, much like American Horror Story, every season or so, we get a new Kamen Rider with new powers, a new city to save, and new enemies to fight. 

You want a sweet man who gets possessed by friendly pudding loving demons and has a magical time-and-space travelling train? 

Thankfully, the demons (Imagin) change his appearance based on who is possessing him or if Ryotarou is in control of himself. 

But wait, you say. We want a sweetheart who often ends up half naked.
May I present Eiji Hino, the hero of Kamen Rider OOO?

Out first introduction to him is undressing in a museum that’s under siege. 


But hold up, you say. Where’s our detectives we can ship? It’s not SuperWhoLock without those.

Okay, imagine if you would, Sam Spade and Sherlock Holmes combining into one body to fight drugged out monsters to make them human again and solving mysteries, along with a planet that contains every book ever.

Kamen Rider W!

He’s actually these two guys fused into one!

One’s a super genius that can access the world’s memories with blank books, the other is a self-proclaimed hardboiled detective. Together, they fight crime perpetuated by a drug-trafficking monster making crime family. 

And that’s just the surface. You have 

space themed high school comedies


old Classic episodes

anything from Kamen Rider to Kamen Rider Shin

Powerful wizards, such as KAMEN RIDER WIZARD

If we don’t even count the new amazingness that is Drive

we still have lots of flavors to choose from

So… watch Kamen Rider already
Thank you
This Message Paid For By The Coalition To Make More People Watch Kamen Rider